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ECHOVME is launching its workshop wing SocialME in Mumbai on May 21st 2010. “Social Media and Business” is the title of the workshop that aims to bring together the Business, Marketing, Sales, HR, PR and Communication professionals to explore the potential of Social Media with ‘hands on experience’. This energetic workshop consists of Demonstrations, Practical hands on experience, Videos, Presentations, Online Interaction, Debates, Case Studies and more. Few significant points that you would explore at Social Media one day workshop for business are:

* Social Media Business Ecosystem
* How to use Social Media for business growth and tr competitor’s footprint
* The potential of Inbound Marketing
* How to use Social Media tools for marketing, demand generation and brand building.
* How to develop Social Media campaign goals and set critical metric of success.
* How to use Social Media from different perspective o business Branding, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Service, Online Reputation Management and more.
* Social Media Marketing Ecosystem best practices
* Importance of Personal Branding
* Practical Social Networking knowledge.

Th session is ideal for professionals who wants to explore the business potential of Social Media with ‘hands on’ Social Media. The agenda and other details can be found here>>. The event will take place on May 21st 2010 from 8.30 AM to 6 PM and the ticket costs Rs. 2000/- (exclusive of taxes, ticket can also be purchased)

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