100 Best Social Media Marketing Tools of the World

Last time we had shared ‘10 Best Video Marketing Tools‘ and this time we have compiled list of 100 Social Media Marketing Tools that can help you create a better experience on social media marketing front. Remember, process of marketing on social media channels can become easier when some of these tools are deployed on […]


Last time we had shared ‘10 Best Video Marketing Tools‘ and this time we have compiled list of 100 Social Media Marketing Tools that can help you create a better experience on social media marketing front. Remember, process of marketing on social media channels can become easier when some of these tools are deployed on regular basis. In this list there are tools which can help you manage your complete social media presence, activate your social media listening and few tools can immensely help you increase your social media productivity.

Please let us know in the comment section below which of these 100 tools you have used and what is your feedback about the same.

Find the list of top 100 Social Media Marketing tools for digital marketers

Social Media Listening Tools

  1. Sysomos– Sysomos is one of the oldest and top social media listening tool that monitor 25 different platforms including, social sites, video sites, news and blogs. It monitors in 186 languages with a capacity of translating more than 55 of them.

Pricing – Heartbeat Tool – $500/Month, Map Tool $2,500/Month

  1. SocialMention  – Social Mention is a real-time social media and search analysis tool. You can locate mentions across the board or search any particular keyword identified in video, blog, news, comments, bookmarks etc. Also indicates if the mentions are positive, negative or neutral.

Pricing – Free

  1. IceRocket – IceRocket offers instant and comprehensive search data on blogs, twitter, and Facebook. You don’t have to create any account on IceRocket and yet it is easy to access. You can filter search by choosing the channel you want to locate result from Blogs, Twitter, or search all option.

Pricing – NA

  1. Quintly  – Quintly is a pretty good social media benchmarking tool helps to track your own brand and competitive presence on major platforms. These platforms include, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Blogs and others.

Pricing – $129-$479

  1. MeltWaterBuzz  – MeltWaterBuzz is a simple to use social media listening tool that helps to scan billions of social media and blog conversation to locate one that is relevant to you. With the built-in link shortener and custom Facebook tab builder, MeltWaterBuzz can make campaign creation and tracking effective.

Pricing – NA

  1. Omgili  – Omgili helps you find interesting and current discussions, news stories and blog posts. You get direct access to hundreds of live data from forums, news and blogs. It does not require any signup or downloads, just type your search and get started.

Pricing – Free

  1. TrackReddit  – TrackReddit is a real-time social media monitoring and listening tool that tracks mentions of keywords around entire online community. You can also enable Text or Email alert option to get notification when your specific phrase is mentioned.

Pricing – Free-$39/Month

  1. Storify – Storify is the easiest way to find, collect, and share what people are saying all over the web. It also helps to share and notify the sources in your story so that it goes viral quickly.

Pricing – Free

  1. AgoraPulse  – You will need AgoraPulse to save time on social media and focus on social activities that actually matters you the most. You will never miss a tweet, message or comment with AgoraPluse additionally it will also measure everything and give you detailed statistics.

Pricing – Free- $99/Month

  1. ShareTally  – Sharetally is simply yet effective tool to find where and how many times a URL has been shared. It works great with major social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ and bookmarking sites like BizSugar and Inbound.org.

Pricing – Free

  1. Get satisfaction – Get satisfaction now acquired by Sprinklr is a cloud-based business application that helps companies to gather customer feedback and build online communities. It has a unique approach in collecting the sentiments of clients and prospective customer and engaging them in friendly manner.

Pricing – Na

Social Media Productivity Tools

  1. Klout  – Klout helps you create and share great content online. There are over 500 campaigns, producing more than 10B pieces of branded content for marketers. Klout suggests shareable content that your audience hasn’t seen yet. Klout also helps you track how your retweets, likes and share builds your klout score.

Pricing – Free-NA

  1. IFTTT – You can create powerful connections in one simple statement using IFTTT. The service connects your favorite apps together, so they reduce your work and improve your social media productivity. It connects well with Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Pocket and many others. This tool is brilliant for maming automated lists, automated follows. Its a free of cost tool and you can share your recipes and use someone else’s recipe for making your social media experience a little automated.

Pricing – Free

  1. Canva – Canva can do lot of help in reducing your social media work. Canva can turn your basic design ideas into stunning ones, by creating blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, and invitations and so much more in matter of few minutes. P

Pricing – Free – $1/Stock Image

  1. Zapier – Zapier is an amazing social media productivity tool that automatically collaborate the web app you use and move data between them. Even based automation can help you avoid repetition of performing tasks on social media.

Pricing – Free-$125/Month

  1. Boomerang  – Boomerang is an app for Gmail through which you can schedule the written email to be sent later at any perfect time. Boomerang has options like Send Later, Remind if nobody replies, and other to keep track of you emails. Boomerang an instagram launched app is also a great tool for your instagram GIF images, you can click images and club them together to make an instagram GIF.

Pricing – Free-$50/Month.

  1. BuzzSumo – BuzzSumo is simple and effective tool that gives you insight on trending content and the influencers amplifying them. You can discover the most shared content on social networks and get detailed analysis repot using BuzzSumo.

Pricing – Free-$499/Month

  1. LiftMetrix – Most Social Media analytical tool will give you past data, but LiftMetrix is a revolutionary app tells you what to needs to be done in future. It calculates the actual social media ROI based on your business objectives. Based on insights, LifttMetrix develops a social media game plan for better performance.

Pricing – $295-$895/Month

  1. BufferApp  – BufferApp is the easiest way to reach your target audience helping you to drive more clicks and traffic to your post. This social media productivity tool will increase your fan base and also save time on social media.

Pricing – Free-$250/Month

  1. BeatrixApp  – BeatrixApp can best assist your content planning and publishing on social media in turn saving your time. It allows you to plan your daily and weekly social media content in seconds and also helps to track them effortlessly.

Pricing – $20-$100/Month

  1. Socedo – Socedo is a great tool for social media leads generations. It helps to locate your relevant social prospects on Twitter and connects to LinkedIn automatically using customizable workflow. It’s lead qualification rules will filter out dummies and present high-quality leads to your account.

Pricing – $100-$1000/Month

  1. Marketo – Marketo has the best automation solution for all business types and sizes. It provides easy to understand marketing metrics to master the art and science of digital marketing. It helps to create, automate, and track engaging campaigns and marketing workflows across all your marketing channels.

Pricing – $895-$3195/Month

  1. RoundTeam  – RoundTeam is relatively a new app but can do wonders in saving time on Twitter community. The app automates searching and sharing Tweets while you can have total control on type of content, frequency, and hashtags to be shared and searched.

Pricing – Free-$30/Month

  1. Dlvr.it – Dlvr.it is a smart automation tool that helps you find and share great across your social networks. It delivers over 3 Million items every day for 500,000 individuals, businesses, and global brands.

Pricing – Free-$149/Month

Social Media Search/Monitoring Tools

  1. ViralHeat – ViralHeat is an user friendly social media management tool that helps you monitor and analyze conversation about your brand across Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Google+ and other networks.

Pricing – Free-$499/Month

  1. SproutSocial – Sprout Social is an innovative tool that helps to manage your social media efforts. You can engage yourself into the community and join social conversations. It is a world-class tool with already engaging more than 10,000 customers and surpassing 6 million social interactions’ every day.

Pricing – $59-$500/month

  1. Notify – Notify is the only free Social media Monitoring app that has native integration with Slack. Whenever your startup get mentioned on key sites like twitter, tumbler, reddit, HN, PH, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, forums & more, you will be notified on Slack or HipChat on real time.

Pricing – Free

  1. Beevolve – Beevolve is one of the leading social media software for small and large business. It helps to monitor your brand mentions, schedule and launch social media posts, track conversation and measure resulting sales.

Pricing – $19.95-499.95/Month

  1. Trackur – Trackur is a user-friendly social media monitoring tool that provides detailed information on user sentiments and searches for doing a better social campaign. This monitoring tool include mainstream news, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, Youtube, forums, message boards, and so much more.

Pricing – Free-$447/Monthly

  1. SocialReport – Social Report offers you to track and monitor all your social network profiles under one roof. Whether you want to track Facebook Pages, Twitter Profiles, business review or performance of website/blog, Social Report does it all effortlessly.

Pricing – $19-$199/Monthly

  1. Attentio – Over a decade Attentio is been monitoring, measuring and tracking social media and online news in real-time.

Pricing – Na

  1. SocialCrawlytics  – Social Crawlytics is a free tool that analyses how popular or unpopular a URL is across web. It also tracks how often and where your content is been shared. Not just that you can also locate what content is shared most on social media on a competitor’s website.

Pricing – Free

  1. GetSocial  – GetSocial helps you track and analyze your social sharing activities. Leverage data to better understand how your articles get shared and which ones will go viral next.

Pricing – Free-$99/Month

Social Media Analytics Tools

  1. HowSociable – HowSoicable is an easy to use social media analytic tool that measures brand’s presence across various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. It simply uses 0 to 10 numbers to measure the score – 0 means there is little or no activity, while a score of 10 means the brand is highly recognizable across web.

Pricing – $9-$99/Year

  1. SimplyMeasured – Simply Measured is widely used social media analytics platform, providing complete measurement and reporting for serious digital marketers. You get in-depth analytical data across your owned, earned and paid social media.

Pricing – $500-$2000/Month

  1. Topsy  – Topsy is a unique real-time search engine powered by Social Web. Topsy indexes and ranks search results based upon the most influential conversations and search for specific term, topic, page or domain queries.

Pricing – Free

  1. SumAll  – SumAll is a social media analytical tool and your business dashboard that gives you full view on what matters to you the most. Digital marketers and other business owners can receive in-depth report of your social media and ecommerce data.

Pricing – $49/Month

  1. GoogleAnalytics  – Google Analytics helps to analyze visitors’ traffic and gives you overall view of your audiences and their needs. Traffic Sources and Visitor Flow are two amazing tools of Google Analytics that can locate the routes from where people are reaching you.

Pricing – Free

  1. Kissmetrics – With Kissmetrics you can understand your customer and help your business grow. It tracks down real people, where they come from, what they do and who will become your potential customer.

Pricing – $200-$2000/Month

  1. Plumlytics  – Plumlytics enables organizations and individuals to post, moderate and measure social across multiple social networks at scale. It does the best predictive analytics for people who are serious about social media marketing based on Social Marketing OS.

Pricing – $69/Month

  1. ViralWoot  – ViralWoot is a widely used tool to gain followers, likes and repins on Pinterest. It offers various effective features like Schedule Pins, Promote Pins, Create Pin Alerts and Manage accounts to give you complete solution for your Pinterest needs.

Pricing – Free

  1. IconoSquare  – IconoSquare offers most advanced analytics on the likes received, your most liked photos ever, your average number of likes and comments per photo, your follower growth charts and much more.

Pricing – Free

  1. RowFeeder  – Rowfeeder is an excellent social media monitoring and analysis tool that helps you track keywords, Hashtags, or username from Twitter or Facebook. It offers data in beautiful excel sheet to help you work smarter.

Pricing – Free – $255/Month

  1. Hashtags  – With Hashtags.org you can listen, measure and engage in Twitter conversations and gain valuable social media insights. It offers Hashtag analytics for brand, business, product, service, event and blog.

Pricing – $49-$349/Month

  1. TrueSocialMetrics – TrueSocialMetrics considers four simple measures Conversation, Amplification, Applause, and Economic Value, to calculate and improve your business impact on social media. You can compare the performance of your social media accounts to locate the most effective social network for your business.

Pricing – $30-$1000/Month

  1. GoSquared – GoSquared is powerful and most accurate real-time analytics software for all size businesses. It helps you monitoring your website in real-time and also let you know everything about your visitors, users and customers. It also merges well with all tools you are already using, so you can bring all your customer data together in one place with just a few clicks.

Pricing – $18-$350/Month

Social Media Campaign Monitoring Tools:

  1. Cyfe – Cyfe is an all-in-one business dashboard app that monitors all your business data and marketing campaign from one place. It has many features including, Monitor Everything, Pre-biuld Widgets, Reap-time Reports, Historical Data, Data Exports and others.

Pricing – Free-$19/Month

  1. CampaignMonitor  – CampaignMonitor helps you create, share and monitor the impact of your email marketing campaigns. Creating dynamic email marketing campaign using simple drag-n-drop tools is now simpler than ever.

Pricing $9-$29/month

  1. Keyhole – Keyhole is the easiest way track and measure your social media campaign. Track the volume of activity around campaigns in real-time, including users, posts and impressions. Identify the most active and influential users talking about your brand, and reach out to them directly to encourage repeat engagement.

Pricing – Free-$3000/Month

  1. CrowdBooster – CrowdBooster is a real-time social media monitoring app gives you quick data report on number of likes, comments, shares, retweets, relies, impression, reach, followers, etc. Analyze your social media campaign and audiences across web using CrowdBooster.

Pricing – $9/Month  

  1. BirdSong Analytics – BirdSong Analytics is a social media analytical tool that can help your marketing campaign work smarter and also locate new ways to build audiences. It allows analyses any public account without any limitations in few steps after payment.

Pricing – Up to $30/Report

  1. MyEmma  – Emma is one of the most popular web-based email marketing service by now serving more than 45,000 customers to monitor and manage their online communication efforts. Emma helps you create, send and track your email marketing campaigns in the most effective manner.

Pricing – $45-$420/Month

  1. EngageSciences – EngageSciences offers marketing tools to activate your audiences and create valuable brand connections across all social networks. They have broad selections of campaign module that enable a brand to gather rich consumer data, detailed demographics and campaigns opt-ins.

Pricing – UK £1200-1800/Month

  1. ShortStack  – ShortStack helps small business to build social media contests and marketing campaigns. It also helps to promote, manage and monitor campaigns across major networks from one place.

Pricing – Free-$499/Month

  1. QualiaMedia  – QualiaMedia allows marketers respond to real-time expressions of consumer intent. Qualia also measure marketing campaign success and help marketers understand how the campaign influenced a consumer’s journey towards purchase.

Pricing – NA

Social Network Management Tools

  1. HootSuite – HootSuit is the world’s most popular social network management tool with more than 10 million users, with 744 Fortune companies. It can manage all your social media programs across all social networks from one integrated dashboard.

Pricing – Free-$9.99/Month

  1. SocialOomph  – SocialOomph seamlessly boost your social media productivity on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, RSS feeds, blogs, Plurk, and App.net. You can manage social networks by automating social media tasks on various platforms. Also works best to schedule tweets, find influencers, and monitor social media performances.

Pricing – Free-$18/Month

  1. Sendible  – Sendible is one such rare web application that enables you to manage Google+ Pages and also support Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Ning, Tumblr and many other networks. Apart from that you can also schedule messages, engage your audiences, and measure ROI right from one, easy-to-use dashboard.

Pricing – $50-$499/Month

  1. BundlePost  – Bundle Post automates every social media activity, search, find, organize, manage and schedule your social networks content from one place.

Pricing – $20-$100/Month

  1. Post Planner – PostPlanner promises to save up to 2hrs daily on Facebook Marketing. This tool helps you locate most viral Facebook content and images and share them in less time.

Pricing – $7-$99/Month

  1. FacebookSearch  – FacebookSearch helps you find the people and posts that matter you the most. See what the world is saying right now about the topics that matter to you, with results that are up-to-the-minute and personalized.

Pricing – Free

  1. Qwaya – Qwaya is a well-known company for developing efficient social media marketing tools, specialists in Facebook ads marketing. It helps you locate most effective audiences for your Facebook ads by auto splitting targeting in granular segments and gives comparison. Choose your targeted audience using multiple segments.

Pricing – $149-$249/Month

  1. SocialSearcher  – SocialSearcher is your social media search engine that allows to search for content in social networks in real-time and provides deep analytics data. Users can search without logging in for publicly posted information on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, Flickr, Dailymotion and Vimeo.

Pricing – Free-£19.49/Month

  1. NutShellMail – NutShellMail offer free summery of your social media activity, delivered to your inbox following your preferred schedule. You can save lot of time on monitoring and managing social networks using this app.

Pricing – Free

  1. OktoPost – OktoPost simplifies your B2B social media management. It bridges the gap between social media and leads generation by tracking the generated leads, and providing analytics to understand which networks, profiles, and posts are most effective.

Pricing – $49-$249/Month

  1. Instagress  – It is an instagram based tool designed to attract attention to your instagram account. You can automate like, comment, follow and unfollow activity effectively using Instagress.

Pricing – $0.22-$0.66/per day

  1. PinterestAnalytics  – Pinterest Analytics helps you understand how Pinners are engaging with content from your site and Pins from your profile.

Pricing – Free

  1. Feedly – With Feedly RSS aggregator you can search, read and share content faster on social media. Search by keyword, hashtag, or enter an RSS stream directly to add it to your list.

Pricing – Free-$5/Month

  1. NetVibes – NetVibes is a complete dashboard solution for Advertising, Social, Media and PR agencies. It let you monitor your brand and competitors, measure campaign results, and visualize ROI using the metrics that matter to you.

Pricing – Free-$955/Month

Twitter Management Tools

  1. Juicer.io  – Juicer is a simple tool that displays all your social media posts in a beautiful feed. Once your enter the name of your social media account, Juicer will pull out the posts from feeds and embed them to your prefer page using shortcode. These feeds are also automatically updated to your accounts when a post is made.

Pricing – Free-$99/Month

  1. TweetReach  – TweetReach is trusted by thousands of digital marketing agencies, digital marketers and brand for getting detailed Twitter analytics. It offers measurement on the reach of Twitter accounts, brands, campaigns, events and hashtags on Twitter.

Pricing – Free-$399/Month

  1. TweetLift – TweetLift helps you locate new customers on Twitter without any disturbance from ads. With this data-driven app you can search for leads by keywords, gender, location, and business.

Pricing – $70-$165/Month

  1. SocialBro – SocialBro is a Twitter management tool to manage, analyze and download your Twitter community (followers and friends). Make use of different criteria like name, locations, and description to find friends and followers on Twitter. You can download the community and access them offline.

Pricing – Free-$149/Month

  1. Tweetwally – Tweetwally helps you create your own Tweet wall that displays only the tweets you’re interested in from everywhere on Twitter; use it to track hashtags, usernames, and keywords. There are some great display options for you to edit and make it look like how you want.

Pricing – Free

  1. TwitLonger – TwitLonger is a creative tool to be used when 140 character is just not enough to express your Tweet. With TwitLonger, you can write what you need and a link to what you said will automatically be posted to your Twitter account. It’s like twitpic for text.

Pricing – $1-$10/Month

  1. Tweet Binder – Tweet Binder efficiently generate detailed analytics of Twitter users based on Hashtags, Photos, Tweets, Check-ins, Keywords, Mentions etc. You can manage live Twitter Campaign and create real-time tweet widgets using Tweet Binder.

Pricing – $45-$700/Month

  1. GroupTweet  – GroupTweet is an innovative Twitter management tool that allows multiple (100,000+) users to tweet for one Twitter account without sharing password. It helps businesses, organizations and teams to create more collaborative and powerful Twitter feeds.

Pricing – $7.99-39.99/Month

  1. TweetDeck  – TweetDeck is a real-time social media dashboard application for management of Twitter accounts. Organize and build custom timelines, keep track of lists, searches, activity and more—all in one interface.

Pricing – Free

  1. FollowerWonk – FollowerWonk helps you find and connect with new influencers that relate to your topic. Locate who are your followers, where are they located and when do they tweet all using FollowerWonk.

Pricing – Free-$99/Month

  1. Twilert  – Twilert simply alerts you when someone is talking about your product or brand 24hours, 7 days a week on Twitter so that you don’t miss out on any leads. Options like geo location, language, and User helps to narrow down your search results.

Pricing – $9-$97/Month

  1. ManageFiltter – ManageFiller is an award winning app helping you manage and clean up your Twitter account. Unique features of ManageFilter like PowerPost, Analytics, Unfollow, Follow etc will help you work smarter and faster on Twitter.

Pricing – Free-$49/Month

  1. SocialRank – SocialRank concentrates on helping brands and individuals understand their followers in an easiest way. You can identify, manage and organize your Twitter followers by sorting and filtering using SocialRank.

Pricing – Free

  1. Commun.it  – Although this app is designed to manage your Twitter community, it also does the job of monitoring engagement and discovering prospect leads on Twitter. It is the first Social Relationship Marketing Manager for SMB’s.

Pricing – $20-$120/Month

  1. Unfollowers  – Unfollowers is a leading app used by more than 8 million people to manage their Twitter and Instagram community. It locates spam, inactive, fake following accounts for you to unfollow them and also follow genuine accounts.

Pricing- Free

Social Media Brand Management Tools

  1. BrandWatch – Brandwatch is not an ordinary but enterprise level platform to analysis and monitor your social web presence. This reputation management platform also does amazing campaign tracking and analyzing, trend analyzing, customer journey mapping etc. Brandwatch is also easy on budget when compared to similar other tools.

Pricing – £500-£2000/Month

  1. Colibri IO – Colibri IO is the best tool to monitor what people are saying about your brand. The tool collects aggregated data from various social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Reviews, Forums, Blogs and other sites. You also have a chance to improve your branding in search engines by getting involved in Google-Crawled places.

Pricing – $45-$995/Month

  1. BrandYourSelf  – BrandYourSelf is probably the only tool through which you can control what people locate your name searched on Google. It helps to improve your brand and highlights your achievements in search result.

Pricing – $8-$399/Month

  1. Reputami  – Reputami is a reputation management service tool for hotel and restaurants. You can find what customers are saying about your brand online based on locations. Getting all reviews about your hotel in one single interface was never this easy.

Pricing – Free – 59 Euros/Month

  1. Mention  – Mention is a real-time social media engagement and monitoring tool that alert you whenever there is a mention about your brand on web. You can react quickly, collaborate and analyze your online presence using Mention.

Pricing – Free-$299/Month

  1. Brand24 – Brand24 is powerful social media monitoring and brand management tool for business of all sizes. You can build relationships, track discussions and plan your future marketing strategy using Brand24.

Pricing – $49-349/Month  

  1. Coosto – Coosto helps you monitor your brand and reputation in 150 languages and 200 countries on social media. Listen to customer conversation and respond quickly to keep the prospect engaged.

Pricing – $75-$250/Month

  1. KnowEm – KnowEm allows you to check for the use of your brand, product, personal name or username instantly on over 500 popular and emerging social media websites. Brand Protection Program let you reserve and secure your name for new sites as they launch.

Pricing – $85-$649

Web Monitoring Tools

  1. GoogleAlerts  – Google Alerts helps you mentor the web for interesting new content. It also offers alert suggestions based on trend and search habits.

Pricing – Free

  1. WhatRunsWhere  – WhatRunsWhere is an online advertising tool tracks over 150 thousand unique publishers and identifies the various advertisers occupying their ad space. Know where your competitors are advertising, what ads they’re using, who they’re buying through and what is doing best.

Pricing – $1-$175/Month

  1. KeoTag – – Keotag is a simple search tool for tags. It allows for direct, quick queries to 17 different “web 2.0? type engines (and Google), including Technorati, del.icio.us, Newsvine, 43 Things, etc. It automatically generates tags for your blogs and HTML code for bookmarking sites.

Pricing – Free

  1. Addict-O-Matic – Addict-O-Matic is yet another user friendly web application that collects information from almost all social sites for particular keyword and displays it in a good-looking interface. You are allowed to create your own page for selected keyword and add popular sites to give you only required data.

Pricing – Free

  1. WatchThatPage  – WatchThatPage helps you collect new information from your favorite pages on web automatically. You select which pages to monitor, and the tool will find which pages have changed, and collect all the new content for you effortlessly.

Pricing – Free

  1. Monitor  – Monitor is a cloud-based web monitoring tool that quickly identifies the issue affecting your website. Also helps to build better user experience by improving uptime and network performance.

Pricing – Free

  1. WhosTalkin – WhosTalkin easily tracks and monitor buzz around the web for users. This social media search tool helps you search for conversations surrounding the topics you care the most and also let you join the conversation.

Pricing – Free

  1. GoogleTrends  – GoogleTrends helps you explore real-time data for more than 100 Billion searches that takes place on Google. Find out what’s trending and interesting by selecting current or past date. This will help you understand the popularity of the subject.

Pricing – Free

It’s your turn now! 

I would be glad to hear from you which are your favorite most Digital and Social Media Marketing Tools? Please share your opinions in the comment section below and I would love to feature them in my next edit in 2016!

Also, of the 100 tools mentioned above which one has helped you the most?


  1. Bala

    Thanks for the great selection!! I will have to make some time to go through these. Also big thanks for mentioning free tool as well as paid in clear view.

  2. Sam

    Thanks for compiling this list! I’ll have to look through this and check them out. A good email marketing alternative is GetResponse. I’m really happy about this one.

  3. Alex Dwight

    It gives us another way of seeing the business as a marketing and sales operator. It opens our minds and helps us understand what is important when it comes to business management and how to make the right decision when you are called for it. Very useful.

  4. digisha

    Thanks Sorav for sharing this great list of tools! But, I would like to suggest mento.io for promoting your eCommerce products on multiple social networks like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and much more. It allows you to integrate multiple eCommerce stores from one place. In addition, it has Facebook personalized branding feature so you can promote your products with your own brand name instead of any third party tool name.

    Moreover, content discovery is a great feature that suggests varieties of content so always you have fresh content on your social media profile.

  5. Ethon

    Nice blog. It really helpful for social media optimization.

  6. Clara Taylor

    hi thanks for the great list!
    I’d like to share the tool I would recommend for social media monitoring and analytics – Snoopreport https://snoopreport.com. It tracks the actions of Instagram users as likes, comments and follows and provides weekly and monthly reports with metrics that help to research user insights and update a marketing strategy.

  7. manish kumar barnwal

    Hi Sorav
    Thank you for sharing. It’s a nice blog for social media monitoring and analystics. Please suggest me some unique do- follow Blog Submission site.

    Thank you!


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