51 Amazing Social Media Facts from India – 2015

We have been presenting social media facts year after year to make you understand that social media is here to stay and cannot be ignored in any marketing campaign plan. While last year there was a buzz about social media being the “Next Big Thing” the time now proved it right. Especially, in India where […]


We have been presenting social media facts year after year to make you understand that social media is here to stay and cannot be ignored in any marketing campaign plan. While last year there was a buzz about social media being the “Next Big Thing” the time now proved it right. Especially, in India where consumers today believe that social media can fetch them more potential than any other channel, many of them are trying their hands out.

India saw a 100% rise in social media users compared with last year according to IAMAI. Right from building relationships to share experiences to growing business/brands, users have done everything and now we almost treat this virtual world as parallel one. The ubiquity of social media is clear and increasing, for people who don’t know the importance of social media presence for company’s branding and marketing campaigns – have a look at the below fascinating 51 social media facts from India 2015.

Facebook Facts :

  1. Facebook now has 125 Million MAUs in India, out of which 114 Million are mobile Facebook users. The figure makes India a second largest country using Facebook, US being the first!
  2. 47% of overall Internet users have a Facebook account.
  3. Facebook is the top active social media platform in India.
  4. Largest audience on Facebook is dedicated to Mr. Narendra Modi with a total number of fan count – 30,089,316, followed by Yo!Yo Honey Singh 28,657,206 and Deepika Padukone 27,773,027.
  5. John Abraham is top among Facebook Fan Pages with +33,397 Fan base followed by Banjrangi Bhaijaan with +19,658 fans and counting.
  6. Facebook generates 4.5 billion likes daily.
  7. Flipkart is the top socially devoted brands on Facebook with 78% response rate and 131 min response time.
  8. Direct video upload on Facebook is higher than YouTube.
  9. Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk grabs the position of top Facebook posts, so “have you felt silk lately”?
  10. Aaj Tak is the Top Media brands on Facebook with a total fan number – 8,451,166.
  11. 76% of Facebook’s ad revenues in the quarter ended June 2015 came in from mobile ads. Asia-Pacific contributed $605 million out of $3.83 billion overall.
  12. Most popular brands on Facebook are “Facebook for every phone with 547 million fans and Coca-cola with 93 million fans.
  13. Facebook is at 4th position in the “top apps India”, whatsapp grabbed the first place, followed by Flipkart and FB Messenger.

Twitter Facts :

  1. Twitter has 316 Million users worldwide, 77% are outside USA.
  2. Total number of Twitter users in India are 40 million.
  3. Amitabh Bachchan has most followers – 16,575713, followed by Shah Rukh Khan with total followers of 14,903,901 and counting.
  4. Aamir Khan is ahead of PMO India with a profile follower of +17,341, while PM’s profile has +14,495 followers.
  5. 76% users visit Twitter at least once a day.
  6. 79% users access Twitter on Mobile.
  7. 64% use Twitter to follow brands, 33% for shopping and 29% for discovering new brand.

LinkedIn Facts : 

  1. LinkedIn crossed 30 million user base in India, a growth 50% compared to last two years. It also claims Mr. Narendra Modi, Nandan Nilekani and Ronnie Screwvala having accounts.
  2. LinkedIn has a second largest user base in India, US being the first.
  3. LinkedIn is more popular among Indian than Pinterest and Instagram.
  4. 1.07+ million users are of top brass, CXO, VP and Directors.

Instagram : 

  1. Instagram usage is dominated by men when compared to women; the ratio being 75/25, only 1/4th of women population in India are on Instagram.
  2. 53% of web users aged 18-29 have Instagram account.

Pinterest Facts :

  1. Pinterest has over 70 million users; 8.19 million users are from India.
  2. Most pinned and most browsed category on Pinterest is “food and drink”.
  3. The Majority of daily active pinners are below 40 years.

YouTube Facts :

  1. AIB and TVF have more than 1 Million subscribers.
  2. T-series has the largest audience on YouTube from India with a total number of views 4,629,410,246 and counting.
  3. T-series (+9,986,155 views) is also the fastest growing channel in India followed by Colors TV (+3,450,864 views).
  4. Most video shared are of films or movie trailers.

Google+ Facts :

  1. 82% of the online population in India uses Google.
  2. +button is hit 5 billion times a day.

Social Media Mobile Facts :

  1. Social media activities and viewing videos on mobile account 10% in overall mobile activities followed by playing games on mobile.
  2. Paytm has crossed 100 million users across India, while MobiKwik is struggling to improve its 17 Million users across the country.
  3. 41% Indian users read online content over mobile. 10.30 pm is the peak time for mobile and tablet users to go online.
  4. According to Wegilant, 29% of mobile banking applications are vulnerable to attacks in India.
  5. India has more than 118 Million active social media accounts, 100 million are accessing accounts via mobile.
  6. Out of 243 active internet users, 200 million access internet on mobile, however the total number of users may increase to 500 Million by 2018.
  7. 72% of website traffic is gained via mobile devices.

Other Social Media Facts :

  1. Social media usage in rural India has grown 100% in the past year with 25 million people using the Internet just to login to Twitter and Facebook.
  2. India is second largest in cyber attacks through social media sites, says Symantec
  3. 21% of NDTV revenue credit goes to digital and eCommerce business in quarter 1, which reports a growth of 29.96% when compared to last year.
  4. 78% of Indian users love to watch video content in their native language.
  5. India’s average Internet speed is 2.3 Mbps, which is second worst in Asia-Pacific. Indonesia has 2.2 Mbps as the average internet speed.
  6. Only 20% of 800k Internet.org users in India are first time Internet users.
  7. 89% of social media usage is done by the age group of 18-29.
  8. 50-60 years old are active on social media by 60%.
  9. Annual Growth Number – +14% in active internet users, +31% in active social media account, +6% in mobile subscription and +39% in mobile social accounts.

Looks like social media is a modern day’s heirloom for generations to come 😉

Source Credit – Medianama, We are social, social bakers.

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