Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins for 2021

WordPress is constantly growing and has turned into the biggest internet phenomenon across the world. It is available in 50 different languages. This platform is being used by people across the world and it has a viewership of around 175 million a month. Due to the huge number of users and the vast audience, WordPress […]

WordPress is constantly growing and has turned into the biggest internet phenomenon across the world. It is available in 50 different languages. This platform is being used by people across the world and it has a viewership of around 175 million a month. Due to the huge number of users and the vast audience, WordPress has turned into the foundation for a lot of businesses across the world.

WordPress is quite popular with bloggers as well. It gives them an easy to use CMS and a system that helps them rank their blogs higher in SERP. One of the best ways of earning for bloggers is affiliate marketing. There are many affiliate programs, however, the one which has gained the maximum popularity is that of Amazon. It could get tough to find the perfect affiliate program which matches the niche area of your blog or website. But, Amazon is so vast, that it is quite easy to find products related to your blog easily. The Amazon affiliate plugins on WordPress makes it simpler to partner with online stores. This also enhances the appearance of your site and it is quite simple to use.

So, listed below are few of the Amazon affiliate plugins which are amongst the best and can be used for your blog or site.

1. AAPro

AAPro or Amazon Affiliate Pro is a WordPress plugin that gets a lot of innovative and creative features. In case you intended to become the Amazon affiliate and earn commission on every sale made, this is a perfect choice. A wide range of solutions is provided in a short time. AAPro is amongst the top tools which can assist you in creating a very strong WordPress platform either generic or niche. A lot of features are available from which you can benefit, once you have access to the AAPro. Be it manual or auto product import or even on-site cart or detailed analytics, multiple search methods as well as reviews, AAPro has all of it. You can tag products, use some practical shortcodes as well as develop the exact layout which matches the idea of your project perfectly. So, the final creation becomes completely responsive and is compatible with cross-browsers.

2. WP Table Builder

If you are on the hunt for some exquisite WordPress plugin that is Amazon Affiliate and helps in the creation of some engaging tables, you can consider opting for WP Table Builder. This tool is very versatile, effortless, and flexible. Firstly, the WP Table Builder features a very handy technique of drag and drop, hence everyone can make the best use of it. In short, there won’t be a necessity to write even a single code when the job is being done using WP Table Builder. Also, WP Table Builder designs responsive tables, thereby ensuring the content is displayed in a stunning manner on the handheld as well as desktop devices. Additionally, the tool also has a dedicated shortcode, and this makes it quite easy to insert the table wherever you please on your website.

3. Azonberg

If you are using Gutenberg, the latest WordPress block editor,  Azonberg is definitely amongst the best options available to begin adding products from Amazon to your website or your blog. This tool is simple and very easy to use, thereby ensuring that every user of any level can get the best from this tool. This Amazon affiliate plugin imports new items immediately without the requirementto do a lot of work. The user can create the ASIN list and a complete collection of products from Amazon can be imported in just a single click. This makes it super convenient. This tool has a default template, however, customization is effortless and you can fine-tune the appearance to match the online presence. Even the buttons like buy now, or add to the cart can be customized. In addition to this, this tool is compatible with modern WordPress themes, thereby ensuring instant integration.

4. APO

APO is one such WordPress plugin thatenables you to simplify the procedure of adding the Amazon affiliate products as well as having control over their availability. This tool is compatible with many other plugins, thereby enabling you to add the latest products either on autopilot or even manually.  APO is compatible even with the Gutenberg block builder and offers including a new product on your page or post. To top it,  APO works well with all languages, because it can be translated easily. It also comes translated in Spanish! There are extra features like auto product availability, email notifications, click counter as well as compatibility with every international website of Amazon. If you want to have total control over the products of Amazon across your whole site, this will be taken care of by APO.

5. GutenSearch

Rather than searching for various products on Amazon along with importing them individually to your website, there is a very unique Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress which will do the work. GutenSearch is one such tool which you can import easily into the Gutenberg builder, to get all the new features. Once the integration is done, you can use the admin dashboard of your WordPress account, search for the Amazon products, and add those you want. The search can be done by countries or departments as wellto find the correct products quickly. Also, your users too can enjoy exploring the goods. In this tool, there are 2 checkouts available – the direct one and the add to cart. No API key is required and you can get multiple commissions because it works with every Amazon affiliate plugin across the globe. The design can be modified as per your choice.

6. GProducts

GProducts lets you create some stunning Amazon boxes either on your blog or website easily. You do not have to bother about the codes when you add new items, because this is taken care of by GProducts. An API key is not needed to start the Amazon affiliate plugin. You have to just find the correct product by the ASIN code or the keyword. Post this, GProducts will develop a stunning box that can include product details and reviews. The button “add to cart” is optional, and this will add the particular product to a user’s Amazon shopping cart. This tool offers a wide range of options and makes your site feel inviting.

7. WooZone

WooZone is the Bundle Pack of Amazon Associates which has multiple Advertising plugins of Amazon Affiliates in a single bundle and you also get a theme of WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates. It consists of a contextual advertising plugin along with a discount finder. You will have to get the pack installed, set up plugins and fill the Amazon associate id. To ensure this pack works, you require WordPress, Amazon account to get the Secret Access keys, WooCommerce, and an Amazon Affiliate account. The standard WooZone plugin will help in generating revenue by advertising products of Amazon on your store of WooCommerce. You can import hundreds of products in bulk to your store. The pages get optimized for various search engines. The Kingdom theme has been developed for this plugin and gets rid of all the features which are not required for your WooCommerce store, thereby making itfast.

8. EasyAzon

This premium plugin is available free of cost for active Amazon affiliates. This plugin helps in creating simple text links that can be added to your content and the tedious process of creating links can be avoided. This plugin is available wherever Amazon allows the associate programs. The SEO can be improved as you can also have the no-follow tags on links. This will make sure that all links will open up in new windows rather than loading over your own site. This makes sure the traffic remains on your blog. Also, users can keep scrolling and buy products while they read your article.

9. Discount finder

This will help you earn fees when you advertise and link to Amazon. The search results are narrowed down for discounts from thousands of discounts that are available on Amazon. The tool makes it simpler for visitors to use your website to check discounts. Contextual advertising plugins will help in monetizing your blog. Affiliate links are added automatically to your content and ads are displayed in locations that are highly visible in your store. Additionally,  products that are related to your content are automatically displayed by evaluating the posts for various keywords that are used to search the relevant products on Amazon. This tool is quite effective for posts that are related to products and wherein keywords are utilizedin a contextual manner.

10. GeniusLink

This plugin enables to boost the sales with its features along with powerful functionality. Affiliate commissions can be earned through the plugin. “Link localization” is the best tool where the general links get converted into localized links focusing on specific Amazon locales. This plugin has the Amazon Link Engine which is used by different associates across the globe for years. It has been considered to be the best tool for online marketing.

11. AdSanity

This tool manages all the advertisements on the sites of WordPress in a very easy and creative way. The plugin has been designed to enhance all the ads getting displayed on your page to ensure you get more traffic. Many ads can be created with this free plugin and they can be displayed on rotation. This tool enables you to keep a check on the ad statistics which helps you track the traffic easily. This will let you make changes immediately so as to generate a lot of buyers and increase your profits. On activating this plugin, the admin settings permit you to manage issues related to advertisement in one location. In this way, the various aspects of  Amazon affiliate ads can be controlled easily and quickly. The plugin has the option of a sidebar widget wherein you can place a single ad or a group ads, as per your preferences. An end date can be added for any ad uploaded and the ad will get removed automatically.

12. Amazon S3 server

When you design the Amazon affiliate website, you have to pay attention to user experience. The site loading time is a large factor that is the main contributing factor to good or bad user experience. Hence, it is necessary to create the Amazon affiliate program which gives the users a simple yet quick experience. It makes sure that the users continue browsing on your website and your site always has the traffic. This tool simplifies the process of making the website attractive and ensures the loading time does not increase. Bloggers, as well as business owners actively managing Amazon associate stores, can enhance user experiences by using this specific plugin. This plugin makes use of the special Amazon S3 server for uploading videos and images to the site.

13. Easy Affiliate Link

This plugin can help you in terms of link clacking as well as link management. The plugin makes sure you can leave a few links uncloaked to ensure adherence to the policies of Amazon. The plugin has a lot of useful features such as categorizing affiliate links to track every click made by your user easily. You can keep a watch on your traffic through monthly and lifetime stats. This will help in improving the site as per the user preferences and will ensure you increase your profits with time.


If you wish to have an exceptional Amazon affiliate website which helps you keep your stand in the whole eCommerce market, you must check out the plugins mentioned above. Each plugin is unique and helps in not just improving the appearance of your website, but also makes it quite easy to create the content. The SEO for WordPress sites can be improved, traffic can be increased and revenues can be increased. Amazon affiliate programs are quite amazing tools as there is a product for every single niche market and all you need is these simple plugins to make all your dreams turn into a reality.


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