Latest Digital Marketing Updates March 2024

Prepare to be amazed, my fellow digital marketing experts & enthusiasts. I've got the latest digital marketing trends that will blow your mind.


Is the Future of AI doomed? Well, Google plans to purge AI-generated SEO content for cleaner search results. They are also testing new filter options on GMB profiles for hotels.

I’ve got some more shocking and interesting news for you guys this month. Meta announces the shutdown of its Crowdtangle monitoring app! And Instagram launches new DM updates, Including message editing & pinned chats.

It’s time for you to start ahead of the curve! Plan your digital strategies accordingly for guaranteed success.

1. Threads Expands Saved Posts To All Users


Threads has recently introduced a “Save” feature for all its users, allowing them to bookmark interesting posts they wish to view again later. This feature is accessible through the three-dot menu on any post within the app’s latest version. Once a post is saved, users can easily find it under their profile menu options, mirroring the functionality found on Instagram for accessing saved posts.

This addition is part of Threads’ ongoing efforts to enhance its platform, despite Instagram’s head, Adam Mosseri, expressing scepticism about the feature significantly influencing overall app usage. However, he acknowledges it as a positive update for those utilizing it.

Additionally, Mosseri highlighted last month that the Threads team is working on incorporating
more user-requested features, such as bookmarks, lists, and trending topics. Despite his reservations, these developments aim to enrich the user experience on Threads.

2. Threads Launches API Live Test For Content Scheduling


    Exciting developments for social media professionals: Meta’s Twitter-esque platform, Threads, is now in the live testing phase of its API with select partners, introducing capabilities such as post-scheduling within the app. Jesse Chen, an engineer at Threads, revealed that after months of development, the platform collaborates with various third-party services to test its API.

    This advancement unlocks numerous new features, notably the ability to schedule posts. This functionality simplifies content management for brands and publishers on Threads, potentially increasing their activity on the platform. Moreover, introducing analytics will offer businesses additional tools to enhance their engagement strategies on Threads, positioning it as a more significant component of their social media efforts.

    3. X Launches Live Test Of Video In Spaces


    The new video Spaces feature from X, presently only accessible to a small number of X Premium users, has entered a live testing phase. As demonstrated by DogeDesigner, this upgrade enables users to activate video during Spaces sessions.
    Users may add video to the Spaces window by activating their device’s camera during setup by selecting the “Enable video” option.

    With the addition of live video interactions, Space conversations take on a new dimension that can provide valuable context to discussions. It’s beneficial for in-the-moment conversations on current affairs because it lets hosts provide live images or news reports, which promotes deeper dialogue in the audio stream. Additionally, companies can present new goods or behind-the-scenes glimpses, and industry gatherings can stream live, expanding the reach for audience engagement.

    The introduction of video Spaces opens up various possibilities for user engagement and content sharing. With Elon Musk announcing the arrival of video Spaces in December and details on guest participation, it will be intriguing to observe how this feature evolves and the creative ways users will leverage it.

    4. Threads Chief Proposes Auto-Archiving User Posts After 30 Days


    The debate over whether social media posts should be permanent or temporary, similar to Snapchat’s disappearing updates, has been ongoing within social media communities. This discussion has gained traction, especially as some celebrities and high-profile individuals have faced backlash for their past social media comments.

    Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, proposed an idea during a visit to Korea, suggesting that posts on Threads could automatically archive after 30 or 90 days. This idea stems from the observation that people use Threads to share more genuine and raw content. Mosseri’s proposal is based on the premise that not all content shared on social media needs to be preserved indefinitely, especially considering that past posts can sometimes lead to negative consequences.

    However, a poll conducted by Mosseri indicated that this is not a widely accepted view. Some users prefer to keep their social media posts as a historical record, reflecting on different times. This preference aligns with Meta’s strategy of engaging users with “On this day” reminders on Facebook.

    The trend of sharing fewer personal updates on social platforms and opting for private group chats suggests a growing concern over the permanence of online posts. Mosseri’s suggestion for an auto-delete feature addresses this concern, encouraging more open sharing by alleviating fears of long-term repercussions.

    Whether Mosseri will pursue this auto-archive feature for Threads remains to be seen, especially in light of mixed user feedback.

    5. YouTube Expands Access To Its ‘Create’ Mobile Video Editing App


    Starting today, YouTube is expanding the availability of its “Create” video editing software for Shorts to several new countries, including the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Taiwan, Thailand, and Turkey.

    “YouTube Create” is a free app that was unveiled at YouTube’s “Made On” event in September of last year. It provides a range of editing features to enable users to create more complex videos quickly. The program has features to cut out background noise, apply filters, effects, and transitions, and add auto captions in Hindi, English, and Spanish. In addition, users can upload their original music and sound effects to YouTube as Shorts or longer videos and access a collection of royalty-free music. It’s basically YouTube’s version of CapCut, offering extensive editing tools to improve and personalize video content.

    6. Elon Musk Teases Xmail As Gmail Alternative Amid Shutdown Hoax


    Following a hoax claiming Gmail would shut down, Elon Musk suggested launching an alternative email service, “XMail,” through his platform X (formerly Twitter). The rumour, which suggested Gmail’s discontinuation in August 2024, was debunked by Google, clarifying “Gmail is here to stay.” However, Google is transitioning from the basic HTML view to a ‘Standard’ view, aligning with its Material Design theme. Amidst this, some users expressed interest in switching to XMail, citing lost trust in Gmail, while others plan to use Gmail for less critical emails.

    7. Google Analytics Adds New Default Google Ads Report


    Google Analytics has introduced a new default report for Google Ads within its performance reporting section, available to users who have linked their Google Analytics 4 (GA4) profile with their Google Ads account. This update was highlighted by Thomas Eccel on X (formerly Twitter), noting the “Google Ads” Report’s addition to GA4, a feature familiar to users from Universal Analytics (UA) but now implemented in GA4.

    8. Google Local Panels Design With Expandable Menus


    Google is now introducing expandable menus and information sections to the local panels on the right side of the desktop interface, a feature previously available for standard knowledge panels. Amy Toman shared on X that she observed the “dynamic tabs” functionality, initially spotted on mobile, now on desktop Google Business Profiles (GBP). These dropdown menus direct users to searches related to pricing, business names, and reviews, similar to their mobile counterparts.

    9. Google Structured Data Carousels Beta Documentation Added


    Google has introduced beta documentation for a new structured data feature called the host carousel. This feature allows for a carousel-style rich result where users can scroll horizontally to view various items from the same website, known as a host carousel.

    10. Instagram Launches New DM Updates, Including Message Editing & Pinned Chats


    Instagram has announced new Direct Messaging (DM) features to enhance messaging usage. These updates reflect a shift towards personal engagement in private chats, as users post less to the main feed.  

    One of the key features is message editing, allowing users to update their DMs within 15 minutes of sending, similar to WhatsApp’s existing functionality. 

    It aligns with Meta’s plan to merge its messaging tools into a single platform, ensuring app feature parity. Instagram allows users to pin up to three chats to the top of their DM inbox for easier access to meaningful discussions. Users can also enable read receipts for all DM chats or specific threads.

    Furthermore, new chat themes have been added for customization. Lastly, Instagram has introduced the ability to save favourite stickers, keeping them at the top of the sticker tray for quick access when composing DMs.

    11. Meta Outlines Technical Requirements For Messaging Interoperability In Europe


    Meta is finalizing updates to Messenger and WhatsApp to comply with new E.U. anti-monopoly regulations. Users will soon be able to receive messages from non-Meta services, like Signal or Line, in their Messenger or WhatsApp inboxes. However, this process involves complex requirements.

    Third-party providers must sign agreements with Messenger and WhatsApp, including strict connection requirements. Meta can remove connections if violations occur, giving it control over how these systems link to its messaging back-end.

    Full end-to-end encryption (E2EE) is also essential, ensuring Meta does not weaken user security. These cha

    12. Threads Make Drafts And In-Stream Cameras Available To All Users


    Threads has officially announced the rollout of its new in-stream camera and post-draft options to all users after testing them in selected regions over the past few weeks.

    The new in-stream camera allows users to take photos directly within the app, although video capture has yet to be available. Additionally, users can save an in-progress post as a draft, which can be accessed later via the bottom compose button. However, users can only hold one draft post at a time.

    While these updates may not represent a significant shift, they indicate Threads’ progress in aligning itself with other leading social media platforms. As Threads continues to add more features, it is expected to provide users with more options for interaction and engagement.

    13. YouTube Unveils Secrets Behind Mrbeast’s Team Creating Engaging Thumbnails


    Chucky Appleby, the creative force behind MrBeast’s thumbnails, was recently interviewed by YouTube to share tips on optimizing thumbnails to get more attention on the platform. MrBeast, well-known for paying close attention to titles and thumbnails, is said to invest over $10,000 on each thumbnail and produce up to 20 different versions for every upload.

    Building audience trust is essential, in Appleby’s opinion. To uphold credibility and encourage repeat viewing, thumbnails should faithfully depict the videos’ content. Since 

    YouTube viewers can quickly go on to other videos if their expectations have yet to be realized, it is essential to align the thumbnail with the introduction of the video.

    Brand consistency is also emphasized as being crucial. By including Jimmy’s face in each thumbnail, MrBeast has cultivated a devoted following. Viewers who trust Jimmy based on previous videos are likelier to click on videos featuring his face, leading to higher engagement.

    In conclusion, focusing on trust, delivering thumbnail promises quickly, and maintaining consistency in branding are vital strategies to maximize thumbnails for more attention on YouTube.

    14. Google Launches New Approach To Marketing Mix Modeling


    A new open-source tool named “Meridian” for Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) has been released by Google to assist marketers in better measuring their efforts across several channels. MMM measures the effectiveness of marketing initiatives based on reaction, reach, and other variables by mathematical computations.

    Meridian wants to provide teams with the tools to create cutting-edge MMMs that improve business results. It offers data elements, including YouTube frequency and reach, and indexed Google query volume data. Google also provides users with technical FAQs and educational materials.

    Meridian’s transparency is one of its main characteristics. Users can change the model’s code and settings to suit their business needs, and they have complete control over it. Customization and iterative development are made possible by this flexibility.

    With the changing landscape of data tracking, including the phase-out of tracking cookies, marketers seek better measurement options for optimizing performance ROI.

    15. Google To Purge AI-Generated SEO Content For Cleaner Search Results


    Google is stepping up its efforts to take down low-quality content that appears on websites with a lot of authority and AI-generated SEO content. By removing artificial intelligence (AI)-)-generated content that tampers with search algorithms; these changes seek to enhance the quality of search results.

    This crackdown represents a significant change in Google’s strategy, as algorithmic enhancements aim to target three categories of content abuse, including artificial intelligence (AI)-generated automated content. With this endeavour, we aim to improve the overall standard of online material and ensure that naturally occurring, high-quality content appears higher in search results.

    16. Google Maps Hides View Counts On New Reviews


    Google Maps has changed and will no longer display the number of views a review receives. While you can still see the view counts for older reviews, new reviews will not show this information.

    Curtis Boyd noticed this change and shared it on X, suggesting that Google might be preparing for new laws regarding fake reviews.

    17. Google Tests More News Topics Button


    Google is testing a new button in the search results, specifically under the top stories news results, that allows users to explore “more news topics.” Punit shared a screenshot of this button on Mastodon, indicating that this feature may be new as others have not replicated it.

    18. Google Officially Announces Ads Solutions In The Tools Section After Testing


    Google has officially announced the launch of Google Ads Solutions, which allows advertisers to generate reports, automate management tasks, and more. This feature is accessible to all advertisers and does not require technical skills or coding knowledge.

    With Google Ads Solutions, advertisers can:

    • Filter data by campaign, ad group, keyword, or other dimensions
    • Set flexible budgets
    • Manage negative keyword lists throughout their account
    • Sort data by any metric
    • Export reports to CSV and XLSX formats
    • Solutions enable the creation of automated and customized workflows without modifying code. 

    19. Meta Launches Expanded Testing Of Landmark Insights In Ray-Ban Stories


    Meta is enhancing its Ray-Ban Stories glasses with new features, including information on landmarks for beta testers. Users can now get details about sights they view directly through the glasses.

    This update, highlighted by Meta’s CTO Andrew Bosworth, could benefit tourism and travel sectors.

    Additionally, Meta introduced an AI chatbot in the glasses in December, allowing users to ask questions about their surroundings for instant AI-generated answers. These developments are steps towards Meta’s anticipated AR glasses, broadening the device’s potential applications.

    20. Meta Announces Updates To Advantage+ And Shopping Ads


    Meta has rolled out several advertising updates, mainly aimed at retailers and users of its Advantage+ automated campaigns. These updates introduce new features like “Advantage+ creative optimizations,” which automatically adjust video ads for optimal viewing on Reels and the mobile versions of Facebook and Instagram, using a 9:16 aspect ratio.

    This enhancement is designed to leverage the growing popularity of Meta’s video formats, especially Reels, which have significantly increased daily watch time and resharing activity.

    Meta is also improving its Advantage+ catalog ads by including branded or customer demonstration videos, moving beyond static images. This change aims to offer personalized product recommendations more effectively by utilizing videos to capture user interest.

    Furthermore, Meta is introducing the option for advertisers to add a “hero” image in the center of
    their catalog ads. Meta’s AI will use this image to highlight the most relevant products from the catalog and improve ad performance. These updates are tailored to give businesses more
    dynamic and engaging ways to connect with their audience.

    21. Meta Announces Shutdown Of Its Crowdtangle Monitoring App


    Meta has officially announced it will discontinue its platform monitoring tool, CrowdTangle, on August 14th. The decision comes after years of debate within Meta about CrowdTangle’s role in highlighting divisive political content spread through its apps.

    The tool was scrutinized, especially when a bot account on X (previously Twitter), run by journalist Kevin Roose, used it to showcase the most popular Facebook posts daily. Meta disbanded the CrowdTangle team in July 2021 due to disagreements over the tool’s content display.

    Although many thought this would mark the end of CrowdTangle, it remained operational until now. Meta is directing researchers to its other data tools for future insights.

    22. Linkedin Updates Collaborative Articles Feature


    With millions of user contributions, LinkedIn’s “Collaborative Articles,” powered by AI, have grown greatly in popularity. AI creates these articles by posing industry-specific queries and inviting professionals to contribute knowledge.

    In addition to increasing contributor visibility, this feature allows contributors to demonstrate their expertise by earning a Community Top Voice badge. With over 10 million submissions in the last year and a fourfold increase in weekly contributions from members, Collaborative Articles has proven successful.

    LinkedIn plans to refine the prompts for Collaborative Articles to elicit more detailed responses, aiming to enhance the quality and relevance of the contributions.

    23. YouTube Adds Video Clips List And Product Tag Notifications


    Creators may now examine every clip created from their videos in the “Clips Library” in YouTube Studio, thanks to a new feature from YouTube. This enables producers to watch and manage their and viewers’ videos in one location. This upgrade aims to make it easier for content creators to identify the most engaging elements of their work and manage clips more effectively.

    To help with this, YouTube has already released Clips metrics. With mobile access shortly, the Clips Library functionality is currently accessible on the desktop edition of YouTube Studio.

    Furthermore, YouTube is introducing new alerts for channel managers to let them know when there are problems with products showing up in their channels, making sure that product listings are accurate.

    24. Google’s Top Stories Now Include AI-Generated Context Sections

    AI-Generated Context

    Summaries of headlines linked to your search query from the carousel are now available in the “more context” area of Google’s search results, which appears beneath some of the top items. Notably, under this part, Google includes a disclaimer that reads, “Generative AI is experimental.”

    Radu Oncescu brought attention to the functionality on X, and I could replicate it.
    It’s critical to differentiate this from Google’s “top stories for context” area, which may not generate content using artificial intelligence.

    26. Microsoft Advertising Console Unveils Updated Interface


    Microsoft is updating its Microsoft Advertising platform with a fresh console design. Hana Kobzová shared news of this update on X, describing the new interface as “modern, sleek & fast,” noting its resemblance to Google Ads.

    She shared screenshots of the new design on the PPC News Feed blog, where more images are available.

    27. Google Business Profile For Hotels Tests New Filter Options


    Google is reportedly experimenting with additional filter options for hotel listings in Google Business Profiles. These new filters include options for reviews, dates, guests, and information about the hotel itself.

    Lluc B. Penycate brought attention to these tests, sharing a video and screenshots on X. Although I haven’t been able to replicate the feature, Lluc noted, “I’ve tried several queries including the date and the number of persons, but it doesn’t affect the dates or guests filters.

    28. Bing Search Tests New Video Block Design In Search Results


    Bing is experimenting with a revamped presentation style for displaying video content within its search results interface.

    This new approach involves showcasing a horizontal bar across the search results page, departing from the traditional method of presenting videos solely through individual video cards or within the video search results section.

    This test offers a more immersive and accessible way for users to discover and interact with video content directly from the general search results, potentially enhancing user engagement and providing a more streamlined browsing experience.

    29. Instagram Introduces Promo Code Ads To Drive Purchases


    Instagram just unveiled “Ads with Promo Codes,” a new feature for all brands worldwide. With the help of this function, advertisers may entice potential customers to purchase by including discount codes in their remarks.

    Applying promo codes during checkout offers a fresh approach to increasing sales and monitoring Instagram sales in real-time.

    This option, which resembles the format already accessible on Facebook in several locations, was unveiled by Meta at ShopTalk 2024.

    Meta claims that adding in-stream codes directly related to purchases has worked well to attract potential customers.

    30. Instagram Tests The’ Post To The Past’ Feature: Schedule Posts For Earlier Dates


    Instagram users can publish posts that appear to have been created earlier thanks to a new function called “post to the past,” which is currently being tested. This functionality is only available to corporate users while it’s in beta.

    Alessandro Paluzzi claims the option may be accessed through Instagram’s share menu, which is above the boost post feature. By choosing a particular time and day from the calendar, users can schedule a post for a prior date using “post to the past,” just like regular scheduling.

    It needs to be clarified whether Instagram will inform users when a post was made earlier or if this information would be concealed. Although this feature could confuse, it might also be helpful.

    31. Threads Users Can Now Enable Fediverse Sharing


    Meta has broadened the scope of its decentralized social experiment by enabling Threads users over 18 in the United States, Canada, or Japan to share their posts with ActivityPub-compliant servers.

    Thanks to this integration, Threads users can now show their material in other decentralized social programs, like WordPress and Mastodon. These services increase the reach and engagement of Threads users by enabling users to follow, like, and react to postings without requiring a Threads account.

    There are restrictions, though. Threads users can help the Fediverse appreciate their postings or replies. Additionally, some post types—such as polls, replies to non-federated posts, posts with restricted replies, and reposts of non-federated posts—have not yet been federated.

    32. Threads Adds Native GIF Search And Posting On The Web


    After being made available to app users in October, Threads’ desktop version now allows native GIF search and publishing. Users can access this capability by tapping on the GIF symbol in the web composer to attach GIFs to Threads updates more efficiently.

    The integrated GIF search and publishing features will improve user experience, even if users could post GIFs by attaching them as photos so that this change might be fine. This change gives users who like sharing GIFs on the web version of Meta’s Twitter clone app extra space, even if GIFs might become outdated.

    33. Elon Musk’s X Platform Introduces Job Search Feature


    Since Elon Musk took over in 2022, X, formerly known as Twitter, has transformed into an “everything app.” Previously limited to short thoughts, X allows users to share long-form videos, write longer tweets, purchase a premium subscription, and more. The platform is also expanding into job search, with a recent feature addition bringing it closer to LinkedIn.

    Web developer Nima Owji shared X’s new job search feature, allowing users to filter results by experience level and search for jobs from specific companies. These features are similar to those already available on LinkedIn.

    “#X keeps working on the search filters for the job search! You’ll also be able to choose your seniority and search for jobs from specific companies,” Owji wrote.

    The post was re-shared by Doge Designer and X’s CEO, Elon Musk.

    33. Threads Rolls Out Trending Topics To All Users In The U.S


    After a month of testing, Threads has announced that Trending Topics is now available to all users in the United States.

    Two areas will show Trending Topics: a “Trending Now” module emphasized in the main “For You” feed and a ranked list of the most talked-about topics in the Search section.

    There are a few minor design changes, but the procedure is identical to what Meta has been testing.

    Most notably, Meta renamed the section “Trending Topics” instead of “Today’s Topics.” This update implies that the topics featured are not merely popular talks that Meta wishes to emphasize but also the ones that users discuss the most on the app.

    34. Google Announces Ad Placement Partnership With Disney


    Google announced a new interface that enables Display and Video 360 marketers to expand their campaigns to include placements on Disney properties through Disney’s Real-time Ad Exchange (DRAX).

    The first stage is represented by this integration, which expands on last year’s announcement that Display and Video 360 campaigns may be extended to Disney+. Advertisers on Google can now broaden their ads across more Disney assets and platforms.

    Advertisers can use Disney’s contextual and audience segments to make reservations fast. Other benefits of the relationship include improved measurement tools and the potential to negotiate rapid deals for Disney’s inventory.

    35. Google Search Tests More Product Image Snippet Variations


    We’ve discussed product images in search result snippets, but we’ve discussed additional versions here.

    Brodie Clark noted on X that “Google looks to be heavily testing changes to the multi-image thumbnail treatment right now.” Brodie Clark saw these. “In certain instances, they’ve even started to default to an alternative treatment,” he continued. Where only three photos are displayed as opposed to the usual seven.”

    36. Google Removes Phone Numbers From Hotel Search Listings


    The phone numbers from hotel listings in Google’s search results have been removed. On Tuesday, March 19, this change began. Phone numbers are still visible in typical local listings, such as those for pizzerias.

    This alteration was observed by Lluc B. Penycate, who informed me about it. The phone number is not displayed in the listings, but the call button remains. This is true for desktop and mobile devices alike. Users must delve further into the page and select the “about” option to locate the phone number.

    37. Instagram Tests The Option To Comment On Specific Frames Within A Carousel Update


    Instagram is experimenting with a new feature that allows users to comment on specific images within a carousel post. Users can now mention the number of an image or video in the carousel to link their comment directly to that particular frame. This update aims to enhance focused engagement and clarify interactions on carousel posts. The platform also explores collaborative and expanded carousel options to boost personal sharing and engagement within the main feed. The new carousel tagging feature is currently in limited testing.

    38. Meta To Default Messenger To End-To-End Encryption Soon


    Meta is progressing in its rollout of default end-to-end encryption on Messenger, and it has been continuing efforts since 2019 to standardise encryption across its messaging platforms. Despite facing opposition from law enforcement agencies, Meta is steadily implementing the encryption plan, bringing enhanced privacy to more Messenger users.

    39. YouTube Introduces Members-Only Shorts To Boost Creator Subscriptions


    YouTube is enhancing channel subscriptions with the introduction of Members-Only Shorts. This feature allows creators to offer short-form content exclusively to their paying subscribers. Creators can select the “Members Only” option during the upload process, adding a unique touch to their Shorts. These exclusive videos will feature a star icon on the thumbnail to indicate their restricted access. Paying subscribers can find these Members-Only Shorts in their Shorts and Subscription feeds and the Membership tab.

    40. YouTube Adds Improved Audience Retention Data And Streamlined Pre-checks


    Retention” report. This addition allows channel managers to compare engagement levels between different viewer groups, such as “New” versus “Returning” or “Subscribed” versus “Non-subscribed” viewers. The update aims to provide creators with deeper insights to tailor their content strategies effectively.

    Additionally, YouTube is rolling out a new channel display customization option and streamlined pre-upload checks to improve the user experience further. These updates are part of YouTube’s ongoing efforts to enhance its analytics suite, with the new features becoming available in YouTube Studio analytics under the “Advanced” mode starting this week.

    41. LinkedIn’s Rolling Out Company Page Messaging To All Brands


    LinkedIn is extending its Pages Messaging feature to all businesses following its initial launch with select company pages last June. The feature adds a “Message” button to company profiles in the app, making it easier for visitors to contact businesses directly.

    Company page messaging can be turned on or off through inbox settings, and admins can view messages to pages alongside their inboxes. Admins also have the option to assign conversation topics to messages for better organization.

    The rollout of this feature aims to enhance connections and communication on the professional social platform. Additionally, LinkedIn is collaborating with various third-party platforms to integrate company messaging into social management tools, further expanding its messaging capabilities.

    42. YouTube Recommends Channel Managers Refrain From Deleting Uploaded Clips


    YouTube Product Lead Todd Beaupre recently emphasized the importance of not removing videos from channels, which can impact algorithmic ranking. According to Search Engine Journal, this advice is based on YouTube’s focus on optimizing user experience. Regularly deleting videos can reduce the platform’s ability to trust the consistency of a channel’s content, potentially leading to lower recommendations for that channel’s videos.

    43. Google Business Profiles New Add Amenity To Your Website


    Google has introduced a new feature for businesses to showcase nearby amenities on their websites through their Google Business Profiles. The feature allows businesses to add a map of local attractions like restaurants, parks, and parking to their site. Users can quickly implement this by copying and pasting the provided code from the Google Maps Platform into their website. This addition aims to help customers conveniently explore the area around a business.

    44. Google tests SGE AI overviews in The wild (Subset Of US Users)


    Currently, Google is exploring AI-generated overview pictures through its Search Generative Experience (SGE) technology in its search results. A limited subset of American users—including those not participating in the Google Search Labs experiment—are testing this functionality. Google has prolonged the Search Labs trial indefinitely, while its intended end date of December 2023 was set. You can read the original article on Google’s Search Generative Experience for additional details on SGE.

    45. Google Adds 3d Model Markup To Product Structured Data For Linking


    Google has updated its product structured data documentation to support 3D model markup. This allows you to link your products to corresponding 3D models using the “subject” property and the “3DModel” type. You can find a code sample demonstrating this feature in the documentation.


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