LongTailPro Review – 10X To Increase Your Organic Traffic Step By Step

Being on top is what it takes to be a successful business. There are probably more than a million businesses out there. So what should it take for someone to be on top? Experienced and successful business owners did not reach the top step overnight. It required years of practice and hard work. They put […]

longtailpro review

Being on top is what it takes to be a successful business. There are probably more than a million businesses out there. So what should it take for someone to be on top?

Experienced and successful business owners did not reach the top step overnight. It required years of practice and hard work. They put in their heart and soul and understand the nuances of their brainchild – their business. Sometimes it even feels like working for aeons and still find only small yet reasonable results than imagining to want results that will make you sit on the top.

There are so many ways how a business combats others online. While bringing out innovative ideas is one part of this, the other side is making people understand why your product is better than the others in the market. Ever since online business and marketing have taken a big cover over traditional selling, the marketing methods too changed. Unlike before, where people could meet customers in person and create a connection with them to build brand trust, the challenge was now to do the same but online. 

This means you have to convince someone from some part of the world who you haven’t met or even seen, that your product is worth buying. This became extremely popular as it was now easier to find new customers quickly. This helped businesses expand their customer base to different places across the globe. Business owners were now able to reach out to anyone than merely target their local customers.

But then the question is how to do it? While it is extremely easier to reach out to someone and strike a conversation with someone in person, new methods had to be created to do this through the digital network. But before that, it was important to make sure that the customer connects well with the brand and trusts the brand at least to a smaller level. 

Businesses saw blogging as one of the most effective ways to impart knowledge to their customers about their brand. Since then, countless blogs have been published online. Blogs give the liberty to add those aspects that help business stand ahead of their competition.

Why Fascinate Customers

With no second thoughts, it can be said that customers are the lifeline for any business. Customers are the ultimate reason why brands come up with new ideas, and more businesses start. When you satisfy one customer, there are very high chances of them going and spreading a word about your brand. 

Customers feel happy when they are valued and are given comfort. Comfort here means the product is easily available for the customers, and one does not have to struggle to find it on the internet.

SEO And Keywords

SEO is a vital aspect of helping a brand stand ahead of its competitors. Various SEO techniques work to find the most efficient way to bring your brand on top in a search engine. Why is SEO important anyways for a business? Can’t I just go about having a casual website and sell products through it? Well, yes you can, but if you go ahead and read about how SEO helps build your business and brand, you would definitely give it a shot.

SEO helps businesses get more visibility. With the amount of optimization that one does in the name of SEO, there is more that they are gaining. Visibility means more customers which in turn means more sales. Also, with more customers, there can be business expansion. 

The most important component of SEO is ‘keywords’. It’s probably one of the major reasons why SEO works besides other methods that it has in promoting a brand. Customers are impatient, and they look up to only those brands that offer the quickest solution to their query. Time, its essence and its importance in capturing a customer’s interest brought in more life and the need for keywords.

When a customer searches for a query, they are very unlikely to even cross the page 1 of the search engine. Having said that, it is important to be visible to them through the right keywords and making sure to answer the queries that they have. Customers generally tap on the very first search result for a query, and that is the one with very strong keyword optimization. There are so many tools out there that help in optimizing and finding the right keywords and also gauge its performance. Today in this blog, we will review one such tool. Longtail Pro review will tell you all the features of LongTailPro and LongTailPro pros and cons.

Long Tail Pro

When it comes to keywords optimization, there are two types of keywords, namely, short tail and long tail. Short tail keywords generally have words or a couple of words that define or spot the right answer to a search query. On the other hand, long-tail keywords are phrases that deep dives and brings out a more specific meaning or related terms to the search query. Unlike short tail keywords, they don’t have great search traffic. But the best thing about long-tail keywords is that it gives a higher conversion rate. 

LongtailPro is a tool that helps you find less competitive keyword phrases that will give you a high conversion rate. No matter what your niche is, LongtailPro has got it all covered for you. LongtailPro works in a very simple way. All you have to do is:

  • Enter the seed keyword to find hundreds of suggestions
  • Run keyword competitor and analysis. You have 13 metrics to arrive at the right analysis
  • Determine keyword profitability based on the rank value
  • Use the rank tracker to stay on top of your rankings


If you are looking for an automated system that will swirl out keywords related to your niche, then LongTailPro is your go-to choice. Here are some great features of LongTailPro.

  • This software lets you create multiple projects. This is extremely useful when you have more than one site to handle. You can sort campaigns accordingly, which makes you stay organized.
  • This tool allows you to explore keywords to excel and import new keywords into LongTailPro.
  • If you are looking to increase your AdSense revenue, use this tool to find high ranking keywords that’ll promote more CPC.
  • With this tool, you will be able to check your keywords ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Now, favourite your best keywords to use them again and also enjoy the keyword competition checker that the tool provides.

Plans And PricingHow much is LongTailPro for?

Long Tail Pro is one of the very trusted tools when it comes to dealing with keywords. It has three plans, namely, starter, pro and agency. Here are the various pricing plans for LTP.

Starter Plan

The starter plan comes for only $25 per month when subscribed annually. On the other hand, a monthly billing would cost you $35. Under this plan, you will be able to track unlimited domains and can get daily rank updates. You will be able to have up to 800 SERP lookups per day.

Pro Plan

The Pro plan, when billed monthly costs $67 while the same when done annually amounts to $45 per month. This plan will let you have up to 2500 SERP lookups per day. It will provide up to 200 tracked keywords and unlimited domains to track. You can have up to two simultaneous logins.

Agency Plan

Agency plan in LTP comes to $98 per month when billed annually and $147 when billed monthly. Agency plan provides up to five alternative logins. It also lets you have up to 6000 keyword lookups per day. A complete suite of templates is also available in this plan that will help you scale your SEO.


Long Tail Pro is one among the affordable and best keyword research tools with flexible plans that suit different requirements. This tool is trusted and used by industry professionals. It is one of the most powerful tools for keyword research.

What is that one best thing you like about Long Tail Pro?

Let me know in the comments section below!


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