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Looking for some inspiration for your brand’s international women’s day creatives and social media campaign ideas?

Read through my list of top 10 amazing International women’s day social media post ideas.

Women’s day is nearing, and it is time we express our love and admiration we have for them. Women’s day is celebrated on March 8th every year, and it sure is something that is a noteworthy celebration.

Women’s day is one of the most importantly observed days where women are celebrated for what they are. The day marks the liberation of women and gives them equal rights.

Liberated and celebrated?

Well, that is definitely debatable to a certain extent.

But then, many brands have made use of the liberating medium of digital marketing as a platform to provide strong affirmations to women.

Take a look at the work of a few great brands for women’s day.

Top 10 International women’s day social media post ideas for your brands for 2021

1 Myntra

2 Plush

3 Coca-Cola

4 Whisper

5 Durex

6 Pantaloons

7 Lavie

8 Mochi

9 Zivame

10 echoVME Digital

The above are just a few examples of the astounding social media creatives that were published to address women’s day. With march 8th nearing, let us look forward to what’s in store for us from different brands. 

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