15 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Russia

Umbrella IT, Mobio Inc, INO Group, Molinos and DigitaliZm are some of the best digital marketing agencies in Russia

digital marketing agency in russia

It is digital everywhere. Most of the modern business organizations in any part of the world belonging to any industry can thrive only with a robust, brand-specific digital marketing strategy. Russia is one of the developed countries in the modern world. No wonder entrepreneurs and business organizations seek the assistance of a top digital marketing agency in Russia to grow their business and take it to the global level.

Top 15 Digital Marketing Agencies in Russia

1. Umbrella IT

With over 40 international awards for excellence, Umbrella IT has been in business for 10 years. It has been rated among the top 500 B2B companies by Clutch Global 2019 and is present in the list of fast-growing companies in Europe. Founded in 2009, it is a top digital marketing agency in Russia headquartered in Taganrog city, Rostov region, and has branches in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

This progressive digital marketing agency in Russia is equipped with over 170 professionals.  It charges USD 50 – 99 per hour for its services, depending on the efforts. The key clients are Hamleys of London, Mary Kay Inc, and Penske Media Corporation, among others. The company can be contacted over the phone on +1 929-9-99196-6.

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2. Mobio Inc

Mobio is one of the top digital marketing agencies in Russia. Having started as a traditional advertising agency, this organization made its foray into the digital sphere in 2013 and since then it has been essaying several success stories in digital marketing. 

With over 50 experienced employees who fall under varied roles such as designers, analysts, and account managers, Mobio has been instrumental in enhancing clients’ businesses using its proprietary technology products. This leading digital marketing agency in Russia helps organizations to generate web and mobile traffic, and boost business. 

Charging between USD 25 and 49 per hour, this Moscow-based digital marketing agency in Russia has been renowned for its matchless marketing strategies. It has branches in Tel Aviv and Beijing. The client list includes GoSpeed, BlaBlaCar, Aliexpress, Aviasales, and others. It can be contacted by phone on + 7 (916) 722 5096 and by mail at hello@mobioinc.co

3. INO Group

Headquartered at St. Petersburg, Russia, INO Group is a renowned digital marketing agency in Russia that provides robust digital marketing solutions. They specialize in rolling out business-specific marketing campaigns efficiently and resolving clients’ issues with personalized services.

Founded in 2005, this top digital marketing agency in Russia is a one-stop-shop that provides reliable services in varied domains related to marketing and communications. Offering amazing digital marketing solutions at competitive pricing is their specialty. This agency can be contacted on +7 812 334 0550 by phone.

4. Molinos

Molinos is a leading and well-established digital marketing agency in Russia headquartered at St. Petersburg. Incorporated in 1999, this experienced company has been providing a wide range of digital marketing solutions to clients from varied industries. It has a proven track record of leveraging technology to bring the benefits of web marketing. 

Having around 50 experienced professionals, it provides excellent web analytics, digital planning, and channel marketing services. Its client list includes renowned clients such as Royal Caribbean and Ukraft. The company may be contacted by mail at digital@molinosagency.com and by phone on +7 964 339 2068.

5. DigitaliZm

Specializing in creating tailored and integrated digital marketing campaigns, DigitaliZm offers end-to-end digital marketing services. Its services include target audience identification, devising client-specific digital touchpoint strategy, creating robust campaign ideas, execution, and evaluation. The hourly pricing ranges between USD 25 and 49 per hour. 

It helps to showcase global brands using attractive images and videos by leveraging cutting-edge technology. Having a presence in Moscow, Russia, this company can be reached by phone on +7 495 726 9675. Founded in 2008, this leading digital marketing agency in Russia has branches in Belarus and the United Kingdom.

6. Topface Media

Topface Media is one of the top digital marketing agencies in Russia based in Moscow. This famous online reputation management company helps brands to build and monitor their reputation and ratings. It helps to increase customer experience and thus leads to improved revenues for the clients. This popular digital marketing agency in Russia enables clients to handle comments, perform social listening, and manage reviews and feedback. 

Focused on managing social media campaigns of clients and managing search engine reputation, this tech-driven company ensures that business organizations can build a stronger brand image. Affordable pricing and assured ROI are the key benefits of partnering with this modern digital marketing service provider. It can be reached at hello@topfacemedia.com

7. Mobihunter

Specializing in mobile marketing, Mobihunter is a fast-growing digital marketing agency in Russia based in St. Petersburg. With a team consisting of over 50 trained and skilled digital marketing professionals, Mobihunter has clients all over the world. 

Mobihunter provides unrivaled digital marketing solutions to businesses from varied industries while assuring high ROI. Its services are charged between USD 100 and 149 per hour. With branches in the United States and China, it can be reached on +1 253 229 3527 by phone.

8. Proxima 

Proxima, headquartered at Moscow, is a reputed digital marketing agency in Russia that specializes in building promotional strategies for websites and mobile apps, in addition to creating them. With experience in catering to the unique needs of clients from varied industries such as IT, Fintech, tourism, and automotive, this company was established in 2016. 

Having branches in the USA and Belarus, it provides comprehensive digital marketing services to global clients such as Honda, Toshiba, Asbis, and others. Equipped with a team of over 175 employees, Proxima’s services are priced reasonably. Business organizations that wish to partner with Proxima can reach them at hello@proxima.world by mail and on +1 347 460-58-99 by telephone.

9. Matik 

Started in 1999, Matik Internet marketing agency is among the top digital marketing agencies in Russia. Located in Moscow, this leading digital marketing agency in Russia helps global businesses to promote their products, ideas, and services using the most modern web tools. Priced at an unbelievable USD 25 per hour, the digital marketing services from Matik assure brand visibility, wide reach, and enhanced web traffic. 

Matik Internet marketing agency specializes in SEO, SMM, and contextual advertising. It can be reached by phone on + 7 499 110 4952.

10. Flyphant

Based in Moscow, the Flyphant digital studio proves to be a top digital marketing agency in Russia. Providing ROI-driven digital marketing solutions, Flyphant helps business organizations to transform their business. Building a business online and creating brand equity to grow clients’ business is their specialty. Flyphant has achieved the laurels of clients for quick TAT, innovative technologies, and transparent communication.

Flyphant is famous for its innovative digital marketing strategies that align with the specific business objectives of clients. Founded in the year 2012, its client list includes the likes of Intel, Nokia, Alfa-Bank, ibox, and Mindbox. Flyphant charges USD 50 to 99 per hour for its digital marketing solutions and can be reached at hello@flyphant.com by mail and on +7 495 961 6936 by telephone.

11. Rush Agency

Founded in 2012 and starting to function as an advertising and consulting agency, Rush Agency has today achieved the top slot in the digital ecosystem as a top digital marketing agency in Russia. Located in Moscow, this modern digital marketing service provider specializes in promoting websites and mobile applications related to e-commerce. 

The digital solutions offered by Rush Agency include Website promotion, SEO, site optimization, Internet marketing, and consultation. Hourly charges for services is USD 25 per hour and the company follows an individual, customized approach of marketing that specifically suits each client. Contact telephone number is + 7 495 132 0752.

12. i-Media

i-Media is a leading digital marketing agency in Russia that has been in the Internet marketing sphere since 2003. Internet advertising and search engine optimization are its specialties. i-Media provides contextual advertising and web analytics services, thus enhancing its clients’ digital presence and improving their revenue generation. 

The hourly pricing for digital marketing services from i-Media ranges between USD 25 and 49 depending on the project. Based in Moscow, this technology-driven company comprises of digital marketing professionals with years of experience in varied domains. The primary services include SEO, SMM, web analytics, PPC, and web design. Businesses that look for robust and reliable digital marketing solutions may contact i-Media by phone on +7 495 989 8728.

13. SEO Impulse

SEO Impulse is a famous digital marketing agency in Russia located in Moscow. Providing an integrated digital marketing service, this modern, growing company ensures top-rated customer service with the highest standards. Bringing the maximum possible business success to clients through multi-faceted digital marketing strategies is their strength. 

Founded in 2010, this top digital marketing agency in Russia employs fewer than 50 professionals who work in tandem as a team to ensure the success of their clients. It provides unmatched SEO and web development services to global business organizations. The company can be contacted on + 7 495 278 0295 by phone.

14. ADCI Solutions

ADCI Solutions, dealing in digital marketing since 2007, is headquartered at Omsk. It is a leading digital marketing agency in Russia. It has more than 250 international projects under its belt. It is a well-established Internet Marketing Services Company with a team of over 40 experienced and skilled professionals. Their digital marketing charges range between USD 25 to 49 per hour. This is one of the top digital marketing agencies in Russia that serves a clientele from a wide range of domains round the clock. 

With clients such as Drupal Association, Alutech Inc, and Acronis, ADCI Solutions strives to build a mutually beneficial partnership with clients to ensure long-term success. Its services include optimization and support, Drupal migration, UI/UX design, and web development. Interested businesses can approach this competent company by phone on + 7 913 148 9289 and by mail at ak@adcillc.com.

15. Starcode

Starcode is one of the renowned digital marketing agencies in Russia with headquarters in Krasnodar. It has over 50 employees who are skilled in different digital projects. This agency operates out of two offices in Russia. The client list includes popular global brands spread across several countries such as Audi, Peugeot, Philips, the Volkswagen Group, and Polar Logistics.

Starcode specializes in adopting an appropriate digital marketing approach that suits the client’s brands and products. It can be reached on + 8 800 222 1132 by telephone and at info@starcode.ru by email. Founded in 2009, this experienced and established digital marketing agency charges over USD 25 per hour for their services. 

The Significance of Identifying the Right Digital Marketing Agency

To be able to reach the global marketplace and achieve the intended market share, businesses need to follow innovative and robust marketing strategies. It is essential to partner with the perfect digital marketing agency to understand your audience, make your brand more visible, and create brand loyalty. 

Furthermore, tracking the responses to your marketing campaigns has become crucial to accomplish business success. This is where the need for a reliable and experienced digital marketing agency is felt. 


Russia is not only the largest country in the world but also a developed nation that plays an influential role in business across the globe. With the world going digital, choosing the right digital marketing agency to promote your business through effective strategies has become crucial. The above-mentioned companies are rated among the top players in the digital marketing ecosystem in the Russian Federation.

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