80 Digital Marketing Stats and Facts of Singapore [August 2019 Updated]

Over a decade, South-East Asia has experienced tremendous growth in the digital, social platforms, mobile, and overall Internet activities. There are over 400 million Internet active users in the region with double-digit growth in various sectors in particularly ASEAN-6 countries – Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and Vietnam. The growth became evident in 2019 with […]

Over a decade, South-East Asia has experienced tremendous growth in the digital, social platforms, mobile, and overall Internet activities. There are over 400 million Internet active users in the region with double-digit growth in various sectors in particularly ASEAN-6 countries – Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and Vietnam. The growth became evident in 2019 with the expansion of technological advancement in the infrastructures supporting Internet connections on various devices in the region. According to some estimates, by 2025, the digital market in South East Asia will be the worth of approximately $197 billion.

As a rising star of South-east Asia, Singapore has been performing really well in its digital sector. Digital marketing in this lion city has become fast-paced and super competitive. There are over 4.92 million active Internet users amongst a population of 5.83 million. We love to closely monitor the growth of digital across the world. Here are some interesting social media and digital marketing facts from Singapore 2018, and it’s time we understand how Singapore has propelled in its digital and social media efforts for the year 2019.

There is a reason why everybody is flocking towards Singapore for digital marketing because it seems that they have found the pulse of the digital and social media marketing world.  Given this scenario, it is almost a no brainer for a digital marketing agency to move their target towards Singapore for its ability to make the right kind of noise. If there was ever a good time to move to the Singapore market it potentially could be now if you are interested in the digital marketing space.

Singapore Digital marketing and social media stats and facts 2019

  1. The total population of Singapore as of January 2019 was 5.83 Million.
  2. Singapore has the fastest Internet in the world.
  3. There are over 4.92 Million (84% of the total population) active Internet users in Singapore.
  4. 60 million (79% of the total population) users are active on various social media.
  5. 30 million (75% of the total population) users access social media on mobile phones.
  6. 99% of mobiles are connected with 3G or 4G broadband.
  7. 89% of users watch online videos on mobile.
  8. 91% to 95% of users look up information online using mobile phones.
  9. 71% of users use laptop/desktop and 42% use tablet for accessing the Internet.
  10. For 84% of the total population, the Internet is their primary source to look for information.
  11. Singapore has one of the highest Internet penetration rates (84%) in the world.
  12. On average, a user spends 7 hours 2 minutes on the Internet using any device.
  13. Out of which, 2 hours 8 minutes is spent on social media platforms.
  14. 6% of all social media users are women, while 49.4% are men.
  15. 1 hour 0 minutes is the average time spent on listening to steam music.
  16. 93% of users use the Internet every day, 5% at least once a week, and 1% at least once a month.
  17. 1 Million users visit YouTube every month.
  18. YouTube is the second most accessed website in Singapore after Google.com, YouTube gets 5 visits a day and Google gets 9 visits a day averagely.
  19. 60% of YouTube watching happens on mobile phones.
  20. The age group of 16-34 accounts for 90% of YouTube usage.
  21. 96% of Internet users watch online videos.
  22. 41% of Internet users steam TV content via the Internet, meaning they don’t use a cable connection to watch TV content.
  23. 16% play streamed games live via the Internet, and over 8.8% watch e-sports online.
  24. Voice search is gaining popularity in Singapore, with 26% users using voice search online.
  25. 52% use digital services for cab booking.
  26. 46% of users have Ad-block installed.
  27. YouTube is the no 1 social media network having 87% users, followed by Whatsapp with 86% of users using the network.
  28. 78% of users choose YouTube as their first choice for watching online videos.
  29. 41% of users get influenced by a brand on YouTube and prefer making a purchase.
  30. 45% of users choose YouTube over Television.
  31. 60% of users watch YouTube videos to learn about a product.
  32. 21% of Internet users use social media for work purposes.
  33. Singapore users use 8.8 social media networks in a week on an average.
  34. More than 4.8 Million of Singaporeans are on Facebook.
  35. 90% of users access Facebook on mobile phones.
  36. 3 Million Singaporean Facebook users are reached through advertisements.
  37. An average video post gets 7.15% and photo post gets 5.43% engagement on Facebook.
  38. 51% are male and 49% are female Facebook users in Singapore.
  39. 35% of Facebook users are aged between 25 to 34 years.
  40. Changi Airport is the fastest-growing Facebook page in Singapore with over 4 million fans.
  41. Facebook accounts for over 82% of spending on paid social advertising.
  42. Whatsapp is the top messaging service in Singapore with 87% active user rate.
  43. Facebook Messenger is the second most popular with 52% users using the service.
  44. There are more than 840,000 users of WeChat in Singapore.
  45. Over 2.6 million users are on LinkedIn.
  46. On average LinkedIn users have 152 connections in this country.
  47. More than 27% of Singaporean are on Twitter, and 56% of them are aged between 25 and 34.
  48. 1 million users can be reached with Twitter advertisements.
  49. Around 10% uses Pinterest out of which 46.2% uses the platform to research product and reviews.
  50. 9 million users are on Instagram,
  51. Instagram in Singapore is dominated by women with 56.4% users being women.
  52. 2 Million users are reached with advertising on Instagram.
  53. 79% uses a card, 12% uses eWallet and 2% uses cash to make an online payment.
  54. 54% made an online purchase via a mobile device.
  55. Over 87% of social media users are concern about their data protection on social and digital platforms.
  56. Average download speed in Singapore was 185.25 Mbps.
  57. Average upload speed in Singapore was 192.08 Mbps, meaning an hour of Netflix can be downloaded in 16 seconds.
  58. The average 4G mobile users experience is 38Mb/s, which is again the world’s fastest in terms of speed.
  59. 1 in 10 users learn about a new product through online advertising
  60. More than 57% make an online purchase or pay online bills.
  61. 57% of women and 56% of men make online purchases.
  62. 62% of Singaporean embraces technological advancement.
  63. 59% of Singaporean uses digital space to complete their tasks.
  64. Digital marketing advertising in Singapore amounts to the US $342 million in 2019.
  65. Search Advertising dominates the market with US$123 million.
  66. Segmented email campaigns gain 14.32% higher open rate than non-segmented campaigns.
  67. 4 pm to 8 pm is recorded as the best time to send emails.
  68. A business website with videos captures 4.8% higher attention of audience than a website without videos.
  69. Digital marketers believe video marketing strategy brings 55% returning customers.
  70. 25% to 43% of digital marketers spend their marketing budget on content.
  71. Digital marketers also believe that content marketing cost 62% less than traditional marketing and help to generate 3 times more leads.
  72. 60% of Internet marketer agrees that search engine marketing is one of the best ways to expand business in competitive niches.
  73. Infographics content has 3X times more shared and liked ratio than any other form of content.
  74. There is $1 billion dollar worth of e-commerce market in Singapore and it is expected to rise to $5 billion by 2025.
  75. $999 Million is spent on fashion and beauty under the e-commerce category.
  76. 4 Million people purchase consumer goods using an e-commerce site.
  77. 64% use mobile banking services.
  78. 70% of Singaporean marketers prefer real-time marketing as their top priority marketing method followed by Omni-channel delivery and engagement.
  79. The adoption of mobile payment rose from 34% in 2018 to 46% in 2019, a rise of 12%.
  80. 86% of Singaporean use cloud technology for their business.

5 Major Digital Marketing Trends of Singapore 2019

  • Content to become prominent with more business amplifying content marketing in their marketing strategies.
  • More businesses will be using AI technology, chatbot to attend customer queries in real-time.
  • Voice search numbers will go up with more people using it and website owner optimizing their content for voice search.
  • Businesses will incorporate Vertical form of IGTV videos to remain ahead of their competition.
  • The country will have more digital marketing institutes across to address the demand of growing job opportunity in the digital market.

It’s interesting to note that digital marketing is becoming one of the most dynamic talent markets in Singapore. The country is also adapting to the ever-changing trends of digital and social media marketing. We expect more business to embrace the power of digital marketing and believe that it will benefit both job seekers and job makers alike.

Source – WeAreSocial, Hootsuite, Statista


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