Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in Los Angeles

If you are looking to connect your business with a global audience, you must hire a digital marketing agency in Los Angeles to do the job. With over 85% of customers expecting a personalised experience from marketers, hiring experts that know digital marketing in and out becomes even more important.

Digital Marketing Agencies in Los Angeles

In this blog, we will delve into the top 20 digital marketing agencies in Los Angeles, exploring their accomplishments, specialisation and other key qualities that set them on top. Whether you are a startup or a large business seeking to rewire your marketing strategies, these digital marketing companies can help you achieve your business objectives in La La Land. 

Digital marketing has become an essential aspect of any business for over a decade. It helps businesses and brands reach a wider audience and establish a global presence. Moreover, digital marketing is a more cost-effective way of marketing than traditional methods such as print or television advertising. Digital marketing today has become the norm for any successful business. Hence, you are missing out on a huge deal if your business is not involved in digital marketing. Here are some benefits:

Benefits of Digital Marketing

  • Cost-effective and faster way to reach a wider audience.
  • Target ads based on specific demographics, gender, and more.
  • Measurable metrics and results for each marketing campaign.
  • Easy to adapt, scale and change any digital marketing strategy.
  • A flexible and scalable way to market your business.
  • Global exposure to your product and services.
  • Let your brand and business compete even with bigger brands. 
  • Engage, collect feedback and resolve queries of audiences efficiently. 
  • Build relationships and foster community around your brand.
  • Reach audiences in more creative and innovative ways.
  • Leverage social media platforms and networks for your benefit.  
  • Build custom marketing plans according to the budget.
  • Lots of opportunities and growth for businesses and brands.
  • A proven way to increase your sales and profit. 

There are many ways you can leverage the benefits of digital marketing. However, hiring a reliable digital marketing agency in Los Angeles can maximise your investment returns. Another excellent option will be to outsource a digital marketing company in India and grow your business. 

Having a website isn’t enough to succeed in the online marketplace. Multiple components work to get your business to thrive. It includes being visible online, creating social media campaigns, collaborating with social media influencers, making websites mobile-friendly, building a positive brand image and more. By outsourcing a full-service digital marketing agency in India, you can be sure all aspects of digital marketing for your business are taken care of. 

Why Opting for an Indian Digital Marketing Agency for Outsourcing is an Ideal Choice

Here are some reasons why outsourcing a digital marketing agency in India is an excellent option:

Excellent Service and Quality Of Work: India has emerged as one of the biggest hubs for outsourcing marketing and advertising services. There is a high level of competition amongst the service providers. It makes each digital marketing agency in India perform better and provide excellent services. 

Experts In The Industry: India’s power of talented and experienced digital marketers is unmatched. These experts lead digital marketing companies and train their teams to upskill based on industry knowledge. This continuous learning makes their teams much more efficient and capable of helping their clients. 

Stays Updated With Latest Trends: Digital markets constantly evolve with new technologies, tools and tendencies. Agencies in India use Google Analytics, participate in online communities, monitor social media trends, and invest heavily in research and development to stay updated with the latest trends so your business stays current and updated. 

Round-The-Clock Customer Support: By default, Indian digital marketing agencies offer excellent customer support to their clients. They are good at collecting feedback and offering solutions at various levels. Because of the time zone difference between Los Angeles and India, you can have 24/7 customer support from these agencies for your business.  

Affordable And Scalable: Outsourcing Indian digital marketing agencies can tremendously cut your marketing cost. India has one of the lowest labour costs, making it affordable for brands to hire Indian agencies. Moreover, due to the extensive resources digital marketing agencies in India have, you can quickly scale their services based on your business needs. 

Data And Metrics-Based Service: Digital marketing in India is highly based on a data-driven approach. Hence, Indian digital marketing companies focus more on creating digital marketing campaigns and plans backed by comprehensive data. Agencies conduct thorough research to collect data and metrics, leading to careful and effective decision-making. 

Experience Of Diverse Market: Indian digital marketing companies have significantly impacted global markets. They work with a wide array of clients across different countries and industries. It gives them vast experience in global customer trends, market dynamics, and strategies, which can be a valuable asset when outsourcing Indian agencies. 

Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in Los Angeles 

Digital marketing agencies in Los Angeles can help you realise your business potential. Hiring these agencies allows you to incorporate digital marketing strategies to build global customer relationships. Here are the top 20 digital marketing agencies in Los Angeles that you can consider hiring: 

1. echoVME Digital

Established in 2011, echoVME Digital is India’s leading digital and social media marketing agency. The company helps you Echo your communication in the Virtual Marketing Ecosystem, hence the name echoVME. The company was established under the vision of digital marketing expert Sorav Jain. Since then, team echoVME has been building effective and tailored marketing plans to strengthen various brands and increase their visibility in targeted marketing. Here is why echoVME Digital should be your top choice for a digital marketing agency. 

360-Degree Digital Marketing Service: echoVME is an award-winning full-service digital marketing agency in Chennai offering 360-degree services. From SEO to PPC, content marketing, online business branding, web development and social media marketing, the agency offers all types of digital marketing services. 

Vast Industry Knowledge and Experience: The agency has been operating in the digital marketing landscape for years, serving clients across sectors. The company has a team that researches and studies various markets and provides customised marketing plans and strategies for each client.  

Expert Team Offering Quality Work: echoVME comprises a team of digital marketing professionals and experts leading different departments. These experts ensure to deliver high-quality work focusing on driving engagement, boosting online visibility, increasing conversion rates and more.   

echoVME has a proven track record of delivering excellent results for its clients. Their client portfolio and reviews speak for themselves. Apart from the echoVME, Sorav Jain and Rishi Jain launched a digital marketing institute called Digital Scholar. It is India’s first agency-style digital marketing institute offering multi-level digital marketing courses. If you want to pursue a career in digital marketing or learn digital marketing to improve your online businesses, taking a digital marketing course at Digital Scholar can be your best choice. 

CEOSorav Jain
ServicesSocial media marketing, influencer marketing, search engine marketing, website design and development, performance marketing, event marketing, digital consultancy, search engine optimization services, brand strategy, Shopify development, content writing, video production, Facebook and Instagram marketing, Google AdWords, and more. 
Clients Genpact, Oliva, Levista, Dell, Nippo, Ramco, Equitas, Bosch, SPR India, Credai, ShareChat and more.  
Location1A, Sapna Trade Centre, 135, Poonamallee High Road, Pusralwalkam, Chennai 600084
Contact+91 9176402555,

2. Canesta

Canesta, formerly known as Digitawise, is a full-service digital marketing agency in Los Angeles that creates human-based experiences. They connect brands with people and have the tools to make every interaction count. Their process involves researching, analyzing, and defining a plan to reach business goals, creating and improving the right user experience to market a brand, and promoting the brand to convert prospects into paying customers. They build long-term partnerships with their clients and are dedicated to their clients’ sustainable growth. They have worked with brands all around the globe and in all aspects of the e-commerce and digital realm. They are well-reviewed in Google, BigCommerce, Clutch, and UpCity, and are trusted by businesses worldwide.

CEONick Gramatikov 
ServicesDesign & Creative, Web Design & Development, Strategy & Consulting, Social Media Marketing, Custom Package & Label Design, Lead Gen Design & Development, PPC Management / Google Ads and more. 
ClientsThe Tea Smith, Linky, Surfas and more. 
Location11755 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1250, Los Angeles, CA 90025

3. C/C/G

C/C/G is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Los Angeles. The agency was born on the beach, not in a garage, with a dream and beer in hand. They have grown alongside Silicon Beach, helping to launch, grow, and scale hundreds of businesses. As the media landscape has evolved, they have focused their energy on becoming experts within the digital world, from data-driven strategy to creative production. They are committed to keeping their clients ahead of the curve, positioning them for sustained success. They have a team of entrepreneurial-minded strategists, designers, marketers, and technologists. 

CEOCabbot Wooley 
ServicesSocial Media Management, Snapchat Marketing, Content Creation, E-commerce Marketing, Branding and more. 
ClientsJòse olē, La Brea Bakery, Jhonny Doodle, Ling Ling and more. 
Location1000 Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90232

4. Kobe Digital

Kobe Digital, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is a performance marketing, web design, and video production agency that connects growth-focused brands with their target audiences through customized digital experiences and strategies. The agency operates as three distinct groups, each specializing in a different marketing discipline. This structure allows for innovative, cohesive solutions to clients’ most challenging problems. Kobe Digital has been recognized for its growth and corporate social responsibility, ranking No. 55 on Inc. Magazine’s List of California’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies and first on Top SEO’s “5 Best Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Projects of 2020”.

CEOArya Bina 
Servicesperformance marketing, web design, video production agency and more. 
ClientsHJC Helmets, SurveyMonkey, LF Stores, Telesign corp and more. 
Location7083 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028

5. Melleka Marketing

Melleka Marketing is a comprehensive digital marketing agency based in Los Angeles, offering a wide range of services. They have a dedicated manager for each client, ensuring individualized focus and optimal performance. Melleka Marketing is known for its quick turnaround, with most projects delivered within 1 to 3 days. They have served over 106 happy clients and combined ad spend of over 1 million. The agency has also executed over 506 social campaigns. Their commitment to excellence has earned them a distinguished Better Business Bureau rating.

CEOAnthony Melleka
ServicesSearch Engine Optimization (SEO), PPC, Google Ads, Video Marketing and more. 
ClientsAVA Homes, Cryo, Freatz, GrassGuru, PWPS Commercial and more. 
Location21900 Burbank Blvd. Suite 3054 Woodland HIlls CA 91367

6. SeedX

SeedX, Inc., founded in 2015, is an award-winning omnichannel marketing and strategy firm. They specialize in aligning marketing and growth goals across digital and traditional marketing channels. SeedX has quickly established itself as a market leader, working on effective campaigns across the United States and globally. They have been recognized as Forbes 30 Under 30 Top Innovators in Marketing and Advertising, #1 Women-Owned Digital Agency by Clutch, and #1 Advertising Agency in Los Angeles by Clutch, among other accolades. Their approach to growth is omnichannel, offering thorough wrap-around support to their clients.

CEOJacqueline Basulto
ServicesUX/UI design, graphic design and illustration, organic social media management, paid media buying/advertising, lead generation, SEO and more. 
ClientsForever 21, Yeezy, Harvard University, AARP, The California Endowment and more. 

7. Just Digital INC

Just Digital Inc is a top-rated digital marketing agency and web design company. They have served clients for ten years, focusing on results-driven marketing strategies. They pride themselves on their unique approach to client service, offering VIP communication and support, weekly reports for transparency, and proactive campaign management. Their success is evident in their impressive results, such as decreased cost-per-lead, increased campaign CTR, and significant revenue growth for their clients. 

CEOHugo Fernandez
ServicesPaid Advertising, Design, Marketing and more. 
ClientsDrip MediSpa, Strategic Employment Partners, The Pimple Place, Jen Smiley and more. 
Location9437 S Santa Monica Blvd #207Beverly Hills, CA 90210

8. HawkSEM

HawkSEM is a leading SEM agency that prides itself on delivering transformative results through personalized marketing strategies. With over 15 years in the business, HawkSEM has established itself as a top 3% agency in the country, according to the Google Premier Partners Network. They also hold partnerships with Microsoft Advertising and Meta Business. Their team comprises high-level experts in various fields of digital marketing, ensuring a truly personalized service for their clients. HawkSEM boasts a remarkable 98% retention rate and an average 4.5X ROI for their clients. 

CEOSam Yadegar
ServicesPaid Search/PPC, Remarketing, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Performance Display and more. 
ClientsDirecTV, Nike, Hallmark, Mighty Leaf Tea, CSUN, Mercury Insurance and more. 
Location10940 Wilshire Blvd.Los Angeles, CA 90024

9. Social Media Relations

Social Media Relations, or SMR, is a trusted digital marketing company in Los Angeles that helps brands establish meaningful digital relationships. They specialize in marketing to Millennial, Gen Z, and Hispanic audiences. They deeply understand their audience and know how to communicate with them effectively. In 2021, they received several recognitions, including being an accredited agency by Designrush, winning the Best of Creative Design and Best of Marketing & Advertising by Upcity, and being named among the Top Advertising & Marketing Agencies in Los Angeles by Clutch.

CEOMelissa Rodriguez
ServicesInnovative Digital Brand Evolution, Brand Voice & Digital Brand Strategy, Messaging & Positioning, Consumer driven content and more. 
Location120 E. 8th St. Los Angeles, CA 90014

10. GRO

GR0 is a digital marketing agency that prides itself on demystifying online marketing for brands, enabling them to realize their full potential and deliver unmatched value to their customers. With a team of over 75 dedicated professionals, they strive to help their clients achieve their goals. Their mission is to create a world where every entrepreneur can launch their own business, reach their ideal customer, and achieve tremendous success online. They have a strong network of connections with other marketing, media, and tech providers, providing their clients with vast resources.

CEOKevin Miller
ServicesSEO, Google Ads, Email/SMS, Affiliate, Influencer, Performance PR, Content Writing and more. 
ClientsMinkDog, Buttercloth, BIOHM Health, Ikonick, Hempvana and more. 
Location120 E. 8th St. Los Angeles, CA 90014

11. Intensify

Next on the list is Intensify, one of the best digital marketing companies in Los Angeles. The agency is driven by a team of experts with decades of experience in growth marketing strategies for eCommerce, SAAS, and service-based clients. Their services include digital advertising, SEO, and conversion rate optimization & funnel strategy. The team’s deep knowledge of digital advertising, creative ideation, copywriting, SEO, CRO, and funnel strategy sets them apart. They grow through referrals, making their primary goal to grow your business, as they believe in the principle that your success is their success.

CEOAlex Golick
ServicesDigital Advertising, SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization & Funnel Strategy and more. 
ClientsHolderness And Bourne, TomFerry, Veronica M, Moods of Norway and more. 
Location1235 North Kings Road Suite 204, West Hollywood, CA 90069

12. Spinx Digital

SPINX Digital, a leading web design and digital marketing agency based in Los Angeles, has been crafting digital masterpieces for over 18 years. With a focus on innovation, the agency prides itself on its longevity and reputation in the industry. SPINX Digital’s approach to design is unique, creating flexible, dynamic, and responsive design elements that adhere to the highest industry standards. The agency has received over 30 awards and recognitions for its work and has launched over 250 websites and projects, demonstrating its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

CEOSukesh Jakharia
ServicesDiscovery, Strategy & Planning, Website Solutions, Mobile Apps & Responsive Websites, Enterprise CMS Solutions, Digital Marketing and more. 
ClientsThe California Endowment, BSM Consulting, Spexter, KPFF and more. 
Location911 W. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90015

13. Website Depot

Website Depot is an award-winning digital marketing agency based in the hip neighborhood of Silver Lake, Los Angeles. They pride themselves on creating impactful digital experiences that effectively convey their clients’ visions. Their team of fifteen professionals is dedicated to understanding the unique needs of each business they serve, and they believe that the foundation of a successful project lies in the relationship they build with their customers. They offer a variety of specialized digital marketing packages for key industries and are trusted by many businesses. Their team of fifteen professionals is dedicated to understanding the unique needs of each business they serve, and they believe that the foundation of a successful project lies in the relationship they build with their customers.

CEODanny Star
ServicesDigital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, Branding and more. 
ClientsThe Larkin Firm, Wood Silverlake, The Chartist, Lily Lisa and more. 
LocationWebsite Depot Inc, 4343 W. Sunset #201, Los Angeles, CA 90029

14. NitroPlug

Nitro Plug Digital Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency with a strong background in SEO, Local SEO, and Reputation Management. They have been recognized as one of the top digital marketing agencies in the United States, having served hundreds of clients across various industries. They specialize in eCommerce, law firms, construction, and contractor marketing. Nitro Plug has been recognized with the 2021 Best of Creative & Design and Marketing & Advertising awards by UpCity, a testament to their quality and credibility. They have completed over 1000 projects, served over 500 happy clients, and won over 20 awards.

CEOElizeth Shah
ServicesSEO, Local SEO, Reputation Management, Email Marketing, National SEO, Social Media Management and more. 
Location811 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90017

15. Nimbus Marketing

Nimbus Marketing is a digital marketing agency in Los Angeles that prides itself on delivering uncomplicated yet effective online marketing solutions. Founded by Robert Portillio, the agency has been serving clients since 2011, with their very first customer still on board, testifying to their high client retention rate. Nimbus Marketing is known for its unique and memorable approach to online marketing, aiming to be informative, helpful, and different. Based in Los Angeles, the team is committed to delivering real results, focusing on increasing rankings, website leads, and phone calls for their clients.

CEORobert Portillio
ServicesSearch Engine Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization, Local Search Optimization and more. 
ClientsLaw Offices of Cathe L. Caraway-Howard, Aquatech Aquarium Service, Gates Los Angeles and more. 
Location925 N La Brea Ave Floor 4, Los Angeles, CA 90038

16. Amplitude Digital

Founded in 2004, Amplitude Digital has grown into an award-winning digital marketing agency, recognized as a Google Premier Partner and a three-time recipient of the Tech Innovator Award. With offices in Los Angeles and Burbank, California, their team of over 30 professionals, including media buyers, search marketers, designers, strategists, web developers, email experts, and content marketers, is committed to delivering high-growth PPC, SEO, and Social campaigns. They boast a 95% client retention rate, demonstrating their ability to deliver results consistently. 

CEOSpenser Skates
ServicesGoogle Shopping Ads, Paid Search Ads, Amazon Marketing, Facebook & Instagram Ads, SEO and more. 
ClientsBillabong, Toyota, Manchester United, Popcornopolis, The Smithsonian, Sony, Spafinder, Experian and more. 
Location5792 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016

17. Branding Los Angeles

Branding Los Angeles, a leading digital marketing agency, has been delivering strategic branding, marketing, and public affairs services for over 15 years. With a team of dedicated professionals, they excel in growing brands by approaching tasks with a strategic mindset based on long-term objectives. They have served numerous clients, including Bella Luxury Rentals, for whom they developed the brand name, logo, and website. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their concierge-level service, which has led to a long list of satisfied customers.

CEOBen Behrooz
ServicesStrategic Branding, Personal Branding, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Print Design, Web Design & Development, Brand Experience and more. 
ClientsBella Luxury Rentals, Law Offices of Nader A Nader, AVASUN, Belldini and more. 
Location11040 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 310, Los Angeles CA 90025

18. Palm + Ocean Digital Marketing

Founded in 2015, Palm + Ocean Digital Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in restaurant and hospitality-based businesses. With a knack for storytelling through their artfully crafted content, they have successfully engaged communities and fostered brand loyalty for their clients. Their expertise extends from content curation to managing social media platforms, ensuring a seamless digital experience for customers beyond the doors of the establishments they represent. They have a proven track record of successful collaborations with Fortune 500 companies, showcasing their ability to handle high-profile clients.

CEOMichael Harvey
ServicesContent Curation, Social Media Management, Photography & Videography, Media Ads & Strategies, Public Relations, Marketing and more. 
ClientsDoubleTree by Hilton & Virgin Hotel San Francisco, Caesars Entertainment and more. 
LocationIrvine, CA 92618

19. Go Big LA

Go Big LA is a top-rated, award-winning digital marketing agency in Los Angeles. With a team of industry experts, they offer comprehensive digital marketing services to businesses of all sizes across various sectors. Their services include social media marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and email marketing. The agency is known for its innovative strategies, such as video marketing, which has led to a 49% faster revenue growth for businesses. 

CEOCorey Wade 
ServicesSEO, Web Development, Digital Marketing and more. 
ClientsDropzone, Durfree, Gatekeeper Self Storage, ENT LA and more. 
Location7190 Sunset Blvd # 28, Los Angeles, CA 90046, United States

20. Advizar

Founded by the child prodigy, fondly called “Spectacular Smith”, Advizar has made a name for itself as the music industry’s number one company for monetization through social media. The agency, which prides itself on making people famous and brands go viral, has been recognized as #262 on Inc’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies. Their technology can increase a brand’s reach up to 400,000,000 impressions monthly. Adwizar’s success is reflected in the testimonials from their clients, who praise the agency’s ability to deliver explosive organic growth on Facebook and other social media platforms.

CEOSpectacular Smith 
ServicesSocial Media Growth, Influencer Marketing, Monetization and more 
ClientsTrina, Mightyduck, Soulja Boy, Kevin Gates and more 
Location1055 West 7th Street, 33rd Floor Penthouse, Los Angeles, CA 90017


Choosing a digital marketing company in Los Angeles is an important decision that will impact the trajectory of your online business and growth. We have covered top digital marketing agencies in Los Angeles with excellent industry knowledge, technical expertise and proven success records. However, pick the agency that understands your business and resonates with your brand’s perspective. A thorough research involving the agency’s background, client reviews, working process, and pricing can help choose the right agency. 

echoVME Digital is your perfect digital marketing agency in India to outsource, which can become an invaluable extension of your business. The agency will drive online success, helping your business thrive in digital marketing. Contact echoVME today and discuss your business goals and expectations with the experts.  


Can I do digital marketing myself?

Digital marketing is a complex industry requiring expertise and a thorough understanding of each aspect of the field. While you can do digital marketing at your end, it is always recommended to outsource a digital marketing agency with access to the latest tools and technologies. They can market your brand and business online effectively while you can focus on your core business operations. 

Will a digital marketing agency help grow my business?

Absolutely, a reliable digital marketing agency can play a significant role in scaling your business. Here is what they can do:

  • Enhance your business’s online presence.
  • Strategically target your online audience. 
  • Increase brand awareness, credibility and reputation. 
  • Drive organic traffic and increase website ranking.
  • Handle every aspect of online marketing. 
  • Bring quality leads to help your business grow and more.

Is digital marketing better than traditional marketing?

Definitely, digital marketing is much better than traditional marketing methods. Here is why: 

  • Reach global audience quickly
  • Cost-effective comparatively 
  • Track, measure and analyse results in real-time
  • Engage with the audience directly through feedback, message and more
  • Possible to create high-level personalised campaigns   
  • Faster, affordable and effective marketing solutions

Should I outsource to a digital marketing agency in India?

There can be many benefits to approaching a digital marketing agency in India for outsourcing. Some top Indian digital marketing agencies have a pool of talented digital marketing experts that can work round the clock to benefit your brand. Moreover, Indian agencies typically have significant experience working with diverse markets, hence have a broader perspective on consumer behaviour pertaining to different markets. Outsourcing digital marketing in India can be more cost-effective than hiring an in-house team.


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