30 Popular Digital Marketing Blogs you Should Subscribe

In our current digital landscape, there is always a change happening. To stay on top and to stay ahead of the rest it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in order to improve your marketing approach as you go along. Blogs can provide inspiration for new strategies, show you new ways of […]

In our current digital landscape, there is always a change happening. To stay on top and to stay ahead of the rest it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in order to improve your marketing approach as you go along.

Blogs can provide inspiration for new strategies, show you new ways of doing things, solve problems you have and ultimately, provide you with the information which will help you to do your job in a better way.

That is why we have put together a list of blogs that will guide you in the right way. These blogs are all handled by marketing professionals and are guaranteed to set you on the right path.

The first set of blogs tell you about the digital landscape in general.

1. Econsultancy

Here we have an independent market research firm. The aim of this blog is to help aspiring and well balanced marketers do their jobs better. Some of the topics discussed here are e-commerce, email marketing, advertising, customer experience, content, data & analytics, and more.

digital marketing blog

Link: econsultancy.com, Page Authority: 67, Domain Authority: 80,  Alexa: 18575

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2. Inbound.org

Though this isn’t exactly what you would call a blog, inbound. Org is more like a forum and community. It is here where a lot of experienced marketers come together to discuss the latest topics and trends that are prevalent among the industry. Most well known topics that are discussed here are content marketing, and social media marketing. The marketers are also able to post articles, start their own discussions and up-vote certain conversations that they believe to be of significance.

digital marketing blog

Link: inbound.org, Page Authority: 75, Domain Authority: 69,  Alexa: 23829

3. GrowthHackers

This is a community that is made up of entrepreneurs, marketers, start-ups and more, that gather to discuss the latest flavour in the market. This community of people are focused on learning newer and smarter ways to increase conversion rates, get recognized in search results which ultimately translates to an increase in sales.

digital marketing blog

Link: growthhackers.com, Page Authority: 67, Domain Authority: 60,  Alexa: 24175

4. MarketingProfs

Here we have another site that is not exactly like a blog. MarketingProfs is what you would call as a traditional resource instead of a community. It is chalk full of articles that cover every possible aspect of marketing but also has many educational resources. This site is known for always covering the latest trends while also offering users and aspiring marketers ideas on how to improve the marketing strategy for their brand.

digital marketing blog

Link: marketingprofs.com, Page Authority: 85, Domain Authority: 83,  Alexa: 19209

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5. Shopify

When it comes to running the marketing sector for an e-commerce company, the blog at Shopify does have a lot of marketing tips that are needed to be successful. This blog has loads of tips like how to properly sell your items online and tips with examples to improve the business. Though the blog primarily focuses on e-commerce, their blog is so well researched and written that any kind of marketer can benefit from it.

digital marketing blog

Link: shopify.in, Page Authority: 19, Domain Authority: 43,  Alexa: 26360

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6. Duct Tape Marketing

This one here is a fan favourite. Started by the one and only John Jantsch who wrote the book Duct Tape Marketing, this is the blog that fully outlines the methods and ways in which marketers and small business owners can be successful even when constrained by limits like budget, time resources and other such factors.

digital marketing blog

Link: ducttapemarketing.com, Page Authority: 76, Domain Authority: 74,  Alexa: 40652

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The next set of blogs are primarily focused on SEO strategies as well as blogs that can improve the content writing

7. Copyblogger –

With posts that are extremely insightful and well-written it does not surprise anyone that this place had a following and a blog long before they even had a product. Copyblogger looks at topics on writing, content marketing, conversion-oriented copywriting, creativity, and more to give you all the information you need in one place.

digital marketing blog

Link: copyblogger.com, Page Authority: 87, Domain Authority: 90,  Alexa: 16447

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8. CoSchedule

This here is a blog that provides all the skills and tips that are required to become great in the world of content marketing. They offer lots of advice on becoming a better and far more efficient blogger and blog manager. CoSchedule not only provides lots of advice on content creation and strategy, there is also a lot of information when it comes to building an efficient content team.

digital marketing blog

Link: coschedule.com, Page Authority: 72, Domain Authority: 77,  Alexa: 19565

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9. Content Marketing Institute

Better known among most as CMI, this is among the first publications that has begun reporting and learning on content marketing with their blog being one of the best. The news hub at CMI has a large amount of resources including the latest reports and research that comes from the field.

digital marketing blog

Link: contentmarketinginstitute.com, Page Authority: 87, Domain Authority: 86,  Alexa: 17335

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10. Moz

This site is home to one of the most well known names in SEO Rand Fishkin. It does boast some of the best advice, thoughts, insights and research that tell inform readers on building stronger and more trending SEO and content marketing strategies. There is also an active community that shares their stories while also learning from others and asking advice.

digital marketing blog

Link: moz.com, Page Authority: 89, Domain Authority: 92,  Alexa: 1449

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11. The Content Strategist

The site known as Contently, is becoming more and more well known in the brand publishing space and the blog that they have “The Content Strategist” is a great place for any marketer to learn more about the latest trends. Though the site reads more like a news feed rather than a blog, many are appreciative of how well thought out and personalized the blogs are.

Link: contently.com, Page Authority: 70, Domain Authority: 69,  Alexa: 24571

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12. QuickSprout

What we have here is a favourite and regular site for search professionals as well as the content marketers and that is mainly because it is handled by the straightforward and adaptable mind of Neil Patel. This blog provides a lot of tactical resources on the way to get things done, from researching and creating content to the process of keywords research and selection.

digital marketing blog

Link: quicksprout.com, Page Authority: 81, Domain Authority: 83,  Alexa: 7828

13. Search Engine Land

Is there a place for search marketers to get the best insights and advice on trends related to marketing? This is a site that features the very best news on search engine marketing and does provide valuable information on keyword resources, Google’s algorithm changes, evaluating link quality, and so much more.

digital marketing blog

Link: searchengineland.com, Page Authority: 93, Domain Authority: 92,  Alexa: 19,19

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14. Search Engine Watch

This site is known for providing the latest topics that are about search engine marketing, SEO trends, and PPC marketing. Search Engine Watch is one of the more widely read publications among the marketers as it continues to give more and more advice, insights and thoughts into the digital marketing world

digital marketing blog

Link: searchenginewatch.com, Page Authority: 90, Domain Authority: 88,  Alexa: 11250

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Now the next few list of blogs are what provide marketers the best strategies to create a positive customer experience.

15. GetFeedback

One of the best ways to learn more about customers is to send them a survey. The blog at GetFeedback can provide a lot of input on creating surveys that apply to all members of the audience as well as making it accessible on all mobile and digital platforms, resulting in stellar open and engagement rates.

digital marketing blog

Link: blog.getfeedback.com, Page Authority: 32, Domain Authority: 37,  Alexa: 18120

16. Intercom

This is the blog that gives advice on design, customer service, and the business of software. The blog gives advice to marketers and founders working to perfect all customer contact points and is a helpful resource for marketers looking to improve the overall user experience.

digital marketing blog

Link: intercom.io, Page Authority: 66, Domain Authority: 63,  Alexa: 5763

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17. Help Scout

This blog right provides a lot of advices and insights when it comes to giving customers a great and noteworthy experience which stays in their minds forever. It talks about building a support team, to how to use the right tone in an email, Help Scout knows exactly how to handle customers and teaches you to do it too.

digital marketing blog

Link: helpscout.net, Page Authority: 68, Domain Authority: 79,  Alexa: 7491

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18. WordOfMouth.org

Every marketer loves a happy customer but at the same time they also want the customer to spread their name to other potential clients but don’t know how to. Thanks to WordOfMouth’s blog gives examples of other companies that have success when it comes to word of mouth marketing. This blog is especially useful for anyone who is starting their business or who owns a small business.

digital marketing blog

Link: wordofmouth.org, Page Authority: 32, Domain Authority: 43,  Alexa: 2257093

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19. Groove HQ

This site actually has two blogs that are both really helpful for marketers, one about their start up journey, and another offering customer support advice. The second blog is what offers advice for any marketer that works directly with the customers.

Link: groovehq.com, Page Authority: 82, Domain Authority: 80,  Alexa: 19,190

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Now we have a set of blogs that aim to improve conversion rates through insights on analytics, A/B testing, and much more.

20. Optimizely

This is one of those blogs that is focused towards marketers who wish to improve the user experience through the use of A/B testing and conversion optimization. There are many examples from Optimizely on how to help marketers succeed, and their blog is a great resource.

digital marketing blog

Link: blog.optimizely.com, Page Authority: 56, Domain Authority: 56,  Alexa: 18129

Recommeded Blog Posts:

21. Unbounce

There is a way to create a landing page that instantly converts but how you may ask? With the help of the blog here, it has all the advice to show you how it’s done. Ranging from copywriting tips to A/B testing strategies, Unbounce tells you the right and exact way to create a landing page that converts instantly.

digital marketing blog

Link: unbounce.com, Page Authority: 82, Domain Authority: 80,  Alexa: 19,190

Recommended Blog Posts:

22. The Crazy Egg

This site here covers everything that is conversion-oriented and is able to equip marketers with all the advice that is needed to improve engagement rates. The blog here is dedicated to copywriting, A/B testing, email marketing, and analytics.

digital marketing blog

Link: blog.crazyegg.com, Page Authority: 79, Domain Authority: 85,  Alexa: 14681

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23. KISSmetrics

This is the blog that covers analytics and conversion optimization and it also highlights the qualitative, slippery side of marketing for all. The blog specializes in tactics while highlighting other areas like reporting, analytics tools and of course content that reaches the customer.

digital marketing blog

Link: kissmetrics.com, Page Authority: 78, Domain Authority: 78,  Alexa: 7107

24. Conversion XL

This is a site that compiles all the latest data on conversion optimization in an amazing, data-rich blog that provides a great deal of insights as well as informational and content that teaches. ConversionXL covers mobile, pricing, A/B testing, call tracking and a whole lot more.

digital marketing blog

Link: conversionxl.com, Page Authority: 73, Domain Authority: 71,  Alexa: 29,755

25. Dasheroo

Welcome to Dasheroo which does provide a detailed dashboard for marketers while the blog has a great deal of insight into data and analytics. It looks at such topics as managing KPIs and making the data and inbound marketing work together.

digital marketing blog

Link: dasheroo.com, Page Authority: 37, Domain Authority: 34,  Alexa: 133886

Now we have a list of blogs that aim to help marketers improve their social media marketing efforts.

26. Buffer

When it comes to the holy grail of social marketing, none does it better than the Buffer blog. It has one of the most well-read and well-loved blogs in the marketing space. Buffer is known to post an array of information on ways to improve the social media marketing effort and is done in such a way that any marketer can gain wisdom from Buffer’s blog.

digital marketing blog

Link: blog.bufferapp.com, Page Authority: 80, Domain Authority: 92,  Alexa: 14055

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27. Sprout Social –

The social media insights blog found here is the perfect place to find all the latest tips on managing any social media marketing initiatives. The Sprout Social highlights gives tactics, strategies and a must have skill set to excel on social media.

digital marketing blog

Link: sproutsocial.com, Page Authority: 76, Domain Authority: 79,  Alexa: 9461

28. Social Media Examiner

This is the blog that covers everything that you or marketers should to know about social media marketing. There are also a lot of tips on other areas, such as content marketing and analytics. Social Media Examiner is also quick to recommend other helpful tools, as well.

digital marketing blog

Link: socialmediaexaminer.com, Page Authority: 89, Domain Authority: 88,  Alexa: 6197

29. Socialbakers

Here we have a blog that provides insights on social media statistics, as well as examples of companies doing social media marketing well. The best part of Socialbakers blog, is the original researching that is done for trending topics and latest views in the marketing world.

digital marketing blog

Link: socialbakers.com, Page Authority: 83, Domain Authority: 80,  Alexa: 8747

Recommended Blog Posts:

30. Wistia

What Wistia is an educational resource for any marketer who aims to get more out of videos. Not only does the blog here provide information on when it comes to creating videos but there is also information on the best ways to market these videos. If there is a need to learn on writing a video script, build relationships with your audience or simply become better in video marketing, then this blog cannot be ignored.

Link: wistia.com, Page Authority:74, Domain Authority: 80,  Alexa: 7541

Recommended Blog Posts:

With all this information there’s so many ways to learn many new things or even improve on the strategies or skills that you already have. All that is left now is to get started as quickly as you can.

We will be keep adding new blogs in our next update. Feel free to mention your favorite blog in comment section below


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