What is Facebook Ads Brand Funnel? Learn How I Activated It For My Bootcamp

Facebook excites me every single time! This time, it was from what I did for my Facebook Marketing Masterclass in Jaipur. Here is a case study on few simple things that I did for my Jaipur Social Media Marketing Workshop in order to drive conversion. I ran regular Facebook video ad and lead generation ads. […]

Facebook excites me every single time! This time, it was from what I did for my Facebook Marketing Masterclass in Jaipur. Here is a case study on few simple things that I did for my Jaipur Social Media Marketing Workshop in order to drive conversion.

  1. I ran regular Facebook video ad and lead generation ads.
  2. Created a video based brand funnel for the audience who watched my regular videos.
  3. Activated both Hindi and English advertisement for the Jaipur market.

What is a Brand Funnel on Facebook Ads?

Stage 1: Active Awareness:

In this stage you reach out to your potential target audience, show them your videos, your Facebook post, run lead generation advertisement campaigns, boost event posts to drive interest of people. The reach here should be to a slightly potential audience so that you can create a little larger in the first stage of your brand funnel.

The above audience should be titled as the ‘actively potential’ audience in the brand funnel journey.

Stage 2: Nurture The Engaged Audience 

With help of Facebook Custom Audiences, you can now create a fresh audience who have already engaged with your first level of the funnel. These are the people who have either watched your videos, messaged you on Facebook, interacted with your ads or have opened your lead forms. This is re-defined as one of the new audiences. You can continue to post interesting pieces of content to this audience in order to create a strong brand recall.

Stage 3: Offers & Final Calls. 

In this stage of Brand Funnel you now try to talk to your already engaged audience with your offers, products and services that you would like to sell with a special offer. This is an audience who would trust you more than the fresh audience you reach out to because they have been noticing your work on Facebook for quite sometime.

So let’s look at how I activated the Facebook Brand Funnel.

Objective: To sell Social Media Marketing workshop tickets.

  • Campaigns: Lead generation advertisement (plain image and video based), post engagement ads for video, re-targeting website visitors + email marketing funnel.
  • Total Investment: 200 US $

Stage 1 of  The Journey: 

Lead Generation Ads Campaign in English:

First campaign was done in English, this was the ad copy. Ad copy focused on emotional context, social proof, rational context from the best practices of designing Facebook ads guide. This was an advertisement copy done in English targeted at 3 different audience: people interested in digital marketing and other relevant keywords, people who own a Facebook page and small business owners, people who have visited my website and interacted with my Facebook page in the past.

Result: The ads reached to 26,000 people for a budget of 160 US $, got us about 100+ leads and interaction with lead forms.

Stage 2 of The Journey: 

Lead Generation Ads in Hindi 

The audience that interacted with our leads acquired wasn’t as many as I had expected. So, we created a Fresh campaign with a video. This time the objective was to run both leads and video view advertisement so that it could reach the massive audience and drive more enquiries.

The Hindi advertisements reached a smaller crowd but we got close to about 43 enquiries with the minimal reach on a spend of 80 $ approximately. 40 dollars was spent on video view Facebook ad campaign, that reached 23,514 people.

Stage 3 Of The Journey: 

The above two campaigns have immensely helped me create a larger audience base. In the 3rd stage of this journey. I created a totally fresh advertisement campaign targeting only those people who interacted with my ads in the first two stages and also with the audience who have watched 95% of the videos shared with them through the means of ‘video views’ campaign. This fresh ad was a video advertisement in Hindi with content in Hinglish (Hindi typed in English language). This was activated just 2 days ahead of the workshop.

Result: We had, in total, close to about 20 calls (because the number was displayed in the description) and received 17 hot leads from which we had almost 10 conversions.

  • Total Amount Spent: 300 US $
  • Leads / Enquiries Received: 200 (approximately).

Stage 4 of the Journey:

Whatsapp Marketing
Whatsapp for Business is rolling out gradually and we also wanted to take one extra step to reach out to our leads. People are more likely to check their Whatsapp and because this method would prove more disruptive, we adopted Whatsapp Marketing. With this in play people would already have a fair knowledge about what we are trying to communicate. Whatsapp messages were sent to our workshop leads. When it was evident that the person has read our message, which we know through the blue tick, we took up a call with the lead. The conversion rate was higher with the leads having a heads up on what we’re selling.

It’s Your Turn Now!

Do you have any interesting case studies like these? I would love to learn about the same in the comment section below.

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