List of Best Social Media Marketing Campaigns in India [Examples & Brands]

If you are looking for some insights on the best social media campaigns in India, you should take a look at this blog as I have few lists to spill on the same.

I have curated a few famous and recent social media marketing campaigns, which you can make use of by taking it as an inspirational example for your brand.

It’s a no brainer – businesses need social media today to promote their products and services. Social media campaigns when done right can spread the message like wildfire and can generate lots of engagement for your brand.

That’s the reason more than 78% of businesses hire social media agency to carry out their marketing plan. Also, 73% of marketers now believe that their efforts through social media marketing have been very effective or somewhat effective.

However, not every social media marketing campaign is a hit or driving as much as the traffic it probably should.

That’s because many companies fail to have a strategic social media campaign for their product. Nowadays, social media campaigns are not just about selling; it’s more about sharing the right message!

It’s all about locating that emotive story that will get people sharing, get people excited and most importantly get people to remember you.

At echoVME Digital, Social Media Marketing is a fusion of creativity and value, to ignite a spark among the target audience.

Here are 6  Social Media Marketing campaigns by echoVME Digital that inspired us to create more and also fetched us awards and laurels.

List of the Top 26 Indian Social Media Campaigns

1. Don’t Shut Up by Urban Tree Infrastructures Pvt Ltd 

DontShutUp is one of the best social media campaign in India which is done by echoVME for a real estate brand called Urban Tree Homes.

Urban Tree has never failed to voice out for Social Causes that happens not only in its native city but around the nation.

The brand’s timely initiatives has always impacted directly on the brand’s position itself as a socially responsible brand.

Having said that, when a child rape case was reported, the brand caught the right nerve of the case to be ‘Parenting’ and shared its thoughts over Social Media Platforms.

The post titled, ’6 Signs That Your Child Is Sexually Abused’ got about 280 shares at that time.

2. CoffeeComa by Levista Coffee

CoffeeComa is another amazing social media campaign done by echoVME for the brand called Levista Coffee. Famous proverbs were recreated with a coffee connection and given a creative touch. The campaign was very well received in both Instagram and Facebook by the Coffee lovers who were specifically targeted.

3. ILoveThathaPaati by South India Shelters

This campaign highlighted the love grandparents show towards their grandchildren in every minimalistic campaign. Through a creative approach, the brand created an emotional connect with the older segment as well as the middle aged audience resulting in high engagement. The campaign ended with a contest asking people to share their best picture with their grandparents, which also received heavy engagement.

4. NotHotterThanTrichy by South India Shelters

This campaign was conducted during summer, when the city was at its hottest. This campaign compared things that were almost equal to Trichy’s temperature but concluded by saying Trichy is the hottest. This campaign targeted the people of Trichy and received a great mileage from them.

5. NoOneCanReplaceHer by Pragnya’s Eden Park

This campaign highlighted a mother’s contribution to a home and realising her actual value through real and daily instances one goes through with their mother.

6. WearASmile by ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes

This campaign highlighted on reaching out to parents around the world to create maximum engagement around something as simple and common as a child’s smile. Through the creatives, the brand created a connection with the parents, especially mothers. The creatives spoke about various things regarding the child’s smile and how it is the most beautiful thing to experience as parents. The campaign had contests with great engagement.

Year after year some social media campaigns just grab our attention, because these campaigns push the envelope and display some key marketing lessons that digital marketers must have a look at. So, here are 20 amazing and inspiring social media marketing campaigns from all over India.

Another 20 amazing social media marketing campaigns from Indian brands

7. PowerlessQueen by NGO Project Nanhi Kali 

On the International Women’s Day last year, Nanhi Kali and WAT Consult, part of Dentsu Aegis Network has launched a social media campaign called “PowerlessQueen” with a core objective of raising donations for Project Nanhi Kali that helps to educate underprivileged girls, and spreading awareness about the game of chess. “Queen” is the most powerful piece in the game of Chess, which was originated in India during the 6th Century. The campaign highlights how this powerful queen turned powerless, violated and underestimated in 21st century India.

The campaign features, Tania Sachdev, an Indian Chess Player holding many master titles explaining how 21st century India fail to empower women. She urges to take up a challenge by playing a digital version of chess on their microsite wherein the first player’s queen is “powerless” (doesn’t move) and the second player has full power. People can take up the challenge and donate to Project Nanhi Kali. The campaign grabbed the attention of many renowned chess players including Anna Rudolf, Viswanathan Anand, Jennifer Shahede, Anish Giri and many others. Within a couple of days, the campaign managed to collect 40,000 hours of donation for education and 32k games played.


  • Shorty Awards – Winner in Call to Action, Gold Distinction in Twitter, Silver Distinction in Influencer & Celebrity, Multi-platform Campaign.
  • Grand Prix at Prague International Advertising Festival (PIAF) under “The Principal of Game” category.


8. UnitedByVote by United Colors of Benetton

As India kicked off multi-phase National Elections this year, United Colors of Benetton came up with a strong and massive social media campaign titled #UnitedByVote. This impactful campaign is an initiative towards celebrating democracy and shows the power that every citizen holds by having voting rights. The campaign brought Saif Ali Khan, Bhumi Pednakar, Siddhanth Chaturvedi and Sundeep Kumar Chugh, CEO & MD of Benetton India into a panel discussion.

The social media campaign was conceptualized by Taproot Dentsu, urging people to unite and vote to uphold our constitutional values. The campaign was launched with a powerful short video wherein political parties are making various promises until a finger with an ink mark comes and shuts them up. It ends with a strong message “show them who has the power” followed by #UnitedByVote. The campaign echoes that power lies in the voter’s hand and they get to decide who should be governing and serving the nation.

9. FlagWithoutColours by MP Birla Cement 

We Indians take extreme pride in hosting our national flag. Indians are moved with emotions when the national flag unfurled on special events like the Republic Day or Independence Day. But unfortunately, visually challenged children cannot see the beautiful colours of our flag. For them to experience the national flag, MP Birla Cement came up with the concept of Flag without colours”. A flag was made by cement that explains the flag colour and meaning behind the flag through Braille Markings.

Conceptualized by Ogilvy Kolkata, under the #FlagWithoutColours campaign the Braille marked flag was given to several blind schools across the country letting students understand and take part in the complete celebrations of 70th Anniversary on the Republic Day of India. The campaign film captures the experience of students of Seva Mandir School, Indore – an institute that received the “Flag Without Colours”. Sandip Ghose from MP Birla Cement says – This is a small endeavour on our part to make the celebrations of the Republic Day more inclusive and carry the message of the National Flag to a wider cross-section of our young citizens.

10. GoodNewsIsGenderFree By Prega News 

Prega News, the most trusted company that provides HCG Pregnancy Detection Kit has come with a brilliant social media campaign titled #GoodNewsIsGenderFree on this International Mother’s Day. The campaign focuses on breaking the issue of gender inequality, which is a pertinent issue across the world. The issue is far more complex in India, wherein the choice of having a boy over a girl is hindering the nation’s growth.

Conceptualized by ADK Fortune, this campaign hopes to bring change in people’s outlook. The campaign urges people to wish for a healthy child, irrespective of the child’s gender. This initiative captures a film wherein a progressive mother-in-law is hoping for a healthy child without being gender biased. The brand is also requesting people to take up the poll “what’s important when it comes to your baby” – Gender or Health? and join the conversation.

11. Don’tLetDreamsWait 

P&G Shiksha, a CRS Program of P&G India has launched a social media campaign titled #Don’t Let Dreams Wait that features a 75-year-old man Bittu, who joins the school to fulfil his dream of getting an education. P&G Shikha through the story of Bittu conveys that learning has no age limits. Conceptualized by Leo Burnett, the film is launched across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

The campaign film is inspired by a true story of a man “Bittu” who grew up in a village without schools and got an opportunity to attend the school at the age of 75. Over a decade, P&G is working towards improving quality education for underprivileged children. By now the brand has supported 1800 schools and 1.4 million children across the nation. Bittu’s story is a simple yet moving instance of the dreams fulfilled by P&G Shiksha through its interventions.

12. KoiYaarNahiFar by HotStar

India’s leading video streaming platform Hotstar this year released a campaign for VIVO IPL 2019 titled #KoiYaarNahiFar. Conceptualized by DDB Mudra Group, the campaign was released in two entertaining TVC format. In the first TVC, you will see an Indian family whose twins are accidentally jinxed to “magnetically repulse” to each other. When VIVO IPL 2019 begins the twin wants to watch the fun together, but sadly they can’t, that’s when Hotstar comes with a social cricket-watching experience, letting these twins enjoy live IPL Cricket together on a single platform. In another film, a superhero is inviting his other superhero friends to watch IPL. But, his friends are busy doing household chores. Finally, Hotstar connects these superheroes under one platform and help them enjoy watching the games with each other.

The objective of this campaign was simply to bring people together in watching VIVO IPL 2019 irrespective of their location. Through the platform, viewers can invite friends and family to Hotstar, watch cricket, and participate in the Watch ‘N Play game together. Both TVCs were rolled out in 3 languages Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu across all Hotstar’s social channels. The TVC gained 730k views on YouTube alone. It was a massive hit on all platforms.

Awards – 8 Elephants, under film and film craft categories.

13. IndiaDegaAashirvad by India Gate 

In India more than 5 million couples get married every year, and as tradition Indians shower rice on to the newly-wedded couple to give blessings and good luck. That makes up to 110 million pounds of rice waste each year. India’s leading rice company, India Gate along with digital agency The Classic Partnership – VMLY&R came out with a modern-day solution to this old-age tradition called #IndiaDegaAashirvad initiative.

The brand believes that every grain of rice can serve a greater purpose. This initiative encourages people to get special rice packs designed by the brand that wedding guest can choose to touch and convey their blessings, instead of showering the rice. In return for these packs, couples can give whatever rice they want to donate. Also, every unopened pack of rice will be collected and donated to those in need. These rice packs came in 4 designs inspired by Indian cultural heritage. Within 10 days of the campaign launch, 70 weddings were registered, which accounted for over 16,000 packs of rice that can serve 3200 meals for the less fortunate people.


14. KeralaIsOpen by Samsonite

God’s own country Kerala suffered a massive setback in its tourism after the monsoon flood this year. It caused a sudden decline in the tourism sector, which affected the lives of people whose livelihood depended on Kerala Tourism. To revive tourism in Kerala, the global leader of travel category Samsonite launched a social media campaign titled #KeralaIsOpen. The core objective of the campaign is to rebuild the state’s economy and revive its tourism.

Conceptualized by Autumn Mumbai, the campaign video shows the spirit of individual involved is tourist sector including, taxi drivers, hotel manager, cooks, and others are eagerly waiting for guests in their beautiful state. Anushree Tainwala-Executive Director Marketing, Samsonite South Asia said “Through this campaign, we hope more and more people travel to Kerala. We want people to recognise that the only thing more unique that Neelakurinji is the heart of the people of Kerala. So let’s embrace the spirit of the people and travel to Kerala because of #KeralIsOpen.” The campaign video received 3.1 million views on YouTube.

Awards – Two Golds Abby Awards in Direct Category.

15. CuttingPani by RadioCity 

Chennai is now facing the worst water crisis ever in history. In fact, 21 cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Delhi will run out of groundwater by 2020. RadioCity, the renowned radio channel has created a catchy social media campaign video titled #CuttingPani to spread awareness on using less water. There is a dire need to stop water wastage across the world and this campaign is a small step towards achieving the goal of saving water.

The video urges people to request for cutting pani, meaning half glass of water only in place of a full one. Because most people drink half a glass and the remaining water is simply wasted off. The video features popular stars like Raveena Tandon, Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan requesting the viewers to ask for cutting paani. The campaign was a big hit in social media within 24 hours of the launch. Remember, the next time you visit a restaurant only ask for cutting paani, that too if you are thirsty.

16. JoinTheDots by ActionAid India 

Conceptualized by “The Altar Project”, WAT Consult, ActionAid’s #JoinTheDots is a campaign against Child Sexual Abuse dedicated to public serving campaigns. ActionAid India is working with vulnerable communities since 1972 and this is a step forward to highlight child sexual abuse.

The objective of the campaign is to prevent the incidence of child abuse and urges adults to focus on the hints and join the dots to catch such violence with a call to action to see, listen and act.

This social media campaign video shows a strong bond between a mother and a son through various happy and candid moments.

Further, there is a sudden behaviour change in the child that initially parent tends to ignore unintentionally, considering it normal. The video solidly points out behavioural signs of a sexually abused child, which adults need to spot and address them immediately.

The campaign video also has a “Conversation Starter Tool” on pointing the habits, feelings, and experiences of a child that may be abused. In India, every 15 minutes, a child is sexually abused, mostly by people known to the child. Unattended cases of child abuse often lead to the child spending a lifetime in silence because of shame, and fear of speaking against it.

17. Share Joy, Not Rumors by WhatsApp

WhatsApp currently has 1.6 billion monthly active users, out of which 200 million are Indian users. Unfortunately, many users share rumors/misinformation leading to racial hatred, community prejudice, and social violence and so on.

To put an end to it, Whatsapp along with Taproot Dentsu and the filmmaker “Shirsha Guha Thakurta has launched a TVC urging people to share the joy and not rumors.

The TVC sends out a message across to stop falling prey to scams and spams and also to avoid forwarding rumors.

The TVCs showcase 3 different real-time situations where rumors are spread on WhatsApp and how it needs to stop. The TVC shows regular people sharing recipes, notes, birthday wishes, etc but the user takes action such as blocking the spammer, exiting groups and other features of WhatsApp when fake news/rumors are shared.

WhatsApp is used by 200 million people in India, meaning it has the power to influence people’s thinking. So, users must share the joy and not rumors and also encourage others to do so. The campaign was a massive hit producing 284k views on YouTube alone.

18. BreathFree by Volvo Auto India 

We already know day by day India’s Air quality is getting poorer and the situation cannot be ignored. Stats even say every year 1 Million people die just because of Indoor Air Pollution. Volvo Auto India has taken up the challenge to cut back on emissions, and reduce our carbon footprint significantly through their #BreathFree Campaign. While Volvo has “Clean Zone Technology” in their cars, with this campaign the brand wanted to give breathable air accessibility to one and all.

The Volvo team went to schools to engage students in understanding the problem and sharing ideas on what can be done about it. The team along with the students created cost-effective DIY air purifiers that can help the underprivileged have clean air during most polluted months in India.

The brand also showcased how a little step towards plantation can do a lot for the environment around. Volvo believes “it’s the little steps taken by millions of us, that will bring about real and enduring change. And it’s not a lot to ask for”.

19. YouThePower by Dynamic India 

During India’s general elections Dynamic India came up with a powerful social media campaign titled #YouThePower. Conceptualized by Vatitude, the objective was to save farmers, PowerUp Villages and Knockdown Defaulters by using the power of voting this election 2019 in India.

The campaign urges voters to vote for the government MPs that are capable to work towards issues such as farm distress, electricity, water scarcity, unemployment, environment, and others.

The campaign was crafted beautifully using creatives that explains thousands of Indian farmers commit suicide every year, over a lakh of Indian villages are still without electricity, and load defaulters are cheating the nation by evading thousands of crores. And you have the power to change the future, Vote responsibly, #YouThePower.

20. Should Art Kill? By The WildLife Conservation Trust

Did you know paintbrush manufacturers are the single biggest animal by-product users? Most filaments (brush thread) are made up of animal hair often with squirrel, goat, ox, mongoose, Indian Weasel, horse, and pig-hair. The Wild Life Conservation Trust launched a social media campaign in order to create awareness among their target audience.

Conceptualized by The Social Street Mumbai, the campaign was launched using amazing creatives displaying entire brush made of various animals that lost their lives in the making of it.

The message is passed on evidently that artistic expression is not worth killing for. The Wild Life Conservation Trust through this social media campaign urges the schools, artists, students and everyone to use synthetic bristle brushes and avoid using fur brushes to save these animals.

Awards – Gold Abby for Best Use of Public Service, Appeals and Charity and a Bronze Abby Use of Computer Generated Imagery at Goafest.

21. Mutual Funds Sahi Hai by AMFI

In 2017 “The Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) launched a campaign called #MutualFundsSahiHai to spread awareness on mutual funds across TV, print, radio, social media channels and more.

Year after year, AMFI came up with various real-life narratives to explain the advantages of mutual funds to everyone. In one narrative, the campaign video explains how investing in liquid funds can lead to good returns along with full flexibility of redemption anytime.

The group launched many ads that will capture your attention simply because these ads have a direct and honest voice of advice. In just two years since the launch of “Mutual funds Sahi Hai” campaign, the Average Assets Under Management (AAUM) has grown about 33% – it was Rs 18.5 trillion in February in 2017 and it now reports over Rs 24.6 trillion in March 2019. Overall the Indian Mutual Fund industry has grown 51?2 fold since March 31, 2009.

Awards –

  • Winner of Marquees 2018 under Special Category
  • AME 2018, Bronze winner for Product & Services – Financial Services
  • Bronze winner of Effies 2018 under interactive Marketing category
  • Silver Winner of Prime Time Awards under “Best Use of Sports Channel”
  • Gold winner of Digital Crest Awards under Digital Strategy Category
  • Best Display marketing in Digital Award from M3 Awards under Digital marketing Category.
  • Bronze winner of IAMAI Awards of Display Campaign.

 22. Shape Yourself by Chennis 

One of the most prominent fashion stop Chennis had launched an extraordinary social media campaign called “Shape Yourself” to promote Chennis’s women’s premium wear including Leggings, Slips, and Innerwear that comes in exceptional fit, style, flexibility and colour range.

Beautifully conceptualized by BSRM Studio, this social media campaign goes beyond ordinary of showcasing glamour shots and provocative poses to promote women innerwear.

This campaign showcases that premium women innerwear from Chennis is a true enabler of personal style and body flair and the brand is leading the change.

You will see beautiful ladies comfortably and confidently moving across making amazing flowers with their body movement. The campaign focuses on providing women fashion essential that help them celebrate being themselves.

Awards – Silver Award from MADDYS.

23. One More Good Habit by Gleneagles Global Hospitals 

Gleneagles Global Hospitals, a Parkway Pantai Enterprise is a chain of multi-super specialty hospitals offering world-class hospitals in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and more.

This chain of hospitals has always been creative to spread awareness about life-threatening diseases and their causes.

Through social media campaign and various other channels, the group has launched campaigns in regards to heart disease, quit tobacco, how to be emergency ready, lungs cancer and more.

The hospital with “One More Good Habit” social media campaign is urging women to make self-examination a habit to deduct breast cancer.

The campaign is launched through various creative images explaining how a balanced diet, 8 glass of water, herbal tea, and other good habits can keep breast cancer in check. Gleneagles Global Hospital with every campaign follows the mission of driving awareness, encourage early detection and offer support service.

24. Blink & They are gone by Jimmy Nelson 

The renowned photographer Jimmy Nelson is sending warnings to the world that we are on the verge of losing our global cultural heritage by squandering the cultural identities of the last indigenous people.

Conceptualized by WT India and J. Walter Amsterdam partnering with Nelson has launched a campaign to preserve our world’s cultural diversity by sending a caution “Blink And They’re Gone”.

The campaign is an accumulation of photographs taken by Nelson and presented in a short film. Jimmy Nelson took 1500+ photos of never-seen-before photographs of 36 of the last indigenous communities living on this earth.

Nelson believes – “If we let the cultural identity of the indigenous people disappear now, it will last forever and this must not happen. It’s literally a case of Blink and they’re gone.” We will see this social media campaign to widen this year where the team is raising awareness regarding indigenous cultures.

Awards –

  • D&AD Awards 2019 Non-Fiction Film up to 5 minutes Shortlist Winner.
  • Webby Award for The Jimmy Nelson Companion App
  • 5x Bronze Award at Cannes Lions.

25. For the Spirit of Motivation by Chai Kings 

Chai Kings is one of the prominent destinations for chai lovers in Chennai. The team often comes with sensible yet entertaining creatives for their brand on social media.

This time they have launched a campaign called “For the spirit of Motivation” to promote the first-ever Special Olympics International Football Championship to be held in August 2019.

Chai Kings is a proud sponsor in this upcoming event. This event focuses on creating a more inclusive environment for those with intellectual disabilities. Special Olympics’ is on a mission of promoting inclusion and respect for those with intellectual disabilities – now officially known as People of Determination.

Chai Kings through this social media campaign brings the joy of athletes’ and expands society’s understanding of human potentials and talents.

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26. It will grow back by Gleneagles Global Hospitals 

Gleneagles Global Hospital – a Parkway Pantai Enterprise launched a 360-degree campaign under their liver transplant awareness initiative called “It Will Grow Back”. This huge awareness campaign highlights the lesser-known facts about liver transplant.

Many people are not aware of the fact that liver transplant can be done by living donor. In India, Liver diseases are one of the least recognised causes of deaths.

Even the cadaveric donors are less in numbers in comparison to what’s required. Statistics say, less than 10% adult and less than 8% of children need a liver transplant in our country.

“It will grow back” campaign urges more people to take up liver transplant with living donors. 85% of Liver transplant donors in India are living donors and the process is safe.

Liver donation is almost 100% risk-free. You can save a loved one’s life by donating part of your liver, which regrows to near normal size from as little as 25%. So, if you or someone you love requires a liver transplant, don’t hesitate to help.

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