Latest Digital Marketing Updates April 2024

Hi! This is Sorav Jain, your renowned digital marketing expert, speaker, and entrepreneur, bringing you the leading industry trends. As aspiring digital marketers, you must know staying on top of the latest social media trends is the key to driving engagement and growing your brand.

Hi! This is Sorav Jain, your renowned digital marketing expert, speaker, and entrepreneur, bringing you the leading industry trends. As aspiring digital marketers, you must know staying on top of the latest social media trends is the key to driving engagement and growing your brand. Lucky for you, I packed game-changing updates for April 2024.

From Instagram’s messaging upgrades to Facebook’s vertical video push and LinkedIn’s innovative ad solutions, get ready to level up your 2024 social strategy with insights on the hottest platform features and emerging best practices. Learn to ensure you’re ahead of the curve and delivering the most engaging content for your audience.

1. New Instagram DM Features: Message Editing, Chat Pinning, And More


You can now edit messages up to 15 minutes after sending them. Whether it’s a typo or something that doesn’t sound right, press and hold on to the sent message, then choose “edit” from the dropdown menu. Pin Chats to Top of Inbox: For chats with your best friends, family, or ones you want at the top of your inbox, you’ll soon be able to pin up to three group or 1:1 chats. To move a chat to the top of your inbox, swipe left or tap and hold on to the chat, then tap “pin”. You can choose to unpin a thread at any time.

2. Facebook Unveils A New Vertical Video Layout & Recommendations Algorithm


Facebook is embracing the TikTok trend with a new full-screen video player that will display all videos in a vertical format, similar to TikTok. This change aims to provide a more consistent viewing experience across the app.

When you tap on a video in the Facebook app, it appears in fullscreen, vertical orientation. This replaces the previous experience, in which videos could appear in different formats depending on their length or where you were watching them.

Additionally, you can flip your phone to watch most videos in landscape view. Facebook is also introducing new controls, including a simplified Reactions UI, an improved slider for scanning through clips, and easy jump-back and forward options.

The new fullscreen video player will also feature improved recommendations based on your interests. Meta, Facebook’s parent company, encourages creators to focus on high-quality and engaging videos, particularly Reels, as these are more likely to be recommended to viewers.
Overall, this update reflects TikTok’s ongoing influence on social media platforms. Many platforms are adopting similar features to meet users’ evolving preferences, especially those of younger audiences.

3. Linkedin Debuts Connected TV and Live Event Ads For B2B Marketing


LinkedIn has unveiled a new approach to live event promotion and its version of connected TV (CTV) advertisements to assist marketers in capitalising on the expanding trend of video consumption on and off the platform.

LinkedIn marketers may extend their reach beyond the app by activating video campaigns that will be shown on the TVs in their homes using CTV ads. This gives marketers access to experts via streaming services and connected TVs, giving their promotions TV-like reach.

Through a collaboration with NBCUniversal, LinkedIn Premiere allows marketers to reach American decision-makers through all of NBCUniversal’s premium streaming content on CTV. With the help of these new tools, marketers now have more options for using video promotions to reach their target audience and grow their campaigns.

4. Meta Tests Bonus Program To Boost Growth For Threads Creators


Meta is testing a new program called the Threads Bonus program, which pays some creators for their posts on the Threads app, similar to how it grew Reels on Instagram. This program aims to encourage creators to share engaging content more frequently. The program is invite-only, with a limited number of Threads creators being invited to participate. If invited, creators will receive a notification and an invite in their Professional Dashboard on the Instagram app. The details of the bonus program may vary by participant, and creators will need to set up bonuses on Instagram before the eligibility expires. This initiative could boost Threads’ growth by aligning top creators with the app.

5. Meta Implements Age Confirmation Checks For VR Users


Meta enhances its child protection measures in virtual reality (VR) by requiring all users on its Meta Quest Platform to confirm their age. Users over 13 can verify their age via credit card or government ID, while those under 13 need parental confirmation.

This measure aims to ensure appropriate experiences, settings, and protections are in place for teens and preteens using the Meta Quest platform. Meta has already implemented various measures to protect younger users, such as defaulting those under 18 into private profiles and providing parental supervision tools for teens aged 13-17.

Users aged 10-13 can only use a “preteen account” managed by their parents. Settings like activity, active status, and app usage are set to private. Parents have control over these settings and can block access to specific apps anytime.

This new age verification process will require users to confirm their age within 30 days or face restrictions on the platform.

6. YouTube Introduces AI-Powered Skip-Ahead Feature And New Tools For Live Streamers


To make content navigation easier for viewers, particularly on TV sets, YouTube has introduced AI-driven chapters, allowing users to skip to the most relevant video sections. By identifying logical and well-liked parts of a video, this function saves users from having to fast-forward to the next pertinent section manually.

YouTube is also releasing additional features for live streamers. Creators can gain insights into what appeals to viewers by observing audience reactions to their broadcasts through live responses. This data is available to creators in YouTube Studio’s analytics area.
Additionally, live streamers can now broadcast in high definition, improving the quality of their broadcasts. These changes aim to enhance the live-streaming experience for creators and viewers on YouTube.

7. Google Tests The Comments Button


Google appears to be testing a “comments” button in the Google Discover and Google Search interface. This test could involve replacing the notes button for search notes with comments to gauge if it increases user engagement.

8. Google Local Panel Results Test Toggle To The Following Result


Google is testing an arrow to toggle to the next local pack listing in search results. This feature appears after clicking on an individual local listing, allowing users to easily navigate to the next one with a click or swipe on mobile.

9. Google Tests Search Ads Carousel Slider


Google is experimenting with a new format for search ads, where the ads are displayed in a slider or carousel that allows users to swipe through different ads instead of scrolling past them. While this format may appeal to users, advertisers might be less enthusiastic about it.

10. Meta Tests DMs on Threads Via Instagram Inbox


Meta recently started testing direct messaging (DMs) on Threads but with a twist. Users can now see a “Message” button on Threads profiles, which allows them to send messages. However, these messages are not sent through Threads but are directed to the recipient’s Instagram inbox.  

This approach leverages Instagram’s infrastructure but needs to give Threads its messaging system, which some users might find disappointing. Despite hopes for an independent messaging function similar to Twitter’s, Threads chief Adam Mosseri confirmed that they are not developing a separate DM feature for Threads. 

This decision aligns with Meta’s broader strategy, initiated in 2019, to integrate Messenger, Instagram Direct, and WhatsApp into a unified messaging system. 

This integration simplifies management and maintains a connection between Instagram and Threads, which is essential as Threads aims to grow its user base.

11. X Offers New Incentives For Brands To Sign Up For X-Verified


X (formerly Twitter) unveiled a new promotion for brands this week: pay for a gold checkmark and get the equivalent in ad credits. For example, a business will receive $2,000 in X advertising credits if it purchases the Basic Verified Organisations package for $2,000 a year. The Full Access package, which costs $10,000 a year and offers further benefits like priority service and increased visibility, is similar.

This deal might be attractive for firms still active on X and intend to spend money on advertising there, even though some have moved away from the platform because of the controversy surrounding Elon Musk, the company’s owner. Essentially, brands are not just buying a checkmark but investing in additional features and advertising potential on X.

12. Meta Announces Updates For Messenger, Including Group Albums And HD Photos


With the latest versions of Messenger, Meta has added capabilities, including sharing HD photos, QR codes, and shared albums. By using the shared albums functionality, users can work together immediately in a group chat on photo collections. Any group member can upload their pictures to the album, which will appear in the chat stream as stacked tiles.

13. Meta Launches Info Hub To Ensure Developers Operate Within Its Rules


With an emphasis on openness and user data handling, Meta has introduced the “Responsible Platform Initiatives” site to assist developers in ethically using its API. This project comprises comprehensive explainers and guidelines to promote transparent data practices, safe app development, and increased user trust. Meta also frequently updates its recommendations for data usage to stay updated with privacy trends. In addition, Meta is launching video lessons to assist developers in comprehending and adhering to the platform’s data access specifications.

14. Threads Releases API Documentation Ahead Of The Planned June Launch


Threads is preparing to launch its API, allowing third-party platforms to support posting and scheduling on the app. Recently, Threads released the API documentation and announced the inclusion of post analytics. The API will enable users to authenticate, publish, manage replies, and access metrics like likes and views. Meta is also developing webhooks for real-time notifications of platform activities, enhancing the capability to manage Threads presence through external social media management apps. This development aims to simplify building and analyzing a Threads community.

15. Threads Test Trending Topic Highlights To Focus On Live Events


On its newly designed “Trending Topics” page, Threads added a notification to encourage in-the-moment participation in this event. Nevertheless, it’s noteworthy that Threads has focused on this incident only, frequently ignoring other breaking events. 

CEO of Threads Adam Mosseri has stated that to promote a better user experience, he would want to avoid news information and contentious political statements. 

However, this strategy can be a drawback for a platform that wants to function as a real-time social network, where the real value frequently resides in breaking news immediately.

16. Google Tests Sticky Sponsored Labels As You Scroll Down Search Ads


As you navigate the search results and past different Google Ads, Google tests a sticky sponsored label. When you return to those Google Ads, the sponsored labels resurface after disappearing as you navigate to the organic/free listings.

17. Google Search Shop All Deals Banner Shows On 40-50% Of Search Results


We have noticed a “Shop All Deals” banner-like advertisement in the Google Search results for e-commerce and other queries since last year’s holidays. Boyd Norwood from examined their statistics and discovered that this banner had appeared 40–50% of the time throughout the previous four months or so.

18. Bing Search Tests From Sources Across The Web


Bing is testing displaying in its Bing Search results the content that Google retrieves from other online sources. Based on your search, Bing lists possibilities and states it was “generated using AI.”

19. X Platform Announces Charges For Liking, Posting, And Commenting


X Daily News reports that X has updated its website text to include a small annual fee for new users to reduce bot activity. This fee has been tried in New Zealand and the Philippines. New users can pay this fee or wait three months before gaining full posting privileges, although they can still follow accounts and browse X for free.

 Elon Musk states that the fee will help manage spam and secure desirable usernames, with X planning to release millions of handles soon. The policy’s effectiveness against spam remains uncertain, as users can pay the fee or wait out the period.

20. Pakistan Bans Site X Over Security Concerns


Pakistan restricted access to the social media platform X, citing national security reasons. The Ministry of Interior confirmed the action in a court document, stating it was necessary due to the platform’s non-compliance with government directives and concerns about misuse. The decision was made to ensure public order and national security during the elections.

21. Threads Test Recent Search Filters To Provide Timely Results


Meta is currently experimenting with a fresh feature on Threads, enabling users to organize search results by “Recent” for easier access to the most recent posts. This feature, being tested with a select group of users, is designed to enhance the user experience by presenting posts more chronologically, as opposed to the algorithmically sorted “Top” feed. 

Adam Mosseri from Instagram has emphasized that although this update is beneficial, Threads will not prioritize news or political content to maintain a positive and entertainment-centric atmosphere. This strategy contrasts with X, which remains a popular choice for up-to-the-minute news and events.

22. X Introduces Swipe To Respond, Replacing Action Buttons


X is updating its user interface to adopt a more minimalistic approach. This involves eliminating the reply, like, and re-share buttons from the main feed. Instead, users will engage with posts through gestures: swiping right to reply, swiping left to like, and tapping and holding for other actions. This new strategy aims to simplify and streamline the feed, resulting in a visually cleaner interface.

 Elon Musk, the driving force behind these modifications, is confident that this refined design will improve the app’s overall look and user experience. However, the effects on user engagement and platform activity remain to be observed.

23. Meta Brings Advanced AI Chatbot To All Of Its Apps


Meta is introducing a fresh AI assistant, driven by its Llama 3 engine, on all its platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. This innovative AI feature, conveniently accessible through the search bar, empowers users to engage in conversational queries. Although Meta had previously launched a similar initiative with the M bot in 2017, which was later discontinued due to limited usage, the company is confident that the upgraded capabilities of the Llama 3 model will ensure more tremendous success and usefulness for users worldwide.

24. Google Search Console Adds Unused Ownership Tokens


Google Search Console has introduced a new security feature in its user and permission management section, designed to enhance control over ownership tokens. This update aims to help website administrators streamline access by managing and revoking permissions associated with unused or legacy ownership verifications. Doing so ensures that only current team members or relevant individuals retain access to the Search Console profiles, enhancing the overall security and integrity of website management.

25. Google Search Tests Thumbs Up/Down Buttons In Product Grid Results


Recently, Google introduced a new feature for product grid search results that includes thumbs-up and thumb-down buttons, allowing users to indicate their preferences. Initially tested in January, this feature enables Google to tailor future search results by understanding and adapting to user likes and dislikes. With this enhancement, Google aims to improve the relevance of the products displayed to users based on their feedback.

26. Google Business Profiles Register Your Defibrillator (AED)


Recently, Google emailed businesses, urging them to register their Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) with Google Business Profiles to help save lives. The company explained that registering AEDs could help emergency responders quickly locate these critical devices during a cardiac arrest emergency. It remains to be seen whether Google will integrate an AED icon into Business Profiles on Google Maps or if the details will only be added to the PulsePoint AED map, which EMTs use to find AED locations.

27. Google Tests Horizontal Lines For Site Links & People Also Ask


Google Search is currently experimenting with adding horizontal lines beneath site links, as well as the “People Also Ask” sections in search results. These lines extend across the entire snippet, providing a visual separator. Google is also testing a darker version of these lines for featured snippets.

28. Meta Offers A $5000 Bonus For Influencers To Post To Threads


Meta is ramping up its efforts to promote Threads, its emerging social media platform in the United States, by offering financial incentives to high-profile creators. As per social media expert Matt Navarra, Meta is providing selected creators from its other apps with the opportunity to earn up to $5,000 for posting on Threads. 

Moreover, creators who garner over 10,000 views on a single post may be eligible for additional payouts. However, this bonus program is exclusive and accessible only through invitation. Creators can access the invitation via a pop-up notification and an invite in their Professional Dashboard on the Instagram app. 

This strategic move aims to attract renowned creators who still need to join Threads, aligning with Meta’s broader objective of enhancing the platform’s engagement. Recently, Meta announced that Threads has amassed 20 million users since February, bringing its total monthly active users to 150 million. 

Although this is impressive, it still needs X’s 550 million MAU. By fostering a more positive and less politically charged environment, Meta aims to entice users seeking an alternative to other real-time social media platforms, potentially accelerating the growth of Threads.

29. Threads Add Hidden Words And Post Notification Controls


Threads is introducing new features to give users more control over their app experience. One of these features is the option to hide posts that contain specific words, phrases, or emojis from their feed, search results, and profile views.

In addition, Threads is rolling out a feature that allows users to mute notifications for interactions with their posts. This feature can be handy when users receive many messages from a popular post or when they want to avoid updates on interactions that may not be favourable.

Furthermore, Threads is currently testing new quote controls that allow users to decide who can quote their posts. Users will also have the ability to “unquote themselves” if others have mentioned them. These updates collectively enhance user autonomy, making the social media experience more tailored and manageable.

30. Threads Is Up To 150m Monthly Active Users


Meta recently revealed that Threads, its social app resembling Twitter, has exceeded 150 million monthly active users, a remarkable milestone.

 Introduced in July of the previous year, Threads strives to cultivate an environment that encourages positive and innovative discussions in the public sphere, setting itself apart from the often divided atmosphere found on platforms such as Twitter. A

With an impressive influx of 20 million new users within two months, Threads’ momentum is gaining traction, potentially presenting challenges for other platforms like X.

31. Threads Launches A Live Test Of Auto Post-Archiving


The Threads team is proceeding with testing an auto-archive feature for app postings despite user feedback. With the option to unarchive posts later if needed, this feature lets users manually archive individual posts or automatically archive all posts after a predetermined amount of time. When the idea was first presented, there was a lot of criticism, but Threads CEO Adam Mosseri made it clear that this was a choice. Although some users may find the move perplexing, Mosseri thinks it fits broader social media trends, where users are increasingly choosing private group discussions over public postings.

32. Google Delays Cookie Phase-Out Once Again


In response to concerns expressed by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) of the United Kingdom, Google has again delayed the deprecation of third-party cookies. The CMA voiced concerns regarding the effects on Google’s rivals and the digital marketing sector. Despite Google’s efforts to comply with the CMA’s requests, all concerns still needed to be fully addressed. 

33. Meta Announces Updates To Ray-Ban Smart Glasses


With the release of a new upgrade, multimodal AI has improved the functioning of Meta’s Ray-Ban smart glasses. With this feature, users may ask their glasses questions about their surroundings and get immediate answers. Additionally, the upgrade has translation capabilities, which may be very handy for tourists. This feature, first tested in December and added to include popular landmark information in March, is currently accessible for all Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses in the United States and Canada in beta. The smart glasses will also include new designs and connections for live video calling via Meta’s messaging apps.

34. Google Search Offers 16 Bike Options In Top Shopping Ads


Mike Hardaker recently shared a screenshot revealing Google’s shopping ad spot at the top of search results, showcasing 16 bike options. This abundance of choices prompts reflection on the age-old wisdom that while having choices is beneficial, an excess of options may not always be advantageous.

35. Google Tests The Posts Button In The Local Listing Business Profile


Within the Google Business Profile local listing panel’s button carousel, Google is testing the appearance of a “Post” button. This implies that in addition to phone, directions, share, and save buttons, you may also notice a “Post” button when viewing your business in Google Search. In addition, this carousel might also have an “Edit” button. These buttons are typically found above the listing where you can manage your local company, but Google is currently experimenting with putting “Posts” and maybe “Edit” in this bar instead.

36. Google Tests Discussion And Forum Questions With Answers Box


Google is experimenting with displaying answers in the Discussions and Forums section of search results. When users search for a question, Google will show it, followed by a shaded box containing one of the selected answers directly underneath.


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