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On June 21st 2016, Twitter announced that their users will be able to create longer videos which were previously limited to 30 seconds. Now, you can post videos up to 140 seconds and some publishers through their professional publisher tools will be able to post videos as long as 10 minutes.

The company looks on to engaging with more people with a rising competition by other platforms like Instagram which have recently increased its video limit from 15 seconds to a minute with 500 million user base and Snapchat which is being used by more than 150 million people every day. So, 140 is not just the character count of a tweet but also, a tweet with 140 seconds longer video conveying a lot more than it use to.

Vines Have Got Longer Too

With this growing competition Twitter had announced few more updates to unleash your creativity and know every day updates from artist all around the world or funny or educational videos to inspire a few.

Vines have got longer from 6 seconds limit to 140 seconds with a WATCH MORE option. The new longer Vines will appear the same but when you click on the watch more icon, it will lead you to a full length video of 140 seconds.

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Twitter’s New Engage app

­­­Twitter Engage is the new app launched by Twitter that will allow users to track posts and their followers are tweeting about. This new app focused on analytics with its real time data insights will help to know the performance of their posts and also of people whom they follow. Targeted at “Influential Creators” yet can be used by anyone who is interested. Get notifications from most important followers, track tweet activity, know the highest and the lowest performing tweets. Now available for iOS users in US.

Three tabs are displayed in the Twitter’s new Engage app

IMPORTANT CONVERSATIONS: Most important tweets or mentions from your followers with verified accounts will not be missed with the engage app.

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UNDERSTAND: Real time insights for your posts showing analytics of how many impressions you get and understand the data about your audience.

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POSTS: You can see stats of individual posts. Each post will show details about its engagement, likes, mentions, replies etc

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Twitter encouraging tweets with creative videos and a growing audience for it

The micro blogging website will also update the iOS and Android app to facilitate full screen videos when clicked on any tweet. “Video tweets on twitter have increased by over 50% since the beginning of 2016”- said Jeremy Rishel, Head of product development for creators. They would love to see everyday updates of twitter users to connect with their followers.

Benefits to the Marketers
  • They can now show their creativity in making these longer videos to convey their message which was otherwise difficult to manage in the 30 seconds video.
  • Video views are growing so fast and this is an opportunity to structure storytellingand drive purchase intent.
  • They can compete with Facebook, YouTube and Instagram videos. This would be like a new avenue all together. Checking out Media section of Twitter is going to be more entertaining to the audience.
  • Start experimenting and make your impression to draw attention from a lot of your followers.
  • Align with Influencers in creating great content to target the right audience and engage to draw them in.

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