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With the popularity of internet social networks and more importantly Facebook, a lot apps are being developed to help sellers market their products on Facebook. Facebook helps developers create shopping apps on merchants’ fan pages. This transforms the fan page of user’s into a point of sale page. The following are the list of 10 integrations for marketing on Facebook. Additionally, information on the different apps and the approximate cost involved for users using them.

1. Involver : Involver is the one of the web’s most trusted social media platform, providing applications and monitoring tools. They power over 200,000 applications a complete range of social media functions. Involver is a Facebook Preferred Developer and a technology provider for Facebook’s internal marketing team, with applications like the Involver Leaderboard on and Involver Stories on Users can take advantage of some apps for free, while others are chargeable.

2. Wildfire Apps : Wildfire Apps is a privately-held technology company specialized in developing simple tools that enable organizations to engage the hundreds of millions of users of social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The technology helps corporations, small businesses, marketing agencies, bloggers and non-profits to easily create their own attractive, branded interactive campaigns. The Basic campaign starts at $5 per campaign with a $0.99 per day. This includes all campaign, Facebook, Twitter, website widget and integration, unlimited entries and winner selections. However, they have a variety of options for all companies.

3. Nutshellmail: NutshellMail takes copies of the latest updates in the customers social networking accounts and places them in a snapshot email. The NutshellMail Update is then sent to the customer’s primary email address on their specified schedule. Users can sign up to a free account at the NutshellMail website. (

4. Payvment : Payvment is a free service that enables anyone to instantly add e-commerce anywhere. Payvment provides features like a shopping cart that is networked between participating retailers called Open Cart Network. Fan Incentive Pricing is a feature that provides the ability to offer fan discounts through its Facebook page. Additionally, it provides shopping discovery and search tool and a customer interaction option that provides the ability for any Facebook user to go to a storefront and add comments and reviews.

5. ShopTab : ShopTab is a Facebook app that allows business to sell their products on Facebook. It creates a shopping tab on the user’s Fan page. This tab can then be used by the users to showcase their products from their online stores. This app does not sign any contracts, which means that users can cancel with a few days notice. The services provided are available starting at $10 per month, regardless of the amount of sales generated by the tab. Additional features can be procured at an additional cost.

6. Fan Appz : Fan Apps is very similar to Wildfire. It offers a suite of apps, including polls, quizzes, and coupons. Fan Appz helps its users grow, engage and monetize their social network fan base through an integrated suite of applications and tools. The standard version is free, however it does have a Premium version available at a cost of $50 that provides a lot more features.

7. Buddy Media : Buddy Media is an application developer and advertising network. It follows the growth of pages by creating a platform that offers a range of services to the brand. Buddy Media offers custom pages, custom apps, and custom Facebook Connect integration, Twitter monitoring, targeted Facebook advertising campaigns and analytics. This is however not a free service.

8. Static FBML : Static FBML enables users with HTML knowledge to create highly customized pages on Facebook that is based on its own markup language called FBML. It is the bedrock of much of the custom Fan page development done today. It is a simple tool with two fields, one for the tab name and the other for the body of the page. This application provides advanced functionality to the user’s Page using the Facebook Static FBML application. This is a free application.

Fanbook Fan Page Creation Tools: Apart from Static FBML there are many easy to use tools that help users to customize fan pages:

9. TabSite : WYSIWYG editing tool to create multiple pages within a tab. Priced at $15 per month this provides features to manage a host of features including photo manager, built-in contact form, and document management.

10. FaceitPages : This is similar to FanpageEngine, helps users choose a variety of templates, upload graphics and place them in the Static FBML code. Additionally, helps you design a Faceitpage at a one-time fee of $39.99.

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