Latest Digital Marketing Updates December 2023

Joy to the Digital Marketing world that the Bard’s latest Gemini update has come. With a highly advanced model & powerful multimodal reasoning capabilities, Gemini is built for adaptability, with three different sizes—Ultra, Pro, and Nano. Meanwhile, Facebook achieved a record of 3.049 billion MAU & Meta’s Threads is finally available on desktop. Let’s unwrap […]


Joy to the Digital Marketing world that the Bard’s latest Gemini update has come. With a highly advanced model & powerful multimodal reasoning capabilities, Gemini is built for adaptability, with three different sizes—Ultra, Pro, and Nano.

Meanwhile, Facebook achieved a record of 3.049 billion MAU & Meta’s Threads is finally available on desktop. Let’s unwrap these digital presents & grow beyond the snow as the season of joy brings the perfect chance to test innovative strategies and conquer the market.

Here’s a list of this month’s #newthingsindigital

1. Threads Roll Out Topic Tags To Users


Threads subject tags are now widely available to all users globally, following trials in particular areas in recent weeks. This feature provides users with new ways to find relevant topics within the app.

Threads topic tags, similar to hashtags but with a distinction, aim to direct conversations and create more focused participation on a range of themes, according to Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri. Threads subject tags were introduced cautiously, showing the platform’s dedication to building a good atmosphere while minimising the possibility of such capabilities being abused.

2. Threads Add A New Link For Tracking Referral Traffic


Instagram has launched a separate and exclusive domain for Threads, distinguishing it from the central Instagram platform. This distinction makes tracking referral traffic generated by your Threads postings easier.

According to Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, users can now obtain extensive details on referral traffic created by Threads using their preferred analytics apps. This information will most likely be available for many users in the Google Analytics “Acquisition” area.

As brands continue to elevate Threads as a critical focus, understanding and analysing referral traffic through this dedicated domain becomes increasingly vital. This information is essential for developing compelling Threads strategies and identifying the appropriate effort to devote to the platform.

3. Threads To Be Available For European Users Next Week


According to The Verge, European Instagram users can now access a countdown timer on, implying that Threads will be available in the EU soon. Despite Meta’s lack of an official notification, the countdown clock is only visible to European users. EU users can also find a digital invitation to Threads by Googling ‘ticket’ in the Instagram app.

This strategy is comparable to the initial Threads launch in July, which included similar Easter eggs and signs indicating the release date.

Threads’ European debut was delayed owing to changing data privacy restrictions in the European Union. The timing of adopting the new standards has caused extra development issues for the Threads team, necessitating efforts to ensure compliance with the upgraded parameters. 

4. Meta Messenger Rolls Out Default End-To-End Encryption


Meta has moved on to the next stage of its plan to make end-to-end (E2E) encryption the default setting in Messenger. According to Meta, this update required a complete rebuild of the programme from the ground up, with a greater emphasis on privacy. This fundamental redesign gives consumers more confidence that their private discussions will remain safe, guaranteeing that the material remains private even if Meta or another party attempts to intrude.

5. LinkedIn Launches’ Guide To Creating’ To Provide More Tips For Members


LinkedIn is implementing a new content-sharing strategy to assist users in increasing their engagement within the app and amplifying their online presence. This campaign is especially timely, given the substantial increase in LinkedIn participation in recent years.

According to recent research, there will be a 41% year-over-year growth in the sharing of original content on LinkedIn in 2022, with the platform continuously reporting “record levels” of engagement. LinkedIn has experienced increased activity as organisations explore other avenues for online engagement in the face of disruptions.

Given these tendencies, evaluating and optimising your LinkedIn profile for optimum 

engagement is prudent. LinkedIn’s newly launched “Guide to Creating” provides helpful suggestions and insights directly from the network and practical recommendations for improving your skills.

6. Whatsapp Launches ‘View Once’ For Audio Messages


WhatsApp adds the “View Once” capability for voice messages to its existing text update functionality. Contrary to its name, it is effectively “Listen Once” for audio messages. “We introduced View Once for photos and videos back in 2021 to add another layer of privacy to your messages,” WhatsApp says. Today, we’re pleased to announce that you can now send a voice message that will be deleted once it has been listened to.” You can now send voice messages that disappear after only one play.

7. Meta Adds More Generative AI elements, Including Post Prompts And Image Creation In-Stream


For the Christmas season, Meta has introduced many new generative AI features, including in-stream graphic creation choices, AI post prompts, and expanded availability of its virtual avatars.

To begin, Meta is incorporating its “Imagine” text-to-image tool into its app, giving users another way to create graphics using Meta’s growing algorithms. Furthermore, the business is improving Imagine’s chat capabilities, allowing users to fine-tune personalised images live in the conversation stream.

8. Bard Gets Its Most Significant Upgrade Yet With Gemini


Gemini, a highly advanced model with powerful multimodal reasoning capabilities, was introduced today. Gemini is built for adaptability, with three different sizes—Ultra, Pro, and Nano—allowing it to work smoothly across multiple platforms, from data centres to mobile devices.

Gemini is being integrated into the system as part of a substantial upgrade for Bard. This rollout will be placed in two stages: Initially, Bard will use a specially tuned version of Gemini Pro in English, which will improve his reasoning, planning, comprehension, and other skills. Furthermore, we will launch Bard sophisticated early next year, giving users early access to our most sophisticated models and features, beginning with Gemini Ultra.

9. Google SGE Tests Export To Gmail & Google Docs


Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) is currently testing a feature allowing users to export their queries’ replies to Gmail and Google Docs. This feature is accessed via an export button on the query field’s left side.

10. Instagram Offers Options With Custom “Add Yours” Templates


Instagram allows users to craft their “Add Yours” templates within the app, presenting a fresh avenue to cultivate engagement through tailored parameters.

In this updated feature, users can generate reusable iterations of their Story formats, allowing for the assembly of personalised quizzes, prompts, and more using existing in-stream tools. Crafting an “Add Yours” template involves incorporating desired GIFs, text, or images into your Story. Subsequently, users can access the “Add Yours Templates” option from the sticker tray, selecting elements to pin as integral components of the template.

Furthermore, Instagram users can leverage the platform’s templates, either as a foundational structure or for creative inspiration.

11. Instagram Tests Adding Notes To Feed Posts


Given the relative popularity of Notes among younger users, it stands to reason that Instagram is making every effort to capitalise on the feature. Instagram launched 2-second looping videos to Notes this week, adding another interaction option to its top-of-inbox prompts.

And it’s already testing another feature that allows users to add notes to their regular feed postings in the app.

Instagram is internally investigating the ability to add a note during the post-upload flow, as seen in this example uploaded by app researcher Ahmed Ghanem, which would provide an additional piece of context to your postings. Viewers would then tap on the profile bubble on a post to see that Note, which could be another way to prompt engagement in the app.

12. Instagram Adds Looping Video To Notes, New Note Reply Options


Instagram is adding interesting new capabilities to its inbox Notes to increase spontaneous interaction within the app. The addition of video Notes is a vast improvement. You can now put a 2-second looping video in your Instagram Direct display while creating a Note. This dynamic element will be visible in the Notes tray of your mutual followers or Close Friends for 24 hours, adding a vivid and active touch to your top-of-inbox prompts. This improvement is likely to raise interest in your updates.

Furthermore, Instagram is expanding the ways users can respond to Notes. Users can now reply with music, photographs, videos, GIFs, stickers, and text. This expanded range of response options enriches the interaction process, allowing.

13. Meta Rolls Out Initial Threads Interoperability Through Activitypub


Meta is moving on with its plan to make Threads interoperable via a decentralised protocol. Thread content and profiles will soon be available via other fediverse-based apps. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, has announced the testing of a new procedure that will allow Threads material to be viewable on Mastodon and other ActivityPub-based systems, connecting Threads to the more significant diverse notion.

The fediverse, for those unfamiliar with the word, is a network of multiple servers that work together to provide a more open form of social media access. No single platform or company has centralised control in this decentralised paradigm. Each instance can build its own rules, algorithms, and systems, giving the social media landscape more autonomy and diversity.

14. Threads Adds A Light Mode Option In The Desktop Version Of The App


Threads has added a new feature to the app’s desktop version that allows users to switch to light mode. To make this change, go to “Settings” and “Switch Appearance” to switch between light and dark modes on your desktop PC.

While the mobile app supports light and dark modes, the option is not directly accessible from the Threads app settings. Instead, the Threads app will use your device’s default light and dark mode settings. You can adjust these settings within your device options if you wish to change them.

15. Whatsapp Introduces Pinned Chats For Essential Discussion Elements


WhatsApp is adding a new feature that allows you to pin a message or part within a chat, allowing you to prioritise specific conversations or reminders in your WhatsApp stream.

Pining a conversation in your WhatsApp stream will remain at the top of the chat window as members browse, allowing for quick reference and involvement. You can pin a chat for 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days, and this function also allows you to pin polls, photographs, emoticons, and other features.

This feature is excellent for keeping users focused on significant events, times, or conversations inside the chat, facilitating communication and organisation.

16. YouTube Partners With Third-Party Verifiers For Shorts Ad Placements


Integral Ad Science (IAS) and DoubleVerify are expanding their brand safety and suitability measurement capabilities to include YouTube Shorts inventory, allowing YouTube advertisers to have more trust in their YouTube Shorts campaigns. It is a massive step towards improving the effectiveness of short promotions.

This new option provides advertisers with greater assurance about the positioning of their Shorts commercials and the acceptability of content adjacent to them inside the Shorts stream. YouTube Shorts has seen incredible growth, increasing by 120% yearly and boasting over 70 billion daily views. As a result, advertisers are eager to capitalise on this trend, and YouTube offers several Shorts ad alternatives and the ability for Shorts artists to earn money from their work.

17. Google Confirms Business ‘Openness’ As A Local Ranking Factor


According to Google Search Liaison, the importance of ‘openness’ as a significant ranking signal for local search has increased. Falsely listing 24/7 hours could have negative consequences as Google adjusts its ranking signals. It is crucial to keep the operating hours up to date in Google Business Profiles for better visibility and an improved customer experience.

18. Bing Chat / Copilot Is Now Testing The Notebook Feature


According to Google Search Liaison, the importance of ‘openness’ as a significant ranking signal for local search has increased. Falsely listing 24/7 hours could have negative consequences as Google adjusts its ranking signals. It is crucial to keep the operating hours up to date in Google Business Profiles for better visibility and an improved customer experience.

19. Instagram Continues To Test Ways To Use Notes


Instagram is currently in the testing phase of a new feature called “Profile Notes.” This feature allows users to add temporary notes to their profiles for three days. Mutual followers can leave these notes, providing an additional way for users to communicate within the app.

The project was initially observed in its early testing phase under “Wonder Wall,” leading to playful references to the band Oasis. With Profile Notes, users can add notes to each other’s profiles, creating a section where others can view and engage with these notes. This functionality is reminiscent of inbox notes, which have been popular among younger users and can serve as a simple engagement prompt among friends.

20. Meta Enhances Messaging Interoperability for EU Compliance


Meta is working on integrating third-party messaging apps into Messenger, giving users new options to connect with others. This action is in response to the new EU Digital Markets Act (D.M.A. ), which mandates platforms like Meta to make their systems available to third-party apps. Platforms considered “gatekeepers” under the D.M.A. must allow connection with third-party services to provide users with additional alternatives and control. While this requirement applies to Messenger, it may have a disproportionate impact on EU users, resulting in differing levels of interoperability for individuals outside of Europe.

21. Threads Progresses To The Advanced Testing Phase For Its API


Threads is gaining popularity, particularly among journalists, and implementing an API will be the subsequent extensive development. This API will enable direct publication to Threads, scheduling, and third-party statistics. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said the company is working on a write API for Threads, allowing third-party publishers to post to the platform. This is especially beneficial for social media administrators who wish to incorporate Threads into their management activities. The Threads write API is being tested in real-time and will soon be accessible for partner and independent developers to investigate more. While Threads intends to integrate the ActivityPub API in the future to improve connection, it is not a priority now.

22. Instagram Introduces A Feature To Restrict Profile Image Expansion


Instagram just introduced a new tool that allows users to select whether or not others may expand their profile image. This option adds extra privacy protection by allowing users to block access to a close-up view of their profile image.

 23. Threads Develop Text Styles And Animations For New Year’s In-Stream Content


Threads is working on adding Instagram-inspired coloured lettering for New Year’s texts, as well as a confetti launcher icon that will shower digital confetti over the screen. This decision is consistent with Instagram’s strategy of introducing celebratory features for various occasions, such as the birthday confetti effect for users who share their birthdate and the rainbow Stories circle during Pride Month. These features are intended to increase user participation during exceptional events. Threads strategically promote greater contact, hoping to establish itself in the competitive social media scene, given the significant surge in social media activity during New Year’s celebrations.

24. Meta’s VR Avatars To Include Tongue Movement Recognition


According to UploadVR, the most recent version of Meta’s VR framework has a new feature: the ability to track tongue movements when wearing a VR headset. This advancement means that shortly, your virtual reality avatar can mirror your tongue motions, increasing the authenticity of the virtual reality experience.

While this may appear unusual, it is worth noting that it is consistent with Meta’s other initiatives, such as their studies with brain-computer interfaces designed to read thoughts, which some may find even more bizarre.

25. Google Top Stories Adds Video Labels


Google has added a new tool that displays video labels or indicators for specific news items within Google Search’s top stories section. To indicate the presence of a video element, these video labels are placed beneath the clip of the news story.

Shalom Goodman made this finding and uploaded a photograph on X showcasing this new development. “I’ve noticed this video button appearing in recent Google search results,” he said. Google has provided yet another strong indication that the page contains video content.

26. Google Search Tests New Health / Medical Design


Google is testing a unique style and layout for its medical and health-related mobile search results. This unique design is similar to prior user interface experiments in that it has a colourful and boxed-in structure.

27. Google Tests Search Snippet Overlay With Site Preview


Google could explore a new search result snippet interface that overlays additional information about the search snippet. When you hover over a search result, it acts like a preview function.

Bing has been doing this for quite some time with their search result previews. And Google has done the same with image search result previews.

28. X Shares New Data On Its Efforts To Combat CSAM In The App


Amid rising worries about the platform’s updated approach to content moderation, which has led to an increase in offensive and harmful posts remaining on the App, there has been a growing concern among ad partners, prompting many to suspend their campaigns. In response to these concerns, the company is now making efforts to clarify its actions in a critical area that Elon Musk had prioritised.

The latest update from the company highlights its initiatives to eliminate child sexual abuse material (CSAM). The company claims that it has significantly reduced CSAM through enhanced processes over the past 18 months. Despite conflicting reports from third parties, the raw data suggests that the company has intensified its efforts to detect and address CSAM.

29. Meta’s Threads Finally Available On Desktop


To gain a competitive advantage over X (formerly known as Twitter), Meta has introduced the web version of its latest text-first social media platform, Threads.

Threads’s long-awaited web version is poised to improve the platform’s usability for brands, influencers, corporates, and marketers.

According to Meta, the shift will provide users with more accessibility and functionality, further strengthening Threads’ position in the social media market. Threads’ mobile-only version was released on July 6 for Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS operating systems.

“The community here is on the right track, and I expect to build a thriving long-term app.” There’s a lot of work ahead, but I’m excited about the team’s pace of shipping,” stated Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

30. Facebook Hits Record 3.049 Billion Monthly Active Users In Q3 2023


Facebook reached a massive milestone in the third quarter of 2023, hitting 3.049 billion monthly active users. This record figure represents a significant increase in the platform’s user base, indicating the platform’s sustained popularity and extensive adoption globally. Facebook’s increasing features, increased internet accessibility, and function as a significant platform for social interaction and digital marketing could all be credited to its expansion.

31. Google Reduces The Number Of Image Boxes Displayed In Search Results


Google’s search results may be showing fewer picture boxes. SimilarWeb’s RankRanger and Semrush tools show a significant decrease in the number of image boxes Google displays in search results.

Previously, SimilarWeb/RankRanger reported that Google displayed picture boxes for 17 to 12% of the queries the program tracks; today, it appears for only 5% of inquiries.

32. Google Shows Author Icons, Site Favicons, And Site Names In Article Carousel


Google now displays the author name icons on the profile page and a site’s favicon and site name on articles in the article carousel. As a result, the article carousel snippets now have two favicon-like icons rather than one.

So, in the article carousel, Google now displays both the site’s favicon and name, as well as the author profile page symbol. As a result, two favicons are overlapping.

“A slight but interesting change in the Articles carousel for journalists/authors,” Glenn Gabe said on X. The carousel now contains two favicons. One is for the author’s initial letter, and another is for the publication. 

33. Google Tests ‘Follow This Search’ Feature Beside The ‘More Results’ Button


Google is testing a new feature called “Follow This Search,” which sits above the Google Explore section alongside the “More Results” button. This function is an expansion of a follow capability that Google previously disclosed.

The idea behind “Follow This Search” is to give users a more personalised and dynamic search experience. Users who follow a specific search may receive updates or fresh content connected to their search query. It could be especially beneficial for often updated topics or for keeping track of ongoing advancements in areas of interest.

Including this feature in the search results page demonstrates Google’s ongoing attempts to improve user engagement and provide more targeted content.

34. Bing Search Introduces Expandable Sections For Page Insights


Bing’s Page Insights function, represented by a light bulb icon, has received a significant change. This update gives consumers additional flexibility over the overlay page previews that appear when they use Bing’s search. Previously, these previews displayed information statically; however, with the new version, users can now collapse or expand individual portions inside these previews.

This update improves the user experience by increasing flexibility. When you search on Bing and the Page Insights light bulb emerges, it will initially show all the information in an expanded view. However, if you find the detailed preview to be clearer or wish to focus on specific parts of the information, you can now collapse sections you’re less interested in. It makes navigating and digesting the information presented in the preview easier.

35. Google Search Shows A “Shop By Price” And Shop By Brand” Carousel In Search Results


Google Search has added new shopping-related query tools, including “shop by price” and “shop by brand” possibilities. Within the search results, these are displayed as carousels and accordion boxes. Previously available in the search bar for purchasing, these filters are now conveniently shown among the main search results, increasing the shopping experience directly from the search page.

36. Bing Tests Trending Labels In Visually Explore Box


Microsoft Bing is experimenting with a new feature in its search results, where a “trending” label appears in the visually explore box for certain searches. This label is displayed when Bing identifies a topic as trending. The feature was first noticed by Khushal Bherwani and then observed by Shameem Adhikarath a day later.


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