10 Diwali Social Media Campaigns & Creative Ads Ideas

Looking for the best social media campaign or content ideas for your brands this Diwali? Just scroll down a bit and check out some amazing campaign ideas and social media creatives which we have curated!

With a long weekend that came with Diwali most of us were planning on making it festive while brands and social media agencies were working round the clock to ensure that their brands stand out on social media marketing platforms. Be it in the form of a GIF, a video or a visual creative, brands were trying their best to create a bond with the customers. Brands have also kept in their mind that while being creative, they need their Diwali wishes to ingrain their brand’s name in the minds of the audience.

Here is a curated list of the best social creatives with meaningful messages and Diwali wishes.

1. Cadbury Celebrations

Iss baar Diwali jamke manaiye, Cadbury Celebrations ke sath.

2. Airtel India

The Airtel family was supporting a noise free Diwali.

3. Jet Airways

Jet Airways used colorful paper rockets that land in wishing all a Happy Diwali!

4. Starbucks

Starbucks adopted some effective minimalism to wish their customers.

5. Wink

This Diwali, don’t burst a bomb. With Wink, look like one!

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6. Urban Tree

Urban Tree Infrastructures supporting a greener safer Diwali.

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7. Vinayak Group

Vinayak came up with a unique contest to celebrate #VinayakDiwali. All you had to do was let your imagination go wild and come up with awesome Diwali wishes.

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8. Bingo

With hopes that you were having a blast this Diwali, Bingo was eager to know your #BingoDiwali story!

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9. McDonalds India

They used their iconic fries and built a rocket out of it, subtly wishing them a foodie Diwali as well.

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10. echoVME

Lord Rama made a social media statement this Diwali!

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11. South Indian Shelters

With a creative visual emphasizing on their domain- Real Estate, South Indian Shelters wished its customers a #HappyDiwali

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Have some more posts that made your Diwali? Show me in the comments section below!


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    The sparkling “festival of lights”, Diwali, is celebrated all over the world with great piety and enthusiasm.

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