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Digital marketing is no more an option or an opportunity it’s the need of the hour and going the right way about it is the competitive necessity. One thing wonderful about this industry is, there is something new everyday. The processes aren’t traditional, it is crowded with innovations. It is difficult to keep up with the rapid changes and innovations. We understand the kind of dedication and passion it takes to always be on top of the latest trends in digital marketing.

ECHOVME is starting with one day practical hands on Social Media Marketing sessions that would help you explore:
• Introduction to Social Media Marketing Ecosystem
• How to analyze the business’ (and the competitor’s) Social Media footprint
• How to choose the right platforms for the Social Media campaign
• How to use tools for marketing.
• How to develop Social Media campaign goals, strategy and set critical metrics of success
• The right measurement tools for the business’ goals & objectives
• Social Media Marketing Ecosystem best practices
• Importance of Personal Branding
• How to perform Social Media activity to boost your SEO rankings.
• Practical Social Network Knowledge – Registration, Targeting, Promoting, Conversing, Creating buzz (any 3)

• Youtube
• Facebook
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• Slideshare
• Ning / Groupsite
• Blogging

This intensive training is built upon an interactive, face-to-face exchange of ideas and best practices, giving organizations the tools they need to successfully build and implement their Social Media strategy

The Session would involve:

Demonstrations, Practical hands on experience, Videos, Presentations, Online Interaction, Debates, Case Studies, Live Blogging, Live Tweeting, Live Activities on Facebook, Facebook Fan Page / Community Development, LinkedIn Activities, Slideshare Usability, Integration possibilities, fun and lot more.

Session is Usable for:

CEO, CMO, CFO, Marketing Managers, Business Development Managers, MARCOM managers, Sales Managers and Creative Directors.

You can purchase your tickets at: Eventnu

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