Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in Jakarta, Indonesia

DR Brand Agency, Krona Digital Marketing Agency, Blackstone, Next Digital and Meson Digital are some of the best digital marketing agencies in Jakarta

Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in Jakarta, Indonesia

Individuals and businesses in the contemporary world have been relying increasingly more on digital means. Unlike before, businesses and professionals can now pitch for their share of the market through diligently crafted economic marketing campaigns.

This levels the playing field uniformly among different types of players. Now that the world has become a global village, digital marketing efforts are not limited to any geographical location, wherever your business is. This necessitates trying one of the Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in Jakarta, Indonesia, for your marketing strategies. 

Why should you choose a digital marketing agency in Jakarta, Indonesia?

Indonesia, a developing economy with its own resources and capabilities, is fast becoming a brilliant digital marketing hub. Jakarta is turning into a powerhouse that provides unparalleled digital marketing solutions to global enterprises. By partnering with one of the top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in Jakarta, Indonesia, enterprises and business owners can reach out to the maximum number of audiences in a seamless way. 

10 Top- Ranked Digital Marketing Agencies in Jakarta

1. DR Brand Agency

DR Brand Solutions is a reliable digital marketing firm in Indonesia, located at Jakarta. The services provided include lead generation, branding development, PPC advertising, SEO, SMM, and social media advertising. Equipped with a team of dedicated professionals, DR Brand Solutions follows diligent processes to analyze the clients’ campaigns and ensure maximum ROI. 

Founded in 2013, the firm has been instrumental in the success of over 350 clients. DR Brand Solution may be approached through phone on +62 813 4326 2720 and by E-Mail at

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2. Krona Digital Marketing Agency

Krona is a leading digital marketing agency that specializes in promoting clients’ products and services online using the most modern tools and technologies. Helping businesses to boost their brand awareness and enhancing their sales, this Jakarta-based company is one of the Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Krona offers unmatched SMM, SEM, SEO, digital advertising, PPC, and digital consultancy solutions to businesses from all industries. This professional firm is equipped with experienced designers, analysts, writers, and techies. Krona can be contacted over the phone by +62 812 8999 1 777 and by Email at

3. Blackstone

One of the Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in Jakarta, Indonesia, Blackstone excels in transforming the way audiences interact with brands. Managing the digital marketing strategies of businesses from varied industries, this performance-driven firm operates with a simple but significant objective of conceptualizing great ideas and creating meaningful impacts. 

Founded in 2012, this experienced digital marketing firm serves brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Fashion TV, Blackberry, Starbucks, and Citi. It offers SMM, branding, E-commerce development, and communications solutions. Blackstone can be contacted by phone on +62 21 2283 3869 and by E-Mail at

4. Next Digital

Next Digital is among the Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in Jakarta, Indonesia that provides superior SEO, AMM, SEM, and branding solutions to enterprises. With renowned brands such as Kaskus, Rockstar, Electronic City, and Metrodata as clients, this leading marketing firm ensures integrated, results-driven digital marketing solutions.

The firm includes a team of qualified professionals and has experience of over seven years in paid search marketing. With Google AdWords Certified professionals and Yahoo/Bing Certified professionals in its expert panel, Next Digital is one of the best choices for digital marketing services in Indonesia. You may contact Next Digital by phone on +62 21 3006 7981 and by Email at

5. Meson Digital

One of the leading digital marketing agencies in Indonesia, Meson Digital is headquartered at Jakarta. It offers unmatched SEO, Google Ads, and social media marketing and management solutions. This firm helps brands to redefine their digital marketing strategies. 

Meson Digital integrates innovative technologies and creative ideas to grow the client’s business. The client list includes Honda, Alila, Livescape, Le Burger, and others. You may connect with Meson Digital by phone on +62 21 4585-3263 and by Email at

6. Riff Online

One of the leading digital marketing companies in Indonesia, Riff Online has a presence in Singapore and Amsterdam as well. With its roots in Amsterdam, this global digital agency has more than 300 professionals with experience and skill. 

Riff Online allows clients to set tangible goals and KPIs for their digital marketing activities. It provides comprehensive digital marketing solutions to international brands. You may contact this firm by phone on +31 883 450 300 and by Email at

7. ToffeeDev 

ToffeeDev is a top-rated digital marketing agency founded in 2011. Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, this forward-looking digital marketing service provider offers superior digital marketing, graphic design, and web design solutions to businesses from different industries. This firm helps businesses to increase brand awareness and attract more customers effortlessly through robust digital marketing strategies. 

The client list includes Glowstone, Arista, IBI, and Action Coach. If you are looking for a result-driven, technology-based digital marketing service provider, you may approach ToffeeDev by telephone on +62 (21) 5890 1609 and by Email at

8. Wave Digital

Wave Digital is an ROI-driven digital agency. It is one of the Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in Jakarta, Indonesia. Helping clients to stand out among the competition and make an impact, this firm offers Digital advertising, Email marketing, social media solutions, SEO, and influencer marketing solutions.

Wave Digital has been serving top brands such as BNI Syariah, Mayora, Sari Roti, NutriFood, and Sinarmas. For more details, you may contact Wave Digital by phone on +62 21 2254 9855 and by E-Mail at

9. Mediatics 

Mediatics is a Jakarta-based local online advertising agency that excels in influencer marketing and media placement. Striving to deliver a seamless experience and maximize clients’ revenues, this firm specializes in developing dynamic campaign strategies specific to clients’ brands.

Regular analysis and optimization is the motto of this fast-developing digital marketing agency in Jakarta. Mediatics can be contacted by phone on +62 21 791 9 2706 and by E-Mail at

10. TwoMC

TwoMC is a 360 digital agency based in Jakarta, Indonesia. This modern digital agency has a presence in Hong Kong and Toronto as well. Renowned for adopting the most modern marketing tools and tactics, this firm makes use of customized strategies to ensure the long-term success of its clients.

TwoMC has been serving global brands such as McDonald’s, Aman Resorts, Telstra, and Kenindo Technology, among others. For further details, you may get in touch with TwoMC by phone on +62 21 307 75558 and by E-Mail at

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11. DNS Digital Marketing Agency

Rated among the Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in Jakarta, Indonesia, DNS Digital Marketing Agency provides robust digital marketing solutions to entrepreneurs. This firm helps clients to build meaningful, sustainable relationships with their customers by engaging them with their brands. 

DNS follows a comprehensive approach to develop, optimize, and maintain its clients’ digital platforms. It is a full-service digital marketing agency. Interested parties may get in touch with DNS Digital Marketing Agency by phone on +62 21 3030 6421 and by E-Mail at

12. SAB Digital Marketing Agency

SAB is a top-ranked digital marketing firm based in Jakarta. It helps brands to grow their online presence, obtain a niche, and achieve increased revenues. SAB enables businesses to optimize their growth through powerful and unique digital strategies. 

The company’s portfolio includes popular brands such as Wirawan, Yamo, Aleza, and Trinkost. For further details, SAB Digital Marketing Agency may be contacted by phone on+62 816 339 582 and by E-Mail at

13. Drife Indonesia

One of the most trusted digital marketing firms headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, Drife specializes in running robust marketing campaigns that enable brands to reach audiences fast and achieve the intended business goals. Services offered include SEO, paid advertising, and web and mobile development.

This firm has brands such as Tnamera, Auto2000, Panen Tour, and Krispy Kreme in its client list. Drife has been helping businesses to find the perfect digital solutions for developing their full potential. Drife Indonesia may be approached by phone on +62 21 2854 2877.

14. Doxa Digital

A full-service SEO and digital marketing agency, Doxa Digital offers SMM, PPC, and website development solutions to global brands. This creative and digital agency helps businesses to achieve online visibility, increased web traffic, and enhanced revenues. The client list includes Prasetiya Mulya, Rivero, BCA finance, and Pegadaian.  

Doxa Digital serves all types and sizes of businesses from start-ups to enterprises. Doxa Digital may be approached by phone on 021-5324093 / 94 and by E-Mail at

15. Milestone 

A top-rated branding agency in Indonesia, Milestone is located in Jakarta. Founded in 2003, Milestone has been providing effective and affordable marketing solutions to domestic as well as international brands. The creative thinking and smart working processes of Milestone make it stand apart. 

This firm has won several accolades such as the Global Brand Excellence Award, Marketing Magazines Agency of the Year Award 2019, and recognition from the World Brand Congress. Milestone can be contacted by phone on +62 21 7232 707 and by E-Mail at

16. Arfadia

Arfadia is a full-service digital marketing agency and one of the top creative media agencies in Jakarta, Indonesia. Founded in 2010, this innovative company has been engaged in Multimedia and Information technology since its inception. Over the years, Arfadia has carved a niche in digital marketing and website development services. 

This renowned agency offers 360 Digital marketing campaigns, SEO, branding, and corporate identity solutions. The primary motto of this tech-driven digital marketing agency in Jakarta is to consistently deliver transformational growth to its clients. Arfadia can be contacted over the phone by +62 811 886 7 897 and by Email at

17. The Fortuna 

Fortuna is an integrated communication, brand consultant, and creative and digital marketing agency in Indonesia. Its range of services includes digital solutions, advertising, public relations, media planning and investment, and brand consulting, among others.

Fortuna serves global brands such as Pegipegi, BNI, Rivera, Pertamina, Cadbury, Huawei, and Petronas, among others. The Fortuna may be approached through phone on +62 21 782 7989 and by E-Mail at

18. MicroAd Indonesia

MicroAd Indonesia is a full-service digital marketing company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. MicroAd Indonesia was established in Jakarta in 2011. This firm has acquired several multinational clients. Specializing in creative solutions that warrant the high performance, this modern digital agency integrates data and creativity to provide unmatched services to clients. 

MicroAd serves reputed and renowned brands such as Channel, Mise, Blade Indonesia, and Mykawaii. More details of MicroAd Indonesia may be collected by phone on +62 21 2938 8488 and by E-Mail at

19. Vero Digital Marketing & PR Agency

Vero is one of the Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in Jakarta, Indonesia. The Vero Agency helps businesses to grow in the ASEAN region by creating delightful customer experiences. With the help of social media and PR capabilities, this firm provides clients the edge required to engage audiences effectively.

This modern digital agency has 12 years of experience and has a presence in Thailand, Viet Nam, and Myanmar. Vero Digital Marketing may be approached through phone on +62 21 8051 1536.

20. Idealights Indonesia

One of the Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in Jakarta, Indonesia, Idealights Indonesia provides creative, unique, and inspirational digital marketing services to clients from varied industries. This growing firm includes a multinational, multicultural, and multi-discipline team of professionals that helps to provide creative solutions.

Idealights Indonesia provides PR services, SEM, SEO, Email marketing, branding, and social media management solutions. It serves clients such as Amara, Adira, B2000 fabrics, and avrist. It can be contacted by Email at and by phone on +62 81 811 5094.


Choosing the right digital marketing agency that has the right skillset and experience is crucial to achieving the intended results from your marketing campaign. By partnering with one of the Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in Jakarta, Indonesia, entrepreneurs will be able to achieve their business objectives.

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