How Goes the Informational & Emotional Way on Social Media is an online bus ticket aggregator serving the southern part of India. It is a very popular platform in south India helping people book their bus tickets directly competing with the giant I have myself experienced and and found the former one better and quick with some fantastic customer service representatives a call away. has 3 pages on Faceboook and they are highly successful in emotionally driving audience and create a brand identity. The brand goes the informational way rather than the promotional way of engagement, which makes brand a popular editorial on Facebook and I believe it’s a very unique way of positioning on Facebook.  Making a Facebook page a brand’s editorial makes people access it more from informational perspective and rather not have individuals waiting for offers to come, it does matter to have healthy conversations with customers and does it better, trust me!

Here is a review of all the three pages on Facebook with a description of purpose they serve.

  1.’s Official Page:

social media case study’s Facebook Page

  • The official page of has around 19,000+ fans and the number is growing day by day as the brand believes in advertising on Facebook and attracting the target audience to the platform.
  • Going by analysis of last 20 updates made, on an average 3 updates are made in a day on the official page. Each update on an average receives around 100 likes, comments and shares thus reaching to friends of fans and further.
  • The updates made here are not promotional and are very much travel centric. It’s about travel destination, its about amazing vehicles, there are stories posted related to travel and lot more. They are extremely fascinating enough.
  • ensures every update on Facebook goes with an image, picture speaks more than word.
Kind of updates shared: 
  • Travel Destination Related Updates and the Impact: Many of us love travelling! We do get attracted to landscapes, interesting photographs and team does awesome research on some amazing travel destinations related content.

Social Media Marketing

example of travel related updates

  • Vehicle Related Updates: There are some great updates about different vehicles,  that again serves the purpose of the page after all is all about a better travel experience.
digital marketing blog
  • Travel Related Stories:  This is one of the best case studies on how a story can inspire a lot of people to share it with their friends. We belong to the bollywood world and we very well know how emotions work out to attract audience, did try driving customers the emotional way by posting some great stories about Chennai and Bangalore government based local bus service. One of the stories posted below became extremely viral with around 12,800+ shares, 18,000+ likes and 3,800+ comments. In fact, the reach of the update was noticed by a journalist and a story on the same was published in Times of India with due reference to’s Facebook page.
digital marketing blog
  • Brand Related Updates:  Brand related updates on are not much. Even if they are, they are not very promotional. needs to get consistent with this as just making it a information oriented page doesn’t serve the purpose. can come up with daily discounts / deal of the week kind of updates to leverage the likes in conversion and to relish the information seeking crowd as customers.
  • Contest Based Activity: has just started hosting contests, the recent one been a technical application based quiz contest and it was very much to educate people about
  • Customer queries or concerns are invisible to public.

2. – We Care  page claims to be a Corporate Social Responsibility Page of online bus ticket booking corporate to consolidate customers, employees & interested general public to give back to the community. It was difficult to figure out the purpose of the page. Yes, I understand it increase brand’s visibility but on the expense of sharing not so relevant updates. Brand is lucky enough to have audience that encourages content shared. For example a recent update made on the page about how Bill gates and his son got 187 shares and around 76 likes which is not too bad a reach for a page with 7,000+ fans.

digital marketing blog

What’s so good about this page is the clear defined purpose. The page is honest and share updates that could be of help to its customers and doesn’t talk about Travel.  It’s about health, it’s about current affairs, it’s about motivation and there are emotional stories. While I was accessing the updates, I found this photo shared initially when the page was started and understood the main purpose of the page is to create awareness about Multiple Sclerosis (probably they should update this in the about us section and on the timeline banner).

social media marketing

3. Unsung Heroes: This is the 3rd page in the series of’s Social Media presence. This page has got about 9,000+ fans and the purpose of this page is to bring to the audience the story of those heroes whose glory is unsung and unrecognized despite contributing a lot to the society.

social media case study

As stated earlier’s trial is to drive attention of the audience through emotional ways and this page is one of the best examples. This page hosts stories of many individuals, celebrities, common man, personalities with their picture and a story along. Below are some examples of the same:

 social media case study

Even before Satyamev Jayate came in light, is up there highlighting individuals who are the real heroes of the country! Smart no?

After looking at their company’s facebook page and two of their pages which are highly informational I believe’s thoughts are noble and they are entering minds by bringing to them those stories which are unbelievable but true, bringing to them those tips that are easy to access and worth it. Since, people spend more time on Facebook these days entering through different positioning on Facebook is a right way to tap different minds with a subtle brand identity behind. But! But, brand really needs to go a little promotional, solve customers, boast more about customer experiences and run campaigns to generate leads– after all Social Media Marketing is also about sales!

PS: also needs to consider other social media channels such as: Twitter, YouTube and Blogs for engaging audience and solving concerns.


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