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Usually, when we talk about “Social Media Marketing” first few social elements that pops up in mind are: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogs. As a Digital Marketing strategist I fairly believe in the concept of using the above tools for marketing. But, there is more to the “Social Media Marketing”. It takes time to conceptualize the theme of your blog, twitter and other primary social media tool activity. As I believe Social Media is not the overnight thing, it takes time to make your brand virtual world popular via Social Media.

I have mentioned 3 elements below that a Social Media Marketer, startup or entrepreneur can consider while strategizing their marketing campaign via internet:

Exclusive Deals via Couponing: As a consumer who has used the likes of Mydala, and open2save (in India), Groupon, and Living Social (abroad). I am very confident on this policy as it certainly works. I have checked n new products from services and businesses that are listed here and thus purchasing products or service that is of good and high quality increase the loyalty base mechanically. Get your business on one of these sites for a day, and you are intended to drive noteworthy business your way and if your product and service is excellent, you obtain repeat customers. Moreover, if customer drives to your business via these sites you can politely ask them to be a part of your Social Media engagement hub such as Twitter, Facebook or Blog.

Rewards on the Basis of Location:
For Bars, Restaurants, Hotels and Spas using concepts such as Foursquare, EyesandFeet is highly appreciable. I am not a great fan of Foursquare but if marketers take an opportunity and start giving advantage over each “Check-Ins” I would wish to use these tools more in order to obtain the best check-in deals. If I were a local business, I would immediately partner with these companies and get an offer on the table, thus reducing my traditional advertising expense.

Get Reviewed be Available: I often use to make decision on buying services and products from spas, restaurants, cloth stores and more after reviewing and scaling what people have talked about it in the past. There is nothing more trustworthy then the opinions of the masses. On my recent visit to restaurants in Bangalore and Mumbai I saw photo frame in majority of good restaurants stating “We are listed on Burrp”. I would take maximum advantage of this opportunity and ask customers to give feedback to obtain incentives. Business can concentrate on similar sites that are popular globally such as: Yelp, Urbanspoon, Google (off their map searches) to build a strong reputation. Embracing feedback from people is a great criterion to invite good things.

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