Social Media India Highlight 2009 – Victories / Flops?

It was quite a year for the revolution that is Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Co., so I asked some of my pals and Social Media experts what they thought was their Social Media India highlight of 2009. The answers poured in with both pros and cons but on analysis it confirms there are more victories, […]

It was quite a year for the revolution that is Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Co., so I asked some of my pals and Social Media experts what they thought was their Social Media India highlight of 2009. The answers poured in with both pros and cons but on analysis it confirms there are more victories, good moments, and interesting thoughts behind the expert’s highlights on Social Media India 2009.

Jessie Paul the author of National Best Seller ‘No Money Marketing’ & the ex-CMO of WIPRO feels Social Media has helped her invite the famous politician and twitter celebrity Shashi Tharoor on her Delhi book launch with so many twitter users supporting it. This she counts on her ‘Social Media achievement’ and the major highlight of Social Media India 2009.

Gaurav Mishra the CEO of 2020social and the famous blogger recognizes several interesting social media campaigns in India in 2009. According to Gaurav, his big story has been the #indiavotes09 initiatives. Indiavotes09 became a hot Twitter trend on occasion of 2009 Indian Lok Sabha election result declaration day.

Deepak Nair CEO at White Canvas Communications and 22feet Communications feels there weren’t any major success cases of Social Media India and it is too early to decide over the same as marketers are yet to define the clear cut strategy. He still gives some credit to the ‘Pink Chaddi’ campaign that gained major popularity and effectiveness via Social Media in generating public opinion.

Shubho Sengupta National Creative Director at Interactive Avenues highlights how the transformation in decision making took place in media industry in year 2009. He says, “last year, everyone would give you strange looks when you mentioned FB. Same naysayers are now talking about FB apps, pages, and how can be it integrated into the media plans”.

Aashish Malve the Internet Marketing Manager at leading Indian IT Company feels the penetration of social media into the Indian market was not much in 2009 and it will take some more time to become profitable and much more time to become lucrative. Ads on social networking sites in India are not that helpful as it is in US as not many people buy things online here.

Added to the above Aashish feels there lies a disconnect between the end users, corporations, marketing and media planning people. There is still time before the internet media shall match the traditional media presence. Victory of 2009 for him may go to FB for the increase in no. of registrations and folks playing Farmville. But, business wise, he do not see victory for any networking site or for business guys using it for promotion.

Gautam Ghosh consultant at 2020Social and a famous blogger points out the rise in bollywood celebrities, media editors, anchors and journalists discovering and conversing on twitter as Social Media India highlight of 2009. Whereas, Rajesh Lalwani the CEO of Blogworks highlights how mainstream media in India started adopting Social Media in year 2009.

Daksh Sharma Social Media enthusiast and popular blogger dedicates the highlight 2009 to the situation when Shashi Tharoor’s tweet landed on the front page of Times of India, New Delhi (India’s capital city edition). He thinks this is easily one of the biggest landmark in India’s history, where mainstream media has recognized the value of what is being conveyed on social media.

Daksh couldn’t forget to add Advani’s 250 crore Social Media campaign which was a flop during Loksabha elections. As politicians are getting popularity via social media and their talks on the online social world is speedily getting picked by journalists across Nation. Considering ‘Social Media’ in setting up a political campaign is becoming crucial.

Nadiya Mali a PR executive and popular twitter girl showcases the digital activism via Social Media as highlight of Social Media Indian 09 and refers back to the ‘Deepwish’ campaign run on twitter by Anaggh that allocated a particular amount per tweet with the hashtag on Deepwish during the Diwali season(#deepwish).

Though Nadiya wasn’t a part of TED India held at Mysore she very much rejoiced the way live online TED talk videos connected Indians all over the world on Social Media.

Shimauli the Chief Buzz Officer of Buzallong highlights the Social Media Marketing campaign by Samsung Corby. Where as Vedavyasa popular blogger highlights how facebook were taking views and feedback of lite version before actually launching it.

Giving a glance at above scenarios and experiences it is easy to say Social Media is here to grow further. The revolution has set in and in the coming year the numbers of users will augment. I would like to add my thoughts over the highlight 09:

1. Politician Shashi Tharoor’s number of followers increased from 10,000 to more than 500,000 in period of 6 months in year 2009.

2. Tweeters united on Social Media against author Chetan Bhagat on his ‘block you’ reactions making it up to the news the next day.
3. Social Media Live Cricket – conversation and reactions about the game.

4. Popular Brand and Companies considering Social Media in their communication strategy.

5. People rejoicing watching TV serials, trailers and interesting videos on Youtube and sharing it with others.

6. Business schools inviting social media experts for an intro to the fascinating world of Social Media.

7. Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi bahu thi’s (the most popular TV serial in Indian history) first episodes are still watched on youtube and shared.

8. Headlines Hiflyers Awards 2009 for the most popular Tweeter.

9. Film Directors, Music Directors, Designers, Stores, Politicians, Authors, Production houses, Movies, Actors, Television shows, cricketers, companies, successful entrepreneurs, startups actress, celebrity and journalists entering Social Media initiating conversations and creating a hype.

10. Social Media has started to become Media Partners as in case of 3 Idiots movie. Facebook, youtube, Twitter and other used Social Media tools are mentioned in the list of Media Partners before the movie starts. Infact, the movie shows one of the actors using blog to share his worthy knowledge with the world.

It can’t get better than this for a revolution to hit… 🙂

For marketer’s concern Social Media is not the tool to sell across your products or exhibit about your company. A sales strategy on social media can never be an active one unless appreciated by people as in case of Dell. Social Media is for networking, build and maintain relationships pertaining which the business happens automatically.

What according to you was Social Media India Highlight of year 2009? .


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