65 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Canada

In this blog, I have made a list of the best digital marketing agencies in Canada.

In the last few years, Canada has witnessed quite a boom in the Digital Marketing Industry, employing a good percentage of the workforce in the country. I have been following the progress of they have been making and I must say that I am impressed! In this blog, I have made a list of the best digital marketing agencies in Canada.

The agencies mentioned below are in no particular order.

1. Pound and Grain

Pound and Grain is a digital creative and marketing agency with branches in Vancouver and Toronto. They help their clients business with ideas, codes, and stories striving towards a mission to make their clients happy.

Services: Creation of website and iOS apps, Content marketing and Social media campaigns

Address: Vancouver, Canada

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2. Exposure Social

A premier digital marketing agency in Canada, Exposure Social is passionate about driving leading-edge strategies that would take brands and business forward. They believe in harnessing the power of Social Media to spread awareness, message, reach new audiences and drive conversion.

Services: Social Media Marketing, Display Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, Ad Retargeting, YouTube Advertising, Email Marketing & Automation, Content Amplification, Mobile Activation, Website Design & Development

Address: Toronto, Canada

3. Ideatheorem

Ideatheorem is a digital marketing agency that is human-centred as they understand customers, identify their week points and delivers solutions which would have an optimal response. It is an award-winning UI/UX digital agency that is creating usable and simple products for website and mobile. They are diversified in three streams and enhance the experiences of the audience with the brands.

Services: UI/UX Design & Branding, Agile Development and Digital Marketing

Address: Toronto, Canada

4. 6S Marketing

6S is more than just a digital marketing agency- they are the wheels turning behind the web. For optimal output for their clients, they believe in building result-oriented strategies and in refining campaigns. 6S Marketing has physical offices in Toronto, Vancouver and New York and client’s in-between and beyond.

Services: Web Development, Digital Marketing Strategy, Paid Media Optimization, Mobile & App Marketing, Analytics Consulting, Chinese Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing Automation Consultation and SEO

Address: Vancouver, Canada

5. 9thCO

9thCO is a team of experienced and interactive digital marketers who are generating leads for clients within their marketing budgets. It is an in-house agency that has well trained young and dynamic team of professionals.

Services: Strategy and Consulting, Web Design, Web, Web Development, SEO, SEM/PPC, Performance-based Marketing, Web Analytics, Social Media Marketing

Address: Toronto, Canada

6. Akendi

A Digital Marketing agency that deeply understands users and customers to design experiences that people use, need, and cherish. It creates products and designs that are in-depth researched and deliver intentional experiences.

Services: Customer Experience Design, Website & Portals, Software UX, Mobile UX, UX Training & Certification

Address: Toronto, Canada

7. Art & Science

A ten-year history creating digital marketing agency, which is known for its perfect combination of creative inspiration of the artist blended with rigour analytics to procure products and campaigns. They are categorized under some of the biggest brands of Canada for their digital work and believe that they are an agency like no other.

Services: Digital Marketing Strategy, Experimental Marketing, Branding & Communication, PPC & SEO

Address: Toronto, Canada

8. Cossette

A fully integrated marketing communication agency that has branches across Canada and Chicago. They are known for their creative ideas, innovative marketing and communication skills.

Services: Apps and Digital Platform Development, Brand Activation, Experiential Marketing and Sponsorship, Brand Positioning, Digital Production, E-Business, Branding and Design, Mobile Marketing and many more

Address: Halifax, Canada

9. Crowd

With offices in Toronto, Dubai, London, San Francisco, and Bournemouth, Crowd is a world-famous digital marketing agency that is creative and helps in building the right audience for a lot of business and brands.

Services: Web designing, Branding

Address: Toronto, Canada

10. Cundari

Canada’s award-winning, the globally recognized independent agency – Cundari, is known for its varied offerings in the field of creativity, digital strategy, designing and branding. They help their clients solve business challenges while being cost-effective and driving meaningful time.

Services: Advertising, Branding and Design, and Digital services

Address: Toronto, Canada

11. Drive Digital

Drive Digitalis an in-house team that specializes in web designing and development for clients across North America. They are an award-winning digital agency known for its creativity and for providing amazing brand experience.

Services: WordPress Development, Web Design, User Experience and Responsive Development

Address: Vancouver, Canada

12. FCV Interactive

With a mission to make life better, FCV Interactive is a digital transformation agency. They are another award-winning agency that is using technology, strategy and design at its utmost advantage to help clients meet their objectives and connect with the audience.

Services: Strategy & Transformation, Experience & Content, and Platforms & Integration

Address: Vancouver, Canada

13. Filament

A full-service digital marketing agency based in Toronto that loves telling stories, creating engagement, spreading ideas and giving a smooth human online experience.

Services: Digital Designing, Content Strategy, Web Development, Analytics and Planning and Social Media Marketing

Address: Toronto, Canada

14. Frostynova

This digital marketing agency is winning the right minds because of its focus which is mainly on ‘perspective that matters’ than driving sales. They believe in massive consumer engagement and help their clients drive leads and revenue.

Services: Facebook Advertising, Google AdWords, SEO & Conversion Rate Optimization, Content Marketing & Social Promotion

Address: Toronto, Canada

15. Fuse

Fuse is an agency that is fiercely independent inclusive of marketers and makers who work towards transforming their client’s brands.

Services:  Content Marketing, Experiential, CRM and Digital

Address: Toronto, Canada

16. Huge

A digital marketing agency that is known in Canada for its design experiences that would transform brands, make people’s lives better and grow businesses. It’s a full-service agency that is creating a new benchmark.

Services: Digital, Social & PR, Media, CRM, Design and Content

Address: Toronto, Canada

17. Huge Impact

Huge Impact is a digital marketing agency with a digital marketer who think big. They are based in Toronto.

Services: Web Design & Development, Graphic & Print Design, Content Creation, SEO, SEM, Video and Copywriting

Address: Toronto, Canada

18. Idea Rebel

Idea Rebel is a digital marketing agency that believes in raising the bar in the digital arena with killer ideas and cutting-edge technology.

Services: Website, UX, Design, Social, Experimental, Virtual, Apps Creation, Strategy and Creative Marketing

Address: Vancouver, Canada

19. Jar Creative

With a mission to transform digital experience, Jar Creative is a user experience agency that is applying data science to design online products and give marketing solutions.

Services: Inbound Marketing, User Experience and E-Commerce

Address: Toronto, Canada

20. iQlance Solutions

With an experience of more than 7 years, iQlance Solution is one of the renowned Digital Marketing agencies in Canada.

Services: Website Development, Digital Marketing Solution, Game Development & VR and Mobile Applications Development

Address:  Toronto, Canada

21. John St

An agency that uses technology, strategy design and advertising in every form to help its clients transform brands in meaningful and relevant ways.

Services: Advertising, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Consumer Experience Design, Production and Strategy

Address: Toronto, Canada

22. MultipleMedia

Created in 1997, MultipleMedia is a coming together of a group of digital technology experts. They create platforms which are integrated with a focus on results.

Services: Digital Strategy, Web Marketing and Development, Mobile App, Business Application & Hosting

Address: Toronto, Canada

23. Myplanet

Myplanet is known for empowering organizations with UX designs & technology to make business software’s more delightful and intelligent.

Services: Custom Business Application and Marketing & E-commerce

Address: Vancouver, Canada

24. MQ Technologies

A bunch of ‘techvertisers’ as they call themselves, MQ Technologies is generating ideas and leading innovations for their clients by merging intelligence and creativity.

Services: E-commerce/ Web Development, Content/ SEO, Social Media, Mobile/ Apps/ Game

Address: Mississauga, Canada

25. Noise Digital

A full-time agency built around transforming companies through creativity and buying strategies that would unleash opportunities and enhance the consumer experience.

Services: Campaign, Content & Social Strategy, Media, SEO & SEM, Creativity and Technology

Address: Vancouver , Canada

26. Northern

An agency that believes in delivering extraordinary eCommerce solutions that can create an impact and cause a sustainable shift in the ROI through better usability, conversion rate, increased traffic and optimization.

Services: Marketing, Strategy & Consulting, Design & UX, Development & Integrations

Address: Toronto, Canada

27. OneMethod

A creative crew that believes in creating stories, on the digital space with different ideas and designs. They are less of an agency and more of a crew but most definitely digital!

Services: Advertising, Design and Experimental

Address: Toronto, Canada

28. Pixel Society

A society that is driven by the desire to see business flourishing in the digital world. While specializing in crafting engaging brand experiences, they deliver great results.

Services: Strategy, UX/UCD, Design, Social, Advertising, Content, PR and Magento +WordPress Expert

Address: Toronto, Canada

29. Playground

A family of digital thinkers and makers, Playground is a digital creative agency. They help in making the web a better place by strategizing best digital experiences.

Services: Strategy, Design and Technology

Address: Toronto, Canada

30. Powershifter

A digital agency that believes in creating best-in-class experiences that would matter. They partner with clients to provide better strategies, designs and digital development.

Services: Strategy & Research, UX & Design, Technology, Analytics & Optimization

Address: Vancouver, Canada

31. Rethink

An independent creative agency that would help you rethink. They believe in continuously rethinking for ways in which in which they can best serve their clients. They are situated in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

Services: Strategy, Advertising & Design, Social, Digital & Product Innovation

Address: Vancouver, Canada

32. Secret Location

Secret Location is known for combining technology with traditional storytelling methods to create powerful experiences.

Services: SEO and Content Creation

Address: Toronto, Canada

33. Search & Gather

They are a digital marketing agency based in Toronto working closely with client’s to drive traffic to the online business. They are known for customizing digital strategies that would best serve their clients.

Services: Paid Social, PPC Management and Custom Landing Pages

Address: Toronto, Canada

34. Spaz Media

A Toronto based creative digital agency- Spaz Media, is known for producing tailored web solutions, high-profile websites, captivating videos and targeted marketing campaigns.

Services: Web Development, Web Video and Web Marketing

Address: Toronto, Canada

35. Isobar Canada

Isobar Canada is a global agency based in Toronto and Montreal delivering digital transformation with creativity.  It is a 6,500 people agency in 85 location across 45 markets.

Services: Digital Marketing, Digital Ecosystems, Digital Products

Address: Montreal

36. Zync

An agency that is into branding, marketing and digital, working with clients across Canada and Internationally.

Services: Brand, Digital and Video

Address: Toronto, Canada

37. Triangles

A ROI driven agency in Toronto, offering creative production and marketing strategies, and media buying for brands and businesses.

Services: Marketing Strategy, Social Media

Address: Toronto, Canada

38. Cortex

Cortex is a web & mobile app development company that develops high-end hybrid applications for some of the biggest companies in the world. Their focus is sorely on giving value-added experiences.

Services: Application development, Design & Strategy

Address: Montreal, Canada

39. CodeSpark

They are an agency known for creating sleek designs and strategies that would create reactions.

Services: Web Development & Marketing Solutions

Address: Montreal, Canada

40. WhyNotBlue

They specialize in customizing websites, social media, branding, SEO, and branding. They have helped their clients grow their digital presence and have delivered great results.

Services: Web Development, Branding, Digital Publishing, E-commerce Solutions, Social Media, SEO, and Content Strategy

Address: Montreal, Canada

41. Concept9

A strategy and innovation agency focused on rapid prototyping and behavioral science to achieve high ROI in the online space.

Services: SEO, Online Advertising, Marketing Automation, Web Design, Online Branding, Customer Journey Mapping and Performance Marketing.

Address: Montreal, Canada

42. Digitawise

Digitawise connects brands with people with tools that would make every interaction count.

Services: Strategy & Consulting, Search Marketing, Design & Creative, Web Development, Social and E-mail.

Address: Montreal, Canada

43. Dpt

Dpt. is an award-winning digital studio which is known for its immersive and narrative experience of VR, AR web and mobile.

Services: Video Creation & Digital Strategizing

Address: Montreal, Canada

44. Genius

A full-service digital marketing agency that is driven by the pursuit of Inventing Together. They help people adapt the pace of the fast-changing online space.

Services: Social Media, Web & Video Marketing

Address: Montreal, Canada

45. Hoffman

Hoffman is a digital marketing agency that believes in thinking about digital differently, together.

Services: Digital Marketing Strategies

Address: Montreal, Canada

46. iNexxus

iNexxus is a creative agency with industry leaders who deliver tangible results that would make brands reach greater heights.

Service: Branding, Product Launch, Media & PR, Digital Marketing and Data Mining Management

Address: Montreal, Canada

47. Kryzalid

A digital marketing agency that is helping business strategies evolve by providing their online expertise.

Service: Strategy, Website, UX/Usability, Branding, Social Media, Web Marketing, E-commerce, Application Solutions and Content Production

Address: Montreal, Canada

48. Leeroy

They are an agency that carries projects inspired by originality and innovation that would let its clients differentiate themselves.

Service: E-commerce, Branding, API & UI and Web

Address: Montreal, Canada

49. Parkour3

An agency that can advocate the deployment of effective interactive strategies that are driven by creativity, technological efficiency and understanding of clients.

Service: SEO, Online and Media Advertising, Web Design, Digital Strategy, Market Analysis and User Experience

Address: Montreal, Canada

50. PeopleLikeUs

They are a creative digital marketing agency that has a team of talented individuals and is dedicated towards helping ambitious brands, global investors and change-makers share their stories and make an impact.

Service: Brand Development, Interactive Content, Experience Design and Technology

Address: Montreal, Canada

51. Pheonix The Creative Studio

The internet is their playground and they thrive towards creating interactive experiences that would deliver optimal results.

Services: Digital Strategy, User Experience, Web Design, Web Development & CMS, Web Hosting, SEO, E-commerce and Content Creation

Address: Montreal, Canada

52. Ressac

An agency of collective agents that believe in making a difference that matters by evolving in a unique culture that is driven by business and digital.

Services: Digital Transformation, Social Media, Digital Performance Marketing, Data Analysis & Strategy

Address: Montreal, Canada

53. Rank

A digital agency that combines creative design, marketing strategies and custom development to fuel your business’s growth by generating leads and dominating the online space.

Services: Amazon SEO Service and Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, PPC Advertising, SMM, SEO and App Store Optimization

Address: Montreal, Canada

54. U92

They specialize in customizing things for clients in a way that would seamlessly fit for their brands. They do and build things that haven’t been done or built before.

Services: Mobile Marketing, Social Media, Websites and Promotions, Campaigns and Hosting

Address: Toronto, Canada

55. Wallop

Wallop is a digital marketing agency that is focused on luxury brands in the field of travel and hospitality.

Services: Solutions offered on improving engagement on digital channels, digital brand equity, ROAS, CRO and increase in direct online revenue

Address: Toronto, Canada

56. WE_ARE

They create digital ecosystems that can transform the growth strategies of companies. Their vision is to create dynamic techniques that would add value to their clients.

Services: Analysis of needs, UX/UI, Strategy & Tactics and Digital Development

Address: Montreal, Canada

57. ClearMotive

A full-service marketing agency in Calgary and Toronto that would create meaningful connections through passion and their expertise.

Services: Research & Brand Strategy, Design & Content, Customer Acquisition and Marketing Analytics

Address: Calgary, Canada

58. Gatt Creative

A creative agency based in Calgary that believes in bringing ideas to life and creating remarkable experiences.

Services: Brand Strategy, Brand Experience, Brand Identity, Ideation, Content Creation, Social Media Management, Advertising and Campaign Development

Address: Calgary, Canada

59. Cherry Digital Agency

An agency that is pushing boundaries in the field of design, creativity and development using the latest technologies to give the best output for customers.

Services: Branding, Web Design, Web Development, E-commerce, Mobile Apps and Digital Marketing

Address: Calgary, Canada

60. Cult Creative

A leading marketing agency that is helping brands win sustainable competitive advantage by focusing on platforms that would drive customer and employee engagement.

Services: Content writing, Digital Strategizing, UI & UX

Address: Calgary, Canada

61. Evans Hunt

A strategic digital communication agency that wants to create meaningful content between brands and people.

Services: Marketing, Content & Research Strategy, UX, Design, Search Analytics, Mobile Development, Advertising, Branding, Retail, Content and Social

Address: Calgary, Canada

62. Flipp Advertising Inc.

A full-service advertising, branding and digital agency that creates experiences that resonates.

Services: Strategy, Creative, Print and Interactive

Address: Calgary, Canada

63. Freshwater Creative

An award-winning agency that has world solutions for organizations and a big heart.

Services: Planning & Strategy, Design & Identity, Digital and Video Production

Address: Calgary, Canada

64. Morad Media

Morad Media is a digital design agency specializing in various services offering experiences which would take companies to the next level.

Services: Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Responsive Web Design, Web App Development and Brand Strategy

Address: Calgary, Canada

65. New Wave Media

They are a full-service marketing agency that specializes in delivering strategic marketing campaigns for regional, national and international brands.

Service: Brand Strategy, Creative Design, Online Advertising, Public Relations, SMM, SEO, Video Marketing and Web Design

Address: Calgary, Canada

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