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While people have asked me all throughout  my career what stress would a social media marketer go through, while he’s simply lounging in his air-conditioned work space and launching ads from his laptop, I think it’s high-time I list down why our life and career is no walk in the park.

We Social Media Marketers are at high risk of hypertension and here are some incidents that hold the trigger.

#1 Posting A Personal Picture From A Client’s Instagram

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The chances of human error is just as much as in Digital Marketing as in any other field of work. All we have to do is choose the wrong file or the wrong account to post from! I have gone through this many a times and so have most of my fellow Social Media Marketers.

#2 Negative Comments & Trolls

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Internet trolls come as a parcel while you step into social media marketing. They are inevitable and can really put you down at times. I have seen my fair share of these every time I launch an ad campaign that seems to stand out, but at the end of the day, our mission is to garner people’s attention and it’s safe to say we’ve done a good job at that.

#3 Running Ads From The Wrong Account

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This is so common that I can even draw a probability graph which shows that it happens to a social media marketer, who handles multiple clients, at least once every month! While we do reimburse our clients, it causes too much pressure in too little a time, especially when the client doesn’t pick up their phone.

#4 Rejection Of A Campaign

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While most of my clients get to see their ad copy only after it undergoes serious scrutinizing from me and my team, the chances of rejection do not go down by a long shot! They either reject the campaign altogether, ask for minor to major tweaks or go all diplomatic and ask us for two more variants of the campaign to choose from.

#5 Spend Exceeding Client’s Budget

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This qualifies for a ‘Class A’ kind of an error. This happens when either the marketer has blanked out on the budget specified by the client or the campaign was set on automatic and was not  specified a stop. I am no exception to this and the best way to convince your clients after this is to show results that the excess spend has brought.

#6 No More Boost

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While organic reach is dying and boost post is the best way to go, you meet challenges there as well. Facebook has drawn out so many regulations with regards to boosting a post that sometimes it’s hard to meet them all, considering what our client wants. It’s either that or we have exhausted the number of times or budget for which the post can be boosted.

#7 The 20% Rule

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I could say that I have companions to share this ordeal with. The 20% rule is something both the marketer and the designer have to sit together to sort out. While we meticulously write our copies to fit the size, Facebook sometimes blatantly tells us that there’s too much text.

#8 Logging Out Of Twitter

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Although the logging out occurs due to a number of factors, it leads to just one outcome – annoyance! Using social media to connect and network is one thing, but when you’re a professional who’s supposed to use it at multiple sessions, logging in every time is tedious and exhausting.

#9 No Quality Leads

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Getting leads by in itself is no challenge, but that’s not what any client would want. Quality leads are hard to come by but not impossible. It takes hours of drawing a diligent targeting strategy to hand pick a set of qualifying factors that can rope in a lead. Sometimes, even with all this done, things can backfire with the leads all being of low quality.

#10 Client Sends A Screenshot

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This is an error that can literally follow you to your bed. Clients Whatsapp me screenshots at the middle of the night when there is possibly no chance of rectifying it immediately. It has left me sleepless a number of times in the past. Makes me think twice before I pick my phone up to check the notifications right before I go to sleep.

With all this in play, social media marketers have still brought about wonders in the digital world with their creative spark.

Are you a social media marketer and have something to add? Drop your thoughts in the comments section.

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