Instagram Ads Vs Facebook Ads: Which Is Better For Your Business?

INTRODUCTION To have a social media presence these days is not a luxury but an essential requirement for a brand. Have you ever wondered how some brands are close to its customers while others struggle to find a way to even reach out to them? Smart brands understand very quickly that customers are their key […]

instagram ads vs facebook ads for business


To have a social media presence these days is not a luxury but an essential requirement for a brand. Have you ever wondered how some brands are close to its customers while others struggle to find a way to even reach out to them? Smart brands understand very quickly that customers are their key while other brands work around it for a while before they realize the critical ingredient for their success.

Every brand is unique, and so are its customers. While an automobile brand has a majority of potential male customers, a beauty product has a majority of potential female customers. But off late, there hasn’t been discrimination based on the choice of products because, with time and full thought process, women too have started taking an interest in automobiles while there are men as well who believe a basic make-up is required before stepping out. The question here, however, has stopped revolving around the products as such but has moved to a broader and absolute term – Brand.

It is surprising how a brand plays a vital role in transforming a person’s life. Yes, while some are okay with any brand, there are people who would instead discard the usage of a product than switching brands. It is sometimes surprising how brands connect extremely with their customers that it becomes challenging after a point of time to create any negative impression about it in its customers’ minds. Such brands are a living example of how you must make your mark in the market. These brands can never be shaken even if a new competitor enters the market.

Gone are the days when brands had to rely on the billboard and commercial advertising marketing methods. Brands now have extremely focused on online marketing which is otherwise called digital marketing. As simple as it might sound, digital marketing is, in fact, one of the most sophisticated systems of marketing. It requires detailed and careful execution of campaigns. This is otherwise called Social media marketing plan.


Facebook is 16 years old while Instagram came into play much after that. But even with such a time difference, Instagram has made it to where Facebook is today keeping aside the fact that the former platform recently purchased the latter. Both platforms are unique in their ways. To go on a subtle comparison analysis, here are a few points:

● Facebook has twice the number of users as Instagram.
● Instagram is used mostly by people between the ages of 15-35 years while Facebook has older users and it covers a wide range of demographics
● Facebook has intense privacy settings about each post or update as well, while on the other hand, Instagram lets you go either wholly private or completely public.
● Facebook is for much detailed and sophisticated advertising, while Instagram is good for broad advertising. Instagram pops in Ads in a user’s account to grab their attention.
While both have their peculiar features, one must not forget that the two platforms are excellent to publish ads and present a more extensive reach for your brand.


Facebook is one of the most efficient online marketing platforms ever. The ‘add friends’ feature in it is a feature to bring in as many people aboard as possible as this increases the number of users in the market.

Facebook, if used in the right way, can yield excellent results to a business. It is the number one social platform used by companies. Large or small, established or a startup, Facebook provides a great chance and platform for any type of business. If you are just starting off, then this is the right option to consider. With money to spend is less than the daily commercial advertisements on broadcasts, Facebook is really pocket friendly and user friendly.

Here are some of the strong reasons that prove that Facebook satisfies all business needs:

Customer Relationship – Being the largest people’s platform, Facebook is great when it comes to establishing a strong customer base. Unlike other social media platforms, Facebook enables you to engage with your customers in a one-on-one format. This will ensure long term relations and trust.
Better market research – Now you no longer have to spend your precious hours in curating surveys about your product on other platforms. Instead, you can use Facebook insights to know better how to shout your brand. The Facebook analytics page provides sophisticated insights that will help you understand what customers think of your brand. This feature is available for both paid and free posts. Insights like demography, response to your posts, and other detailed options are available here. With Facebook, when you target the right customers, you are sure to get great results. Knowing more about your customers like age, the place they live in, gender, the language they speak, hobbies, education and so on helps you connect better.
Money – Like mentioned previously, if you are just starting out or if you are already established, Facebook is for all. You can save a substantial amount of money by opting for Facebook ads. An intensely curated social media marketing plan would definitely involve a low-cost marketing strategy.
Effective Targeting – The advertisement targeting available on Facebook is like none other. Be it any business; Facebook helps you narrow down to the exact right target that you need for your brand. Now say goodbye to unwanted coverage of people who might not even be interested in the kind of products you sell. Pay and focus only on that lot that showcases a great side of becoming a potential customer.
More Customers – Facebook is a platform that has millions of users, and they keep adding up every month as well. With this pace, soon Facebook will see an overflow of users which by the way actually can help businesses. More users mean more customers and more targeting and, in turn, more business.


There was a lot of speculation before the merger that this might happen. Looking at the steadily growing application, it was only a wise option to consider acquiring the giant that was coming to compete with Facebook and so on the right time, Facebook and Instagram’s acquisition happened.

This paved the way for a lot of technical questions. Now that both platforms are owned by one head will the applications also merge or what significant changes will Instagram have after this new move. But the best thing that happened was a boon to the business people. They were now able to put advertisements on Instagram, too through Facebook. All that had to do was to have a Facebook account. This way, many people who previously did not have Facebook were now required to sign up to it as a result of this merger. This way, Facebook saw a spike in its new users. Well, what changed in Instagram since then and how does it help brands now? With more than 25 million companies using Instagram for business, it stands next to Facebook in reaching out to potential customers. Let’s dive in and understand what some of the significant advantages that brands now have from this merger are.

Brand Awareness – While each of these platforms has their whopping amount of users, imagine the total number of customers that might be seeing your brand when you have a combined account with campaigns running in both of them. While there is one set of demography that is covered by Instagram, there’s a totally different set covered by Facebook. Through Facebook, Instagram works in creating broader brand awareness.
Advertising made easy – Instagram ads are posted through Facebook. And so if you want to do a business on Instagram, you have to have a Facebook account too, to have paid ads and other auditions that Facebook has.
Hassle-Free – With this new integration, it has now become easier to maintain both the accounts and manage campaigns and posts.

You have nothing to lose by merging your accounts on both platforms. It will only help you add more in brand building, boosting customer reach and creating great sales leads.


Well, what to say! It would be tremendous. In fact, combining both accounts will only help add to better perks and advantages.

Basics – Facebook is traditionally for long texts and multiple pictures to post. You have room to write descriptive words about your brand and make it more convincing to the customers. On the other hand, Instagram is for aesthetics and catchy captions. It is for when you want to keep things crisp and clean.

Engagement – Thought there are thousands of business pages on Facebook, it is only seldom that people actually engage with brands through Facebook. In most cases, they skim through the page and leave a query. On the other hand, Instagram does well with engaging customers.

This is mostly because pictures attract customers more, and so once they see compelling content on the brand’s Instagram page, they eventually tend to connect. On the other hand, it is Facebook that does well with video content. So it can be said that while a brand uses Instagram for portraying its images, Facebook is effective for video content, i.e., Video Ads.

Audience – If you want to target the millennial audience, you have to go with Instagram. Instagram and Facebook have almost the same demographic segmentation, but the former has more of a younger crowd as users. Advertising on Instagram will fetch you, possible young customers, while Facebook is dominated by middle-aged people.

Mobile Users – Facebook has a perfect responsive UI design. This makes it both mobile-friendly and desktop-friendly. The only difference in its mobile application would be the layout. You will still be able to view posts, comments and also that it has an exclusive app for messaging called Messenger, things are much easier on both screens.

Instagram, on the other hand, loses this very requirement of user interaction comfort, which is otherwise called responsive design. Instagram is not desktop-friendly and thus puts many limitations on its usage through a laptop or a desktop. Now, studies show that a majority of people use mobile phones and access social media through their smartphones.

This rules out the requirement for a desktop. And hence, whatever be the platform, you need to optimize your content, keeping in mind the responsive design it will have on a mobile phone.

Types of Ads – There are plenty of options on Facebook when it comes to posting ads. You will get to choose from video ads, image ads, collection ads, carousel ads, slideshow ads, canvas ads, lead generation ads, offer ads, post engagement ads, event response ads, and page likes. Unlike Facebook, Instagram has only four types of ads – photo ads, video ads, carousel ads and story ads. You can choose from depending upon the type of product or service you want to advertise.

Cost – Honestly speaking, advertising on social media is not cheap. Irrespective of the kind of platform it is, it does cost a fair price as the reach, and the visibility is vast and magnificent. But there are a few things that you can keep in mind if you want to spend wisely on an advertisement – for example, focus more on strategically planned ads and invest in them rather than investing in all ads, link a CTA to all your ads and let it direct to your website. This will help you have more engagement. Likewise, there are many other smart ways to create ads on Facebook. If you are not experienced enough, hiring a social media manager would be a great option!

Instagram Ads Vs Facebook Ads: AND THE WINNER IS…

Well, let’s not sideline either of these applications. Each of them is as important as the other. While Facebook is older, Instagram is a much younger platform. The choice for the platform, however, depends primarily on the nature of your campaigns or the kind of products or services you would like to advertise. The brand has to focus majorly on the demography, and like mentioned previously, both have a wide range of demographics to choose from.

There is no comparison to make to prove that Instagram is better than Facebook or vice-versa. The goal ultimately is to reach customers and have the highest amount of engagement. Also, ever since Facebook acquired Instagram, it has become extremely simple to manage a brand page on both these platforms. So, no matter what your posts or campaigns are, you always have an option to choose from!

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