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Digital Marketing and Social Media marketing Facts from Vietnam 2018

Situated in the southeast of Asia, Vietnam pronounced ‘Viet nam’ is a country of staggering beauty. Lonely Planet describes it as “exotic and compelling”. This aesthetically pleasing country has drastically improved in terms of social media and digital marketing landscape. This young and dynamic country has huge commercial opportunity for small/big brands, marketers and investors. One of the main reasons being the digital trends in Vietnam that is emerging fast in every notable sector.

The following are some of the digital statistics and facts about the Socialist Republic of Vietnam that proves that the internet and social media have certainly penetrated this beautiful country.Digital Marketing Stats Vietnam

30 Interesting Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing Stats and Facts from Vietnam – 2018

  1. Vietnam has a population of 96.02 million.
  2. 64 million are internet users, this is considered 67% of the population.
  3. 55 million are active on social media, which is about 57% of the population.
  4. 03 million users are mobile users, which is 73% of the population that has access to mobile phones.
  5. There are close to 50 million users that have mobile phones that use it to access social media, which is 52% of the population.
  6. There is over 14 million increase in internet usage, and that is over a 28% increase since January 2017.
  7. There is close to a 20% increase in active social media users since January 2017, this is close to over 9 million.
  8. There has been about 79 thousand increase in mobile phones since January 2017.
  9. With over a 22% increase in mobile social users, the number of people accessing social via mobile has increased by over 9 million.
  10. Mobile is the second most important source of news in Vietnam after Television.
  11. IT industry is predicted to contribute up to 10% towards country’s GDP by 2020.
  12. 97% of the people have some form of mobile devices that they use.
  13. 74% smart phones are in use.
  14. There are 43% laptops in use.
  15. It is believed that the approximate time spent by the population using devices are 6 hours 52 minutes.
  16. Social media usage average is at 2 hours and 37 minutes.
  17. Videos and TV streaming are at 2 hours 43 minutes.
  18. As of January 2018 there are 64 million active users on the internet.
  19. 67% of the population are internet users.
  20. 73 million Users are active users of mobile internet. This constitutes 64% of the total population.
  21. 44% of the population uses search engines on their mobile while 19% access them through their laptops.
  22. 52% visit social media sites through their mobile while 21% through their computer.
  23. 14% look for information on products via their mobile while 6% look for it through their computers.
  24. Spending time on internet is the second favourite activity among Vietnamese – first being spending time with family and friends.
  25. 71% watch online videos everyday on different platforms.
  26. There are close to a total of 55 million users on social media that are active, this amounts to 57% of the total population.
  27. According to statcounter: 54.22% of the population access Facebook. Over 30% access uses YouTube. Close to 6% accesses twitter.
  28. On the other hand, only 5% accesses Pinterest, about 1% is on Instagram and less than 1% population is on Tumblr.
  29. 57% look for products and service online.
  30. 08 million of the population purchases products online that constitutes an increase in this of 6% over the last year.

Source – Statcounter, Wearesocial

Have some more interesting stats and facts about Vietnam? Let me know in the comments section below.

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