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Facebook Timeline is about evolution of your profile!

I had always believed Social Media is all about sharing story. It is about telling people, world about what you were and what you are today. Usually in my Social Media Workshops I use to share story of my journey keeping the history of my photo albums as reference. A strong statement that I often use “Social Media is all about preserving your activity for historic evidence, when people died in past they left fossils and we’ll leave digital footprints on Social Media” is becoming more evident with the ‘Facebook Timeline’.

Facebook timeline is a fantastic feature that will help people easily look into the past of their Facebook activities (usually we used to find posts that mattered us via clicking “Older Posts” at the bottom of the page. Again. And again).

You can look at this video below to better understand the attributes of Facebook Timeline:

Why Facebook Timeline Will Rock:

a. Photos Sell Better: As I strongly believed in the past photos sell better on Facebook, Facebook Timeline has made your profile broader, it’s visually appealing and the first thing that you will notice on a profile is a large photo right on top. This is your cover and you can completely customize it as you want.

b. Story Telling Made Easier: With Facebook Timeline you can look back at your Facebook activities since the day you have joined it. On your posts you see a star button which will help you feature posts on your timeline that you want the world to see. Example: you want to highlight your entrepreneur journey, you can take important parts of your story that are relevant to your entrepreneur journey to include on your timeline, you can go back to when they happened and add them.

c. Make Your Activity Go Viral: The new Social App by Facebook enables you to show things that you like to do on timeline. For every person there is an OG app that will make timeline the personal experience. You can now share with world the music you listen to, the recipes you try, the runs you take and more on Facebook and you can hope for your activity to go viral, world joins you for the same. The Social app integrates Social tv and movies with @netflix and @hulu and lot more such interesting apps. Have a look at the video below to understand the new Facebook social app:

Learn How to get your Facebook Timeline:

a. You should be on Facebook to get this rolling, Log in to the Facebook
b. If you are not on Developer Mode, you may want to enable that. Search for “Developer” in the Facebook Search Box.
c. Learn further down here from a wonderful post by Greg Kumparak on Techcrunch (@grg):

How to Enable Facebook Timeline Right This Second


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