Top 20 Web Development Companies in The USA

Here are some of the best web deveopment companies in the USA that can come in handy when designing your website.

web development companies in usa

Are you looking for the best web development companies in the USA? Professional web development companies can design a world-class website that will not only look good but also cater to your business objectives. These designing companies have immense experience in creating websites catering to different businesses. 

Dealing with expert web designing companies in the USA will mean you have access to a team of strategists, designers, SEO experts and other specialists with diverse skills and knowledge. The team will build a website that crawls well in search engines, looks attractive, and functions bug-free. So, whether you are a freelancer, small-business owner or a large organisation, hiring a web designing company to design your website will be worth it.  

Today, having a website presence is crucial for businesses, individuals and organisations looking to get established online. When designed and maintained well, your website can increase organic web traffic and help improve the brand’s credibility. It is one of the easiest and most effective ways to communicate and engage with customers. However, this is possible if only every aspect of the website is designed carefully. 

Web designing companies in the USA can conceptualise, plan, build and maintain a website to help your business and brand grow. Besides looking approachable, your website must function well, which can be best guaranteed by hiring a web designing company in the USA. It will ensure every aspect of your website will work smoothly and seamlessly, from graphics, design, and content to technical. 

Why Having a Website is Important for Businesses and Brands?

Having a website can serve various purposes. Here are some reasons why it is essential to have a website:

Establishes Online Presence: Over 2.14 billion shoppers buy products online, and the figure has increased tremendously in the last few years. It shows you will miss out on a massive deal of business if you don’t have a website. A well-designed and professional-looking website will establish your presence online and build credibility and legitimacy with time.  

Makes Information Accessible: Today, customers look for information online before hitting the physical store. You can share business details, such as your location, email id, contact information, working hours and more through your website. More detailed information about your company, products, services, mission, values and vision can all be shared through your website.    

Markets Your Product and Services: Most businesses get online today to sell their products and services. It is an effective way to market your products and services and encourage customers to buy. Your website is a central hub for your online marketing efforts. You can use it to post product information, sell products, share success stories, host a blog, display testimonials, collect emails, get feedback and more.  

Offers Customer Support: A website can have many features to help you reach customers and offer 24/7 support. You can provide frequently asked questions, offer live chat support or make inquiry forms through which they can sort their queries. It is an excellent tool to communicate and engage with your customers and grow a positive relationship with them.  

Expands Business To Global Audiences: If you want to take your business to the next level and open it to global audiences, having a website is your first step. Your website will be accessible to the world, leading to more people reaching your business outside of your local area. Moreover, it lets you compete with larger businesses and reach more people, fostering healthy competition in the market.  

Basically, your website is a versatile tool that can play a crucial role in today’s digital marketing world. Hence, having a website can significantly benefit your business, professional image and success. Here is why you should hire a web designing company in India to get the best out of your website. 

Why Outsourcing a Web Development Company in India is Best? 

Outsourcing a web designing company in India has several advantages for businesses. It is the process of delegating your web design to a company in India with the specialised skills and knowledge required to build a beautiful, practical, and secure website. Here are some advantages of outsourcing:  

Expertise: Web design companies in India have the expertise and resources to develop a professional and high-quality website. These experts stay up-to-date with the latest designs, technologies, and trends in the industry, making them experts in their domain. Moreover, their knowledge of HTML, CCSS and more lets them create custom websites with more security and reliability.  

Time-Saving: Designing a professional website is undoubtedly time-consuming, especially when you are unfamiliar with the nitty-gritty of working around web design. Hiring web design professionals from India will ensure that the designing task is handled well by them, while you can save time and focus on other essential business affairs.  

Creative Designs: A professional web design company in India can create a site with your unique requirements. Your website will be tailored based on your business requirements, goals and objectives. Whether you want to generate leads, push sales, provide customer support or build credibility, your website will be designed accordingly.  

Cost Effective: It is the most crucial reason why you should outsource web designing companies in India. You will get quality web development services at an affordable cost in India. Additionally, outsourcing is less expensive than building an in-house team or hiring additional staff to develop a website.  

Scaling: Outsourcing a website design company in India is an attractive solution for businesses looking to expand their business or minimise resources. Web design companies are flexible and agile in nature, so they will scale their web development plan accordingly and make changes to benefit your business. 

Maintenance: Regular web maintenance is essential to ensure your website runs smoothly and achieves its purpose. It includes updating content, checking security features, monitoring web traffic and more. A professional web designing company in India will have an expert webmaster that will take care of the maintenance of websites.  

SEO Advantage: Web design companies in India understand the criticality of incorporating SEO features when designing a website. They create SEO-friendly websites so it is easily crawled by the search engines and found by the customers. From designing layouts to placing keywords effectively and developing sitemaps, there are SEO strategies a web design company would incorporate while building your website. 

Business Productivity: Outsourcing web development companies in India is an excellent way for you to focus on your core business activities. Outsourcing companies take care of the design, management and maintenance of websites. When the website is up-to-date and well-maintained, you can focus your energies on growing your company.

Top 20 Web Development Companies in the USA

Here are some of the best web designing companies in the USA that can come in handy when designing your website. 

1. echoVME Digital

echoVME is the best web design company with over 12 years of experience in web design and development. echoVME Digital, led by the renowned digital marketing expert Sorav Jain, specialises in crafting custom web designs with attention to detail. It is one of India’s most trusted web design companies, known for its world-class web applications, CMS, SEO and digital marketing services. 

Since its launch in 2011, echoVME has helped hundreds of global brands with web design and development using innovative and latest technologies. The company understands the importance of capturing and retaining the audience’s attention. Having a functional and user-friendly website helps users stay intact on your website, and that’s what echoVME focuses on building – a functional and user-friendly website.  

Web Design and Development Services by echoVME

  • Responsive Websites 
  • E-commerce Websites
  • Static Websites
  • Social Media Integration
  • Performance and Code Quality Audit
  • Backend & Frontend Development
  • WordPress Websites
  • CMS Development 
  • Web hosting & Domain Registration
  • Website Maintenance & Overhaul
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • CRM Integration
  • Secure Sockets Layer

Whether you are an established company wanting to expand your website or a startup wanting to establish your online presence, echoVME Digital will help you find the right solutions. Besides web design, echoVME can help with digital marketing, social media and SEO services.  

Apart from echoVME, Sorav Jain and Rishi Jain launched a digital marketing institute called Digital Scholar. It is India’s first agency-style digital marketing institute offering multi-level digital marketing courses. If you want to pursue a career in digital marketing or want to learn digital marketing to improve your online businesses, taking a digital marketing course at Digital Scholar can be your best choice. 

CEOSorav Jain
ServicesSocial media marketing, influencer marketing, search engine marketing, website design and development, performance marketing, event marketing, digital consultancy, search engine optimisation services, brand strategy, Shopify development, content writing, video production, Facebook and Instagram marketing, Google AdWords, and more. 
Clients Genpact, Oliva, Levista, Dell, Nippo, Ramco, Equitas, Bosch, SPR India, Credai, ShareChat and more. 
Location1A, Sapna Trade Centre, 135, Poonamallee High Road, Pusralwalkam, Chennai 600084
Contact+91 9176402555,

2. The Web Design LLC

The Web Design LLC is a leading web agency that delivers custom website designs in as little as 24 hours. They cater to many industries, including Ecommerce, Fitness, Food, Transport, Technology, Real Estate, Fintech, and Construction. With a customer satisfaction rating of 4.7 out of 5, they have served over 400 satisfied customers. Their services extend beyond website development to include logo design, mobile application development, and Ecommerce website development. They have developed over 32 mobile applications and 380+ Ecommerce websites. The company guarantees 100% unique designs and offers a money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers. 

Services Mobile App Design, Digital Marketing,  Web Development, SEO Marketing and more. 
Clients Ekommart, Prowess Fitness, Fitness Zone, Safira and more. 
Address 100 Bayview Cir 10th Floor Suite 230, Newport Beach, CA 92660
Contact (213) 468-8207
Email NA

3. Design in DC

DesignInDC is a forward-thinking digital agency based in Washington, DC. They pride themselves on their ability to create end-to-end websites and view their clients as creative partners, working together to transform digital platforms through the fusion of diverse ideas. The company has won over 20 awards in just five years of its service. Today, the company has over 50 employees and has completed 300+ projects. They prioritise hiring talent from various backgrounds, ages, and genders, fostering different viewpoints and cultivating creative synergy.

CEO/Head Ziad Foty
Services Web Design, Web Development, UI / UX Design, Corporate Web Design, WordPress Development, E-commerce Web Development, Website Maintenance, Custom Web Design and more. 
Clients Reflexion, Altumint, Twin Bridges, Downtown DC, Examit
Address 1101 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 450 #94, Washington, DC 20036
Contact 202-931-7858

4. Glide

Glide Design, a distributed agency with a 20-year history, is a testament to the power of global collaboration and passion. With a team hailing from all corners of the world, they have built a reputation for fostering meaningful relationships and constantly striving for improvement. Their “Better Every Day” ethos encapsulates their commitment to growth and excellence. The company marks its presence in different locations worldwide—namely, Portland, Sao Paulo, Austin, London, and Siggiewi. 

CEO/Head Travis McAshan
Services Web Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Branding, Website Optimization, Website Support and more. 
Clients Clorox Pool & Spa, CabreraToro, Databook, Kissing Tree 
Address 501 Congress Avenue, Suite 150, Austin, Texas 78701
Contact 512-956-5023

5. Baunfire

Baunfire is a forward-thinking digital agency based in the heart of Silicon Valley. The company prides itself on pushing the boundaries of digital design and development, combining relevant trends and best practices to build platforms with longevity. The team comprises ambitious creatives and strategists, each dedicated to perfecting their craft and taking brands to the next level. They value the details in the design, believing that quality trumps quantity. Baunfire maintains a humble approach, embracing feedback from team members and clients, and every team member takes ownership of each project, from concept to execution.

CEO/Head Juan Sanchez
Services Website Design, Responsive Website Design, UI/UX Design, Website Development and more. 
Clients Optimal Dynamics, Replicant AI, Incorta, Unifi Protocol and more. 
Address 75 E Santa Clara St, Ste 1425 San Jose, California 95113
Contact (408) 899-8998

6. Iconic Web HQ

Iconic Web Headquarters is a web design company that has significantly impacted its clients with its professional and creative approach. The company has been in the web design and development industry for 50 years. The company is known for its quick turnaround time and the ability to capture the essence of a client’s vision in its designs. Their work has been described as ‘spectacular’ by industry professionals, and they have a reputation for going above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction.

CEO/Head Kody Ahrens 
Services Website Design, Search Engine Optimisation, Logo Designing and Branding, Analytics and more. 
Clients 21Fun, Peace Promise Consulting, Ninja Kitties, Finding The Fun and more.  
Address 268 W Beaver St 108 New York, PA 17406
Contact 717-200-4137

7. NeonRain

NeonRain, a Denver-based web development company, has created award-winning websites and applications since 2002. Recognized as the top web development company by the Denver Business Journal for 11 consecutive years, NeonRain has also been listed among the top 1000 companies by Clutch and named one of the top Drupal developers in 2021. The company has a strong reputation for rebuilding trust with clients, with nearly 65% of surveyed clients having had a negative experience before finding NeonRain. Their team is dedicated to providing more than just services; they offer their clients critical thinking, problem-solving, and trusted advisors.

CEO/Head Arif Gangji
Services Website Design, Web App Development, E-commerce Development, Mobile App Development, WordPress Development and more.  
Clients Sprint, Education Commission Of The States, Winone and more.  
Address 1001 Bannock St #626 Denver, CO 80204
Contact NA 
Email NA


Established in 2007, VRRB is a dynamic and action-oriented website design company that has operated for 16 years. With a keen focus on driving specific actions that fuel a company’s growth, VRRB offers services tailored to various business needs. Whether it’s increasing product sales, growing subscription lists, promoting app downloads, enhancing brand awareness, or generating more leads, VRRB has the expertise to deliver. The company is also present in LA, SF, and Barcelona. Since 2007, the company has developed 150+ websites and four products acquired at $50MM+ valuations.

CEO/Head Seth Hunter Geoffrion
Services Branding, Interface Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing and more.  
Clients Ferrari Beverly Hills, Postie, Exer Urgent Care, Visa and more.  
Address 1601 Vine Street, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Contact NA 

9. New Media

Newmedia, established in 1996, is a full-service performance marketing agency with a history of over 25 years. The company, which started as a small team of Denver website designers, has grown into a leading digital marketing agency with locations across North America. They have worked with various clients, from startups to Fortune 100s, across various sectors such as SaaS, CPG, B2B, D2C, nonprofits, and academia. They have received numerous awards, including the Top 1% Agency Award of Excellence Winner and the Top 1% Agency Global Award Winner. They have been named a Top Ecommerce Development Company and one of the Top Web Development Companies.

CEO/Head Steve Morris
Services Website Design, Web Development, Strategy and Consulting, SEO, SEM, PPC and more.
Clients Almond Board of California, American Salon, Amtrak, Bad Boy and more.  
Address 1400 16th St, Suite 400 Denver, CO 80202
Contact 303-860-6050

10. Savas Labs

Savas Labs is a company that prides itself on turning data into actionable information to help its partners focus on high-impact work. They specialise in strategy, design, and development. Their strategic approach involves uncovering the right problems and seizing opportunities to help their partners achieve their goals. In terms of design, they use rapid prototyping with modern tools to create flexible, usable, and scalable designs. The company’s name, Savas, is derived from the French ‘savoir’, meaning “knowledge or knowing just what to do in any situation”, reflecting their commitment to craft excellent digital products and experiences that drive results for their partners.

CEO/Head Chris Russo
Services Strategy & Consulting, Design, Development, CMS, Front-End Frameworks, Back-end Frameworks, Database and more. 
Clients No Kid Hungry Center for Best Practices, Attain, Duke, Coastal Credit Union and more.  
Address 1 Glenwood Avenue Raleigh, NC 27603
Contact 919-432-4660

11. Propr

Propr Agency, established in 2014, is a boutique brand strategy and creative services agency based in the US. Their mission is to help companies scale and grow, with or without their assistance. Their approach is rooted in a deep understanding of their client’s businesses, target audience, and mission. From this foundation, they design, write, build, and create everything a business and its marketing team need to be operationally sound, creatively consistent, and fundamentally empowered to achieve desired growth and scale. The company has received Web Excellence Award, Clutch – Best web design agency, and AAF Addy Award multiple times.

CEO/Head Bobby Gillespie
Services Brand Strategy & Positioning, Branding & Design, Brand Communications, Web Design & Development and more. 
Clients Port Discovery Children’s Museum, Reginald F Lewis Foundation, Lime, PayerWatch and more.  
Address propr Baltimore, MD 21214
Contact NA
Email NA

12. North Street

Established in 2010, North Street Creative is a strategy and design studio specialising in driving transformational change for organisations operating in complex and regulated industries. They pride themselves on their core values, which include giving a sh*t, knowing their strengths and weaknesses, synthesising original ideas, viewing the world through the eyes of others, and continuously blending or shifting between different mindsets and capabilities.

CEO/Head Tom Conlon
Services Brand Identity, Brand Experience, Website Development and more. 
Clients Howland Capital, NYCEAL, Attentive Energy, Rosenthal Wine Merchant and more.  
Address 133 Beekman Street No. 303 New York NY 10038
Contact 212-227-1301

13. The Gnar Company

The Gnar Company, established in 2015 by co-founders Nick and Mike, is a Boston-based custom software company ready to tackle your biggest challenges. With decades of enterprise-level software engineering experience, the team offers high-quality code rapidly. They serve clients across various industries, from startups to enterprises, and have expertise in healthcare, government, finance, and eCommerce sectors. They also offer a unique “Bug-Free Warranty” and a dedicated US-based team for each project.

CEO/Head Nick and Mike 
Services Custom Software Development, User Experience & Brand Design, Development Process Consulting, Website Design and Development and more.
Clients Candlebuilders, Data Centrix, Qeepsake, Fitbit and more.  
Address 19 Kingston Street, Boston, MA 02111
Contact (617) 202-2222
Email NA

14. Solewey

Solwey, a prominent web design company, has been making waves in the industry since its establishment five years ago. With a remarkable customer retention rate of 80%, they have completed over 50 projects, demonstrating their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Their unique approach, “The Solwey Way,” emphasises meticulous attention to detail and stringent quality control. They have integrated efficient and comprehensive automated testing during development, followed by targeted, context-sensitive manual testing before launch.

CEO/Head Andrew Drach
Services UX/UI design & Search Engine Optimisation, Web & Mobile App Development, E-commerce, Web Development & Blockchain and more. 
Clients Callentis, Radius Flex Logistics, Cadence, WinWinX and more.  
Address NA
Contact (737) 618-6183

15. weCreate

weCreate was established ten years ago by three individuals: Nate, a marketer and former U.S. Marine; Brian, a businessman with expertise in hosting and domain; and Zach, a coding whiz. Together, they brought a balanced, fully integrated website design and digital marketing experience with a robust technical backbone to the market. As the company has grown, it has maintained its core values. Based in Pennsylvania, the company specialises in serving manufacturing and B2B businesses across the globe. With clients from New York to Las Vegas and even the Caribbean, weCreate’s reach is truly international.

CEO/Head Nate Wheeler
Services Branding, Web And App Development, SEO and more. 
Clients Jemko Petroleum Equipment, AvinED, Oliver’s Rooftop and more.  
Address 1001 State Street, Suite 103, Erie, Pennsylvania 16501
Contact 814-250-8785
Email NA 

16. Bend

Bend, based in South Bend, Indiana, is a seasoned team of designers, developers, and performance marketers with over 15 years of experience. The company prides itself on its selective approach, working primarily with businesses operating for at least five years. It allows them to leverage their expertise, honed through years of working with Fortune 500 companies, to help these businesses grow and scale effectively. Transparency is crucial for them, ensuring clients know exactly how their resources are utilised.

CEO/Head Nate Wheeler
Services Branding, PPC, Social Media Management, Web Design And Development, SEO and more. 
Clients BX Films, Martin Waymire, Hone, I Vaccinate and more.  
Address Bend Marketing, LLC, 1811 Inwood Rd, South Bend, IN 46614
Contact 574-303-2314
Email NA 

17. Ladybugz

Ladybugz is a full-service website design, development, and digital marketing company based in Boston, MA. They specialise in SEO, content marketing, and social media and are recognised for their ability to grow brands. Ladybugz has been acknowledged as a top-ten Web Design Company in the US by Clutch Global 2021 and featured on Agency Vista’s List of Women-Owned Marketing Agencies To Watch Out For In 2021. They have also been named among the top-ten Clutch-Certified B2B Women-Owned Agencies and listed on Agency Spotters’ top 50 Women-Owned Web Design Firms.

CEO/Head Lysa Miller
Services Web Design, Web Marketing, Web Support and more. 
Clients SonoThera, Inc., Medi Tresse, OrganaBio, Aeon Muse Marketing and more.  
Address 43 Broad St. A407 Hudson MA 01749
Contact 978-376-7878

18. Thrive Design

Thrive Design, a US-based website design company, is built on the foundation of direct, timely, and jargon-free communication. They value close relationships with their clients, fostering an environment of free-flowing communication. Selective in their approach, Thrive focuses only on projects they are passionate about and can deliver with excellence. The company has won “Top 3 Web Development Companies in Seattle”, “Top Branding Service”-, and “National Excellence Award 2022”.

CEO/Head Noah Britton 
Services Web Design, Branding, SEO, Web Maintenance and more. 
Clients Wild Coast Raw, Berg Benefits, Peak Physical Therapy and more.  
Address Thrive Design, 655 S Orcas St, Suite 117, Seattle, WA 98108
Contact 206-451-7326

19. GreenMellen

GreenMellen Media is a digital marketing company based outside Atlanta, Georgia, with remote team members nationwide. They specialize in providing custom solutions and insights to transform their clients’ marketing from liability to strength. Their team is dedicated to being digital marketing experts, so their clients don’t have to be. Over the last four years, they have maintained a client retention rate of 91%, with an average response time to client requests of just 27 minutes. They currently serve over 190 active clients.

CEO/Head Mickey Mellen
Services Web Development, Web Design, Branding, SEO, Web Maintenance and more. 
Clients WaterStone at Jonica Gap, Homrich Berg, Optima Signs & Graphics and more.  
Address 531 Roselane St NW #400, Marietta, GA 30060
Contact 678-322-8112
Email NA

20. Three29

Three29 is a client-focused company that prides itself on delivering value by profoundly understanding its clients’ needs. They start their process with a discovery and connection phase, identifying the client’s challenges and tailoring their services to meet these specific needs. The company’s approach is results-driven, emphasizing key performance indicators (KPIs) such as cost savings, revenue gains, and productivity gains. This meticulous approach has led to impressive results, including a 337% increase in impressions, a 171% increase in engagement, a 46% increase in follower count, and a whopping 400% increase in content shares.

CEO/Head Noa
Services Web Design & Development, Google Ads Management, Paid Social Media Marketing and more. 
Clients Cobram Estate, Tuel Berodin, Bogle Vineyards and more.  
Address 212 Judah St Roseville, CA, United States 95678
Contact 916-512-3290
Email NA


Choosing the best web design company in the USA is crucial for your online success. Ensure the company you are dealing with has explicit knowledge about your goals, objectives and expectations when designing your website. Check the company’s portfolio and client reviews to understand their experience and expertise. Read testimonials and opinions on the Google My Business page before hiring a web designing company in the USA.

echoVME is India’s best web designing agency, which you can hire for all your web design, digital marketing and social media marketing needs. Contact echoVME today, get your custom design and aim for long-term success for your website. 


Is it essential to have a website for small businesses?

Yes, no matter the size of your organization, building a website and having an online presence is highly recommended. It makes a great first impression, comforting people that you have a real business. A well-designed website establishes credibility and professionalism in your business. Moreover, it is a great tool to expand your business, capture online markets and engage with online audiences. 

What do web designing companies in India do?

A web designing company in India performs various tasks, including building a website, adding content, making it SEO-friendly, structuring it for search engines, ensuring testing and quality assurance, fixing bugs and errors and more. These tasks will ensure your website looks aesthetically pleasing and works efficiently. 

Do web design companies take care of domain and hosting websites?

echoVME Digital is an excellent web design company that will take care of your domain and hosting needs and design it. Web hosting, domain name registration, email setup, payment gateway integration, SSL, and many other services are included in echoVME’s web design and development plan.

Should I outsource a web design company or set up an in-house team?

Outsourcing a web designing company in India can be of enormous benefit over setting up an in-house team. A web design company will have all the necessary skills, knowledge and tools required to build your website. With an in-house team, you must set up everything from scratch. Outsourcing can also be more time-saving and cost-effective than an in-house team. 


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