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Have an offer? Want to promote it to your potential audience? Promote it on Facebook Ads.

Brand pages create coupons and share them exclusively on Facebook with ‘Offer’ Ad option. Advertisers want to attract people with discounts and other promotions, and for people it should be easy to claim and redeem offers anytime. Businesses can advertise and share offers that appear on their target audience’s news feed or as sponsored stories, the interested people click on it to get the offer. This will result in an email of acknowledgement and coupon code sent to the visitor who clicks on ‘Get Offer’.

To give a better experience to both brands and customers, Facebook has redesigned and announced latest updates to this tool. This update will offer a new, streamlined mobile experience and better tracking options for brands.

What are the Updates

  • Advertisers can use Facebook’s ad targeting option and creative formats to share discounts and promotions where people spend most of their time- on mobile and on Facebook.
  • Better tracking options: Giving transparency to the brands by letting them know who see those ads, who and how they redeem the offers.
  • Claiming offers are made easier and can keep a track on Facebook.
  • Use offer page composer tool to share discount directly on your page. By this, all offers will be listed in offers tab of the brand’s page and if anyone who have missed on getting the offer through ads can view it in the offer tab and avail it.

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  • The dedicated offer tab will help users check all the offers a brand offers without scrolling down all the posts made by the brand.
  • People spend a lot of time on mobile and so Facebook have updated the mobile offers process. With this, people can claim offers on mobile or on desktop and the offer is saved to the new Offers bookmark.

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  • View, access the bookmark to have a look on the offers to be claimed and redeem them on mobile, desktop or in store.
  • You can also copy paste the codes and terms and conditions to your mobile from the advertiser’s mobile site avoiding you to remember codes and details about the offer.
  • In-store offers can be claimed through Offer’s bookmark at the register. A bar code or a QR code can be used at the check out, linking your Facebook offer to offline purchase.

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  • Once an offer is saved, Facebook also adds new reminder function. Reminding people to not miss out on the claimed offers. When log in to Facebook on desktop will give a reminder and also remind when the offer is about to expire.

Coming Soon updates on Facebook Offer ads

Advertisers can provide unique bar code or offer code for every claimed offer. Customise your offers to give deeper discounts to certain customers or limit the discount offer to a smaller audience than mass distribution. This can help advertisers to retarget the customers who are more likely to claim the offer and build a strong relationship with them.

Now if you have an offer, use this tool to smartly reach your potential audience which wasn’t preferred in the earlier days. Add offers to your page, share them to your target audience, track who claims and redeem them. Reminders and easier ways of claiming the offer will increase the number of people reacting to the offer given. Make it catchy, attractive and click-worthy to make conversions from potential to actual customers.

Happy shopping! Have you used Offer ad yet to reach your audience? If yes then share your thoughts about the latest updates of Facebook Offer ads in the comment section below.

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