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Ubersuggest Review: Free SEO Tool – Best Alternative To SEMrush & Ahref

Looking for best free alternatives to SEMRush, Ahrefs, Buzzsumo? Then you should try SEO tool by Neil Patel. Here in this article I have shared my personal opinion on this tool. There are multiple SEO tools in the market and there are a lot of free tools too. But what paid tools like Moz, […]

Looking for best free alternatives to SEMRush, Ahrefs, Buzzsumo? Then you should try SEO tool by Neil Patel. Here in this article I have shared my personal opinion on this tool.

There are multiple SEO tools in the market and there are a lot of free tools too. But what paid tools like Moz, SEMRush, AHREF, LongTailPro, and BuzzSumo can offer none of the free tools can actually offer. But, in my recent conversation with Neil Patel, I realized there is something that he is offering for the Global Market for free called UberSuggest. This is an absolutely free SEO tool that offers you everything that a Paid SEO Tool generally offers.

So no more freemium, premium deals.

No registration hassles.

No Credit card hassles.

Just log on to Ubersuggest and discover a lot of keywords for free with their exact search volume.

Ubersuggest by Neil Patel is a tool that helps perform keyword research, give content ideas, give backlink data and many other services that are absolutely free to use.

Now let’s look at FREE SEO Features of UBERSUGGEST:

#1. Keyword Suggestions:

The tool provides a complete list of keywords, generated by what people are using to search on Google and the words that are helping your competitors bring traffic. Apart from the head term suggestions, the tools provide suggestions for long-tail keywords, that will help you in your voice search SEO.

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A lot of us got addicted to because it used to give us free search volume of the desired keywords but now no more. You need to pay them to discover. The best alternative tool at the moment is Ubersuggest. So discover:

  • Keyword volume
  • Relevant keyword ideas.
  • Exact search volume (12 months average, country-specific)
  • Which are the top sites for those keywords at the moment.
  • Estimated traffic for those websites for the relevant keyword that you want to do your SEO for.

2. Domain Overview:

Enter any domain, yours or of your competitors, you can analyze their data, get insight into their strategy and find out what is the secret ingredient that is helping them grow. This feature shows the number of organic keywords, paid keywords and total traffic over a period of time.

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Like how you discover keywords in keywords search, here you can figure out:

  • Domain Score (This is fairly new and can be the game changer in the market as all this while we were benchmarking Moz’s Domain Score as ‘THE SCORE’ of the SEO World. However, Neil has to define how did he actually derive at this.
  • Number of organic keywords.
  • Estimate Organic traffic for the ranking keywords.
  • How many paid keywords.
  • List of keywords for which your or your competitor’s website is ranking for.
  • Which are the top pages on the site.
  • What is the estimate traffic for those top pages.

Isn’t this a STEAL DEAL?

So what else can you expect in the upcoming days on Ubersuggest?

In a Skype conversation with Neil, he was showing me some of the cool features which is a great value add:

3. Content Suggestions:

Like how Buzzsumo offers you top ranking content for some of the keywords you search for and suggestions of some of the hottest topics in the domain of your interest. UberSuggest will also help you discover influencers and the current trending content. You can always vouch for them and do something kickass out of the discovery.

4. Backlink Data:

Having a tough time to build backlinks for your content? Want to discover backlinks of other websites? Well, it’s generally a paid feature of most of the popular tools. But, with Ubersuggest you can discover this for Free.

As of now, you can check the Domain Score, the total number of backlinks, number of referring domains and how many of those backlinks are from .gov or .edu site.

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With time, you can discover which are those sites as well. Making your life a lot easier. You can approach the backlink providers of your competitors and request one for your blog or website.

5. SEO Analyzer:

I pay 100 US $ every month on Moz to analyze all the errors for my client’s website and then I fix them up as and when they make suggestions.

Remember, the first strong SEO step is to get you on-page right.

Fixing all the website errors is a healthy practice.

But how do you identify those errors without paying for expensive tools?

Well, UBERSUGGEST is the answer. This feature is coming up soon too.

To conclude, UBERSUGGEST is by far the best SEO tool in the industry and here I am summarizing the key features of this platform:

7 Reasons Why You Should Use UBERSUGGEST – The Best Free SEO Tool.

  1. It is a free tool which is simple to understand that can be used by people who are not an expert in the field of SEO.
  2. Ubersuggest has an easy to use interface that doesn’t take much loading time and could deliver thousands of results within a matter of seconds. This will help you do the entire SEO process in a short time.
  3. It gives an extensive list of all the possible keywords with the exact search volume (Country specific) that can later be easily imported to a Word or Excel document.
  4. Can help you analyze the SEO value of a website (Can be yours or of your competitors)
  5. It can help you track the backlinks of your competitors.
  6. It can help you analyze all the errors in the website and fix them.
  7. It can help you in suggesting trending topics for the keywords you type, almost like Buzzsumo.

So don’t miss your Golden Chance in exploring UBERSUGGEST – the best free SEO tool. Do share your experience in the comment section below.

Find a free guide on how to use UberSuggest below

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