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Social Media User Behaviour of Indians – A Survey Done With 1000+ Participants

Social media has become an irreplaceable part of our lives. It has now become important to understand how people behave online and the way they consume all the information. With businesses actively investing on reaching out to customers– both existing and potential – on social media, identifying people behaviour will only help catering to their […]

Social media has become an irreplaceable part of our lives. It has now become important to understand how people behave online and the way they consume all the information.

With businesses actively investing on reaching out to customers– both existing and potential – on social media, identifying people behaviour will only help catering to their needs while strategizing a business plan.

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We sent out a questionnaire to 1,000 social media users between the age group of 13 to 60 and asked them a range of questions with regards to their social media behaviour.

Majority of them (53.5%) are between the age group of 18-24, 30.6% are between 25-35 years of age, 3% are above the age group of 50 and only 2% are between 13-17-year-old bracket.

Gone are the days when people read newspapers or drink morning coffee immediately after waking up. Now, they scroll down the mobile screen. Around 76% respondents first check social media in the morning and only 24% respondents do something else.

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Most Preferred Social Networking Site

When asked which platform they prefer, 800 users  mostly  prefer  WhatsApp, 90 of them moderately prefer Snapchat, 650  respondents  prefer Twitter the least and 300 respondents moderately prefer Facebook. When it comes to Instagram, 400 out of 1,000 mostly prefer Instagram. LinkedIn seems to be the least favourite as 500 respondents say they rarely check this platform. YouTube has 370  respondents moderately choose the channel.

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Purpose of Using Social Media

It is also important to understand why people do what they do. When asked why they use social media, 790 respondents out of 1,000 go online to socialize. However, 590 respondents’ prefer to build their personal brand on social media. Six hundred respondents’ purpose on social media to expand their follow base is the least preferred reason. Social media has made it easy to do a background check of sorts. However, 800 respondents say that their purpose on social media to stalk a date is least preferred.

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What Happens When Indians Get Notifications

Though some may find notifications annoying, but they are a crucial part of the mobile experience. When asked, how they feel about the social media experience, 41.2% of them said that they do not care when they get a notification and 36.8% say that they feel a sense of urgency to open them when they get a notification and 21.9% get anxious when they get a notification.

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Type of Content Indians Enjoy The Most

The way in which content is consumed drives the investments in various platforms. Around 42% of respondent mostly prefer Whatsapp/Instagram/Snapchat style of content, 27% of respondent mostly prefer videos style of content and 26% of respondent least prefer posts.

Not as many people like to 40.9% rather do something else before sleeping than the rest 59.1%  who scroll through  their newsfeed before going to bed.

When it comes to videos, around 41.2% are comfortable with making videos. Around 49.3%   of respondent forward messages and there are 5% of the respondents who don’t use social media.

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Now, it is almost impossible to stay away from technology; 66.6% respondent see them using technology more often and 25.3% use vernacular language.

The popularity of YouTube has cut across all age groups. When asked, if the little ones in their family (under the age group of 5) spend time on YouTube or mobile watching videos; Around 71.6% of them said that the kids they know access YouTube or mobile videos and 28.4% of them said otherwise.

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Rise of Digital Addiction

Recent studies have indicated that the role of social media has changed the way we perceive success. When asked our respondents about the same, 67% of them said that they do not set their life goals by looking at what others are doing on social media, the rest think otherwise.

There is an equal divide among people who were tempted to get away from social media. Fifty per cent respondents, at some point, wanted to delete their social media accounts, while the other 50% never had such plans.

Another common behaviour that we see among people is their emotional outpour online, for instance writing an emotional status against someone, blocking someone, change the

Display Picture to convey a message to the person who has hurt you the most . Half of the respondents say that they trigger their emotion on social media and the other half say otherwise.

Internet addiction is for real and 79% of the respondents agree that they are addicted to social media and 21% of them say they maintain a balance.

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How much social media has influenced our lives, one may ask. In our survey, 74.8% of respondent agree that social media has completely changed their lifestyle and 25.2% of them say they are undeterred by the internet evolution. Majority of them (47.9%) use social media whenever they get bored, 15% work as a social media consultant, 14.5% of respondent use social media every day for 20 minutes, 16.6%  respondent spend somewhere in between 3 – 4 hours on social media every day and 6% of respondent spend hours on social media as per their requirement.

Time Spent By Indians On Social Media

From how many hours they spend online to the platform they prefer, the questions were designed in a way to gauge the patterns and priorities of social media users today.

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It won’t be wrong to say that Facebook has had our backs by reminding us birthdays and anniversaries of people who are important to us. Remembering all the dates can be difficult, so is personally greeting everyone on the contact list. When asked them about how they wish people on special occasions, 66% respondents wish people on social media itself, 33% prefer giving calls and only 1% go the old-fashioned way of sending greeting cards.

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