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10 Reasons Why Sorav Jain’s Social Media Marketing Workshop is a Must Attend

“Social Media Marketing is all about telling the right stories! It’s about creating amazing content and making sure it reaches the audience that matter. Not many of us use Social Media in the right way possible. This social media marketing workshop is aimed at creating more social media marketers across India. I started my career at the age of 17 and would like to add all my years of experience in Digital Marketing in these 2 days comprehensive workshop. I have hosted 250+ Social Media Marketing workshops by far in India and Sri Lanka and trained employees of Genpact, Bosch India, TE Connectivity, Ramco Systems, MSL India, Murugappa Group and more.”

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Before walking you through why you must attend my workshop, let me brief you about the 2-day workshop that is happening on the following dates with their respective venues:

  1. Mumbai – 16th & 17th, September 2017
  2. Jaipur- 24th September 2017
  3. Bangalore – 07th & 08th October 2017

In the Workshop:

I will be launching the Boot Camp with an introduction to social media and will share with you some ideas about strategizing. Although social media marketing is quite effective, it needs strategy to make it make it well structured. Also, the workbooks that are going to be provided will help you with narrowing down to your target audience and help you identify the right platform to promote your business/brand. You will be taught to follow the best industry practices to market your product online.

Social Media Platforms:

I’ll be guiding you through practices for creating & running a company/brand social media handle. Hashtags are generally classified into long and short term and I will be teaching you how to use them. To attract customers you need to have valuable content which will help you in lead conversion, which is again one of the key aspects I will be covering. Apart from all of this, I will be aiding you in formulating your daily Instagram and Pinterest plans.

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Download our Social Media Bootcamp brochure to know more about the course.

10 Reasons Why you need to attend Sorav Jain’s workshop:

#1 I’m not just a Digital Marketing instructor but also run my own Digital Marketing agency called echoVME. I have a 10 year experience in the Digital Marketing industry, where I’ve worked with about 75+ brands. I have headed 150+ workshops and trained 3500+ professionals.

#2  It starts from scratch, so don’t worry if you’re only a beginner. The workshop doesn’t stick just to Facebook Marketing, it involves other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn with a step-by-step approach.

#3 I will not just teach you to use every platform to your advantage but will also be helping you identify the right Social Media platform for you.

#4 You will be presented with free e-copy of a book authored by myself titled, ‘Social Media for Business’. This going to help you build your business/brand image online, once you’re fully equipped with the social media marketing course.

#5 I will be taking you through Hands-on training sessions and case studies, which are also a part of the training where you can educate yourselves with real-life examples with the help of industry insights.

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Hands-on training with Sorav Jain

#6 The learning doesn’t end there, you get a lifetime’s access to a digital marketing forum that will bombard you with constant updates about every social media platform.

#7 You will be added to a Whatsapp broadcast list of Sorav Jain to get end to end updates on Digital Marketing every week.

#8 I don’t just teach digital marketing, I also practice it. Who better to teach you than a man who is an ardent follower and practiser of the art itself?

#9 You will be given with a copy of my social media strategy workbook which has been tried and tested to be one of the best methods for self-assessment, when you’ve decided to excel in the Digital Marketing industry.

#10 Apart from the learning experience, the workshop will serve as a forum where you can interact and discuss ideas with like-minded people from different industrial verticals.

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Live Interaction with trainees

After the workshop:

Here are some of the goodies you get to take back home, along with the enriching experience,

  • Access to world-class video lessons.
  • Lifetime access to Digital Marketing Forum.
  • A certificate upon completion of the digital marketing course that is going to boost your chances of employability.
  • E-mails with updates on Digital Marketing every week.
  • Workbooks that will help you throughout.

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Social Media Workshop Certification

Here’s what some of our trainees had to say about my course:

“It was a great experience and the format of the workshop was very hands on. It focused mainly on the practical aspects, which helped me understand things in a very simple way.”

-Shruti Mehta, CEO- Purple Drop

“Crisp workshop. You will come out knowing new and useful stuff that is going to be useful for your business.”

-Julian Francis, Vice President- Baashyaam Constructions

” It was a great workshop. Lots of learning in just one day. Sorav, liked your hands on approach and case studies.”

-Shashi Bhushan, Healthcare Startup Entrepreneur

“It was really a great training with a lot of interaction, the group had a fantastic cross section of people. The content appealed to both newbies and seasoned users. Also, a lot of seasoned concepts were demoed by Sorav, who has taken a lot of pain to deliver the same.”

-Sampath Iyengar, CEO-Sam 7 Computers and Networks

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