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I had previously made lists about the Digital Marketing Agencies in Australia, Nigeria and Dubai. It’s doesn’t come as a surprise when you see that UK has also been witnessing tremendous growth in the digital marketing industry in the last few years.

UK has been one of the forerunners in the Digital Marketing realm, having adopted it more than a decade ago. The digital marketing agencies there have seen tremendous growth in the recent years and they’ve scaled their services to match with the dynamic shifts that the industry is a constant subject to.

If you are looking to partner with some of the best in the digital marketing industry in UK, read through this blog. All these agencies have been delivering some fabulous work for their clientele. Look for one that fits your needs and start scaling your digital presence!

Here is a list of some of the best digital marketing agencies in UK.

The list that follows is in no specific order.

#1. Digivate:

Digivate is an SEO agency that has transformed into the pioneers in all facets of Search Engine Optimization and also content marketing. Their services also include PPC, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing. They have clients from all over the world.

Location: London

#2. Absolute Digital Media:

Absolute Digital Media is a digital marketing agency that specializes in services like Google and Facebook PPC, Content Marketing and Conversion Rate Optimization. They also deliver other services like Web Designing where they majorly focus on usability and functionality.

Location: Chelmsford

#3. Enveritas Group:

Enveritas Group is a global player in the digital marketing arena. They have offices in about 70 countries and 350 cities around the world. They are known to create content for the locals by the locals and this is where their world-wide presence helps them in their attempts to create regional content. Their services include SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation and Content Marketing.

Location: London

#4. BeFoundOnline:

Be Found Online is a digital marketing agency that since its inception in 2009 has been delivering consistently with their motto : We Think. We Care. We Deliver. Their services include SEO, PPC and Content Marketing.

Location: London

#5. Crowd:

Crowd is known to strategize and execute design strategies with artistic creativity that challenges convention. They focus on social media marketing, branding and web designing and development.

Location: London

#6. Loud Mouth :

Loud Mouth Media is a digital marketing agency that mainly delivers services like display ads, search ads and ads on social media.

Location: Belfast

#7. NMG Technologies:

They majorly render their services to small and medium businesses from all over the world. With their team of experts they deliver services like Search Engine Marketing,
Cloud services, and Mobile computing devices.

Location: London

#8. DigitaliZm:

They strive to reshape the consumers’ digital universe in ways that are both creatively and technically advanced. They worked based on an evolved commercial ideology. Their elite set of clientele has already witnessed some ground-breaking ideas through their tenure with them.

Location: London


They are a digital marketing agency dedicated to providing engagement to the educational and cultural sectors through social media. They majorly work on animated websites, games and many other types of creative content to drive maximum engagement.

Location: London

#10. DigieGeeks:

They are a one stop shop for all kinds of digital requirements and solutions. From websites that are custom made to cater to all client requirements, to Apps, Digital Marketing and CRM Software solutions – to name a few, they have it all. Currently, they are based in three countries, have an 11 year old legacy and 500 employees powering business improvement solutions digitally.

Location: Coventry

#11. Jaywing:

With their heritage in data science they deliver exceptional results, creating brilliant work that’s impossible to ignore. Business challenges come in many different forms – the desire to sell more products, to drive conversion, to create stronger emotional connections. They love unpicking these and finding the answers,  just as much as they love shaping and reinventing brands. It’s all achieved through a genuinely collaborative spirit, because they believe great relationships make great work.

Location: Sheffield

#12. Custard:

They offer top notch content marketing, building high domain, natural editorial links to your site from the likes of Mail Online, BBC, Yahoo, AOL and more; high quality technical consultancy to identify and remove barriers to improving organic search performance; copy-writing services to furnish your site with rich, useful content which the search engine spiders love; PPC management services good enough to retain the business of not one, but two Premier League football clubs; social media campaigns which grow your audience in your best demographics and deliver sustained incremental growth.

Location: Manchester

#13. Thinking Juice:

Looking for a marketing agency to build a powerful strategy for your brand? They will take the internal and external truths surrounding your brand and bring it to life in a convincing and creative way. It needs to look stunning and it needs to work beautifully. They work very efficiently to drive great results.

Location: London

#14. Krify Innovations (UK) Ltd:

Krify has state-of-the-art infrastructure, talented and smart team of Professionals equipped with expertise in latest Technologies. We offer cost effective services without compromising on quality and integrity. You can count on us for receiving holistic support.

Location: London

#15. The Sound Pipe Media:

Initially they worked with clients like Sunseeker Yachts, Gentings Casino, Celtic Football Club, Viation and numerous others. Eventually, as the business developed, The Sound Pipe Media have begun working with a great deal of new companies and business people. They now specialise in Social networking apps both for iOS/Android. The greater part of our portfolio now is working inside of the Informal communication space and ecommerce Long range interpersonal communication. Applications like Uber, WhatsApp, Tinder, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

Location: London

#16. Megrisoft Limited:

Megrisoft UK is a digital media agency providing services to UK market. Megrisoft, founded in 1999, having 15+ years experience in all types of digital services and products, is one of the leading IT company serving more than 8000+ clients worldwide. With unmatched quality and proven result driven delivery, they complete all your needs of Outsourcing related to search, social, and creative services.

Location: London

#17. Webzesty Ltd:

Webzesty provides round the clock measurable improvement, creative approach, hi-techno tools, innovative ideas & dedicated strategies of cutting-edge technologies are the fundamental principles for providing the incomparable services in the realm of web design; web development; Logo design; E-Commerce websites; Internet digital marketing including Search Engine Optimization abbreviated as SEO, PPC Advertising, Social media optimization services; and Mobile apps development services being offered at affordable, competitive prices within a stipulated duration as decided before its start-up.

Location: Manchester

#18. Sync Interactive:

They are an agency who specialise in designing and developing iOS & Android apps that maximise the potential of mobile for businesses of all kinds. From global brands, to one man brands, they have the experience and passion to help guide you in reaching your customers in new ways, engaging with your audiences, boosting user retention and ultimately making more sales.

Location: Birmingham

#19. Koozai:

They have a wide range of experience, expertise and tools to create and implement your campaigns. From carefully curating awesome content to optimising it online with their great SEO and PPC powers, they deliver it all under the same roof.

Location: London

#20. Sharpe Digital

‘Increased Sales. Increased Profit. Return on investment.’ – this is Sharpe Digital’s mantra. With their efficient team of digital marketers of online marketing knowledge and experience they help you boost your brand’s digital presence.

Location: London

#21. Jellyfish

They brand themselves as ‘everything one would expect from a smaller agency’, by being flexible, personable and autonomous. They have locations in various Cities across UK, US, Spain and South Africa. They offer analytics service via Google Analytics, Google 360 and Adobe Analytics, Brand messaging and proposition, Email marketing, PPC, SEO and Social media amplification.

Location: London, Brighton, Reigate

#22. Pack

They offer a combination of the usual services of SEO, Social Media Strategy, Content production and Influencer management under different packs ranging from £3k to £5k and a customizable package too.

Location: London

#23. Momentum

Uses innovative ways by discovering possible extension which would not be possible without their tool. Their product design was well received by clients. They help in doing all the research, strategize and prepare content for the business.

Location: London

#24. Barracuda

It is one of the oldest Digital marketing agencies in London, and first in UK to be accredited by Google. They offer services and tools classified into 3 categories, Earned media (SEO, Digital PR), Paid media (PPC, Google shopping, YouTube ads), Owned media (CRO, Website development, Content strategy).

Location: London

#25. Saved by robots

Saved by robots is a new age digital marketing agency serving Brand marketing, Digital marketing and Social media, in a way which is backed by wacky content and a trendy approach.

Location: London

#26. Digital Cake

An 18-year-old company acting as another generic digital agency next door. They cover almost all the digital marketing services including Pay per Click, Web Development, Product Photography, SEO, etc.

Location: Birmingham

#27. Zeal

Yet another tool in UK which offers package based services with different tools to cater different needs. They include the ZC- Zeal Create (Design and Development); ZB- Zeal Buzz (Brand Exposure), ZD- Zeal Digital (Performance Marketing)

Location: Leeds, London

#28. Pixelbuilders

Pixelbuilders go a step ahead of digital marketing segment and includes E-Learning, Web systems and E-commerce option on their service list. They provide the usual digital marketing services in the form of Reporting, Consulting, Email marketing, Content marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc.

Location: Leeds

#29. Cube Digital

It is a decade old agency based in both UK and Ireland. They specialise in SEO, link building, content audit and strategy development. They specialise in working with small companies and help them achieve their digital needs.

Location: Manchester

#30. SOMO

They have a broad array of tools to help both the employees and customers develop solutions. Apart from the usual digital marketing solutions, they provide Digital Culture development and training, Prioritised roadmapping, Hacks and incubation innovation, Technical architecture, app store optimisation, etc.

Location: London, Bristol

#31. Noble

With the partnership of Noble Studios(US) and Mr. B & Friends(UK), Noble digital performance has a 15-year success record in the digital marketing world. Alongside with SEO, CRO, Social media marketing and Content marketing, they help in Amazon advertising to help maximise sales in Amazon.

Location: Bristol

#32. ClickConsult

It was awarded the best agency in the year 2107 and is a Google premier partner. Apart from the digital marketing tools, they provide services in affiliate marketing, Google penalty removal and recovery, Multilingual search marketing and Reputation management.

Location: Liverpool

#33. Elephant

They help their clients build an advanced cutting edge website to maximise business enquiries and provide digital services like Branding, PPC and SEO.

Location: Liverpool

#34. Distinction

They help existing business modify and complement to help them transform their business and also provide full suite of digital services for many clients worldwide.

Location: London, Nottingham

#35. Drummond

Drummond is a marketing and communications agency that maintaining creative, social and digital needs of many clients worldwide.

Location: Newcastle

#36. Hedgehog Lab

They specialize in digital services by helping them connect every service to mobiles via app development. They help new business to create an interactive platform.

Location: Newcastle

#37. Hydra Creative

It is an award-winning firm which, apart from the Digital marketing, web designing and branding, provides Video and multimedia services 3D visualisation and Animation.

Location: Sheffield

#38. Evoluted

Evoluted provides all the marketing tools involved in digital marketing, copywriting, SEO, PPC, Digital designing and Web development with out of the box thinking approach.

Location: Sheffield

#39. Deep blue sky

Deep blue sky provides simple business solutions with their 3 step mantra of consulting, designing and developing. They specialize in business automation and Ecommerce.

Location: Bath

#40. Monchu

It is a new age digital and branding agency, providing a wide range of services from Crowdfunding, Exhibitions, Direct marketing, Digital marketing, PR and publicity, Visual identity guidelines, etc.

Location: Oxford

#41. Caffeine marketing

They have locations across UK and provide Digital marketing services like SEO, PPC, Branding, Market Research, Advertising and more.

Location: Cardiff, Bath and Bristol

#42. Blue Stag

Blue stag relies on interactive and engaging content for their digital and creative marketing and branding solutions.

Location: Cardiff

#43. Fireworx

Fireworx helps in promotion by working as an advertising agency, in designing by their graphic designing and web development services, in digital marketing by their SEO, PPC and Social media marketing services.

Location: Bournemouth

#44. Wild dog

Wild dog has brand building as their primary while excelling in print designs and providing digital designing and other digital solutions to their clients.

Location: Brighton

#45. Diginut

They help small business meet high end results with their Strategy and planning, Branding and designing, Mobile website and app development and other services.

Location: Brighton

#46. Erudite

Erudite is a data driven agency specializing in SEO, CRO and Data insights from web analytics. They have earned many awards and credits, including BIMA, UK Search Awards and Wirehive Awards.

Location: Southampton

#47. Bison Grid

Apart from Ecommerce management services including Website development, Cloud server management and Digital marketing support they stand apart from other agencies by providing Logistics, Freight inspection and Supply chain solutions.

Location: Southampton

#48. Digital Parade:

Agency with a creative approach in their Digital marketing, Video and Social media services, which helps in building brands for clients.

Location: Glasgow

#49. Primate:

Primate focuses on delivering Digital Products in collaboration with their clients and provides every aspect of web services available.

Location: Edinburgh

#50. Lewis:

They focus on strategic and creative marketing of a brand by focusing on website designing, motion graphics and digital marketing.

Location: Edinburgh

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