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In the last few years, the world has shown a paradigm shift from analogue to digital. More and more people are consuming all kinds of information online hence making digital marketing the best way to reach out to an audience. Digital marketing is such an elaborate concept that cannot be learned through the old traditional […]

In the last few years, the world has shown a paradigm shift from analogue to digital. More and more people are consuming all kinds of information online hence making digital marketing the best way to reach out to an audience. Digital marketing is such an elaborate concept that cannot be learned through the old traditional theory method and many digital institutes fail to understand this.

Indian Institute of Digital Education or commonly known as IIDE is one of the few institutes that truly understand how to teach digital marketing the right way.

As an owner of a digital marketing agency, I have noticed that most new recruits lack the skill set required to work in a digital space. There has always been an immense gap between the skill set nurtured by the institutes and the skill set required by the digital industries.

IIDE has positively filled this gap with their infallible teaching method, the LAE (Learn, Apply and Evaluate) method. This method emphasizes on learning the digital skills by industry experts, applying their learnings to live brands through presentations & assignments and evaluation of their work by the industry experts themselves.

This method has been instrumental in molding their students into skilled professionals of the future and has helped them in understanding the practical difficulties of implementing the acquired skills.

On my last visit to Mumbai, I happened to meet Mr. Karan Shah the founder of IIDE. Karan and I spoke about the future of digital marketing in India and how we strive to shape the career of people joining this industry. We both aim to empower the youth with digital education in our own ways.

digital marketing blogKaran also shared some great course design templates and it was refreshing to see that the students were learning through brand case studies. It was also brought to my attention that 78% of their students get hired by top digital agencies like Social Kinnect, Glitch, Foxymoron etc. before they even complete the course with IIDE’s assistance.

IIDE is located in the three main educational hubs of the city, Andheri, Churchgate and Mulund. All these centres are uniquely located 2 mins away from the railway station, to help the students and professionals travel conveniently.

Their campus is very aesthetic in nature and they have truly created a picture perfect representation of a student-friendly campus. My favorite feature of their campus was how their classrooms were named after digital concepts. You can see what I’m talking about below:

digital marketing blog

It’s my personal choice to handpick some of my favorite digital marketing institutes and write about them in detail and here is an exhaustive review of IIDE’s certified digital marketing course:

About IIDE

IIDE was founded in 2016, by Mr. Karan Shah in Bandra and in less than 3 years it has grown to a 20,000 sq. Foot campus in Andheri, and later at Jai Hind College (Churchgate) and an another one in Mulund.

IIDE is built upon an ideology that it has four pillars: digital marketing, coding, design and data analytics. They currently have around 50 employees on board and have trained more over 15000 students over the span of just 3 years.

With their rapid growth, they have significantly improved their infrastructure to match their impeccable teaching methods. Their classrooms are equipped with state of the art facilities like projectors, air-conditioned rooms, mics, whiteboards, open spaces for networking and team tasks, professional counselling centre and of course uninterrupted Internet facilities.

digital marketing blog

Courses Offered by IIDE

6-Month Digital Marketing Course

The 6-month Digital Marketing course is the first pillar of IIDE. This program is a comprehensive mix of basics, core and agency skills and is integrated in a manner to develop strategic, executive and soft skills.

Upon successful completion of the course, you are awarded certificates of Facebook, Google and IIDE. To provide their students with the best internship and job opportunities, IIDE has tied up with 50+ top digital corporations in Asia.

To ensure the students are around like-minded people, IIDE has two batches for this program. A weekday batch suitable for college students and a weekend batches for working professionals to help them network with similar people.

With GST, the total fee of the course comes to INR 95,000 and they have flexible EMI options for their students. As IIDE dearly cares about every student that wants to apply to their course, they also provide a scholarship to students who need it.

You can download the course brochure by filling the form here. You can also chat online with the support team to get your doubts solved.

Corporate Training in Digital Marketing.

In this new age of digitization, many organizations find the need to update their employees’ skill set and to cater to this need IIDE offers corporate training in digital marketing. Over the span of three years, IIDE has trained 1300+ professionals.

IIDE has an infallible 5-step methodology to help traditional companies undergo a digital transformation. They identify the objective and pain points of the company and then pick the suitable digital marketing essentials to meet the requirements of the company. They also provide companies with flexible modes of training like webinars and offline classroom training.

IIDE has trained companies like Mahindra & Mahindra, Abbott, Social Kinnect, L&K Saatchi and Saatchi and more. You can get a customized proposal for your company by filling the form here.

Full Stack Development Course

After they have aced the first pillar, they move on to the second, i.e., coding. The IT industry has been on the rise for the last two decades. India is the home of almost 9 million IT graduates every year, has made the market highly competitive for the IT professionals. However, only 3.97% of these graduates are employable due to their lack of practical knowledge (Source: Aspiring Minds).

IIDE’s full stack programming course helps students cross this barrier by teaching them programming through hands-on training and live projects.

It is a 6-month program, thrice a week. This program helps their students to equip front-end and back-end development skills. The curriculum covers various UI/UX development, programming languages, deployment frameworks, testing frameworks and database management.

These skills are taught to their students through a live software curated by the course experts themselves. The software gives the students the various exercises they have to pass to move forward with instructions. If the student has entered the wrong code, the software gives immediate feedback to the student with the solution.

Though the course is fairly new, this futuristic way of teaching has surely fetched IIDE ample amount of students.

This program also involves industry training, live projects and training from leading industry experts. Upon successful completion of the course, you are awarded certification from IIDE and through their placement drive, they provide their students with 100% internship and job assistance.

The full stack development course has weekend and weekday batches and the fee for the course is INR 72,000 + taxes. Click here to download the course brochure.

Certification Courses

Apart from the two signature courses, IIDE also offers specialized short-term certification courses. It is recommended for students or working professionals who are interested in learning certain digital concepts individually.

Here is a list of certification courses offered by them. Each of these courses cost INR 6,500.

Name of the course Description Link to Course
WordPress Training
  • Understanding website elements
  • Domain and web hosting
  • Learning WordPress
  • WP plugin management
  • Incorporation of design elements
Click here
Content Strategy
  • Content bucketing
  • Social media calendar creation
  • Content strategy and tools
  • Relevancy and shareability of content
  • Content syndication
Click here
Search Engine Optimization
  • Search engine ranking factors
  • Page rank algorithm
  • On-page & off-page optimization
  • Keyword research and link building
  • SEO friendly content writing
Click here
Social Media Marketing
  • Social media advertising
  • Identifying target audiences
  • Campaign generation
  • PPC and CPM advertising
  • Marketing strategy for social media
Click here
Web Analytics
  • Understanding google analytics
  • Website visitor tracking
  • Decoding audience, behavior & acquisition report
  • Social media analytics
  • Heat mapping tools
Click here
Search Engine Marketing
  • Paid search versus organic search
  • Google Ad rank algorithm
  • Search and display network
  • Campaign management
  • Bidding on Google Ads
Click here

Apart from these, they also offer the following course.

Online Curriculum

After acing the offline space, they have moved on to online courses. They offer online courses via Udemy. Currently, they have the following two courses on Udemy:

#1 The Ultimate Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing Guide 2019

This course has been curated by Mr. Karan Shah himself. If you are curious about Facebook Ads or you want to learn how to make a Facebook Ad and get more customers for your business or a brand, this is the right course for you. It is completely free of cost.

#2 Complete Digital Advertising & Brand Strategy Guide

This course helps you in understanding how the brain processes information and how you can use it to create more favorable/memorable ads/content to increase your marketing return on ad/content investment. The fee for this course is only INR 640.

Trainers Overview

Rohan Mehta

CEO of the 250+ people strong digital marketing agency Social Kinnect. He is also a visiting faculty at many leading B schools in India.

Pratik Gupta

Listed under India’s impactful 40 under 40 list, he is the co-founder of Foxymoron, a digital advertising agency in Mumbai. He has a strong social media presence with thousands of followers across.

Varun Duggirala

Varun is the co-founder of Glitch – a new age digital marketing company in Mumbai. Varun speaks on content creation and content strategy at IIDE.

Ronak Rajani

Ronak is the founder of Mumbai Foodie – a travel and foodie blog page. Mumbai Foodie’s Instagram handle boasts over 369k followers and he speaks on Influencer marketing and Blogging.

Saurabh Khemka

With more than 6 years of industry experience, Saurabh is the director of Performance media at Performics.Convonix. His core area is on Affiliate marketing and Email marketing.

Rushabh Sheth

Rushabh was a Global Spam Operations Analyst at Facebook in the past. Currently, he resides in Mumbai and talks about mobile marketing at IIDE. He is also the VP for Growth in Next Labs.

Review snapshot on IIDE

IIDE is a remarkable institute for digital skills that truly fulfils the purpose of the courses offered. We can definitely say their courses are on par with Industry requirements.

Some of the key highlights are mentioned below from our observation:

  1. High profile trainers – IIDE’s faculty consists of founders, co-founders and heads of leading digital agencies in India. Their expertise has helped IIDE students mould themselves as working professionals of the future.
  2. Industry exposure – With the curriculum format and the faculty roped in, they offer their students’ case study based industry knowledge to the students apart from the theory.
  3. Course Package – They offer a 6-month extensive course for people who wish to learn the cusp of digital marketing or full stack programming as well as certificate courses for people who wish to take up only one module.
  4. Rich website – Their website not only carries information about their courses but also blogs about various digital trends. In addition, their knowledge portal also contains the best digital strategies made by their students.
  5. Limited Intake – Unlike most Indian classes, IIDE ensures their student intake per class does not exceed more than 40 students to maintain the student-teacher ratio.

These key factors make IIDE stand out from their competition in Mumbai. They are located in 3 locations in Mumbai as of now, but I will not be a surprise if we hear their name all across the country soon. Hence, I would recommend IIDE to any student, looking to take up any digital skill in the near future.

If you wish to apply at IIDE, you can reach out to them through the following contact information,


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