10 Best Pongal Social Media Campaign & Post Ideas For 2023

Over the years, many brands have come up with some amazing social media campaign ideas for Pongal and here are some of the best ones.

social media post ideas for pongal

Pongal is one of the most significant festivals in South India, and brands are very particular around this week of January to look for social media post ideas for Pongal. The approach and communication are simple; there is an element of new beginnings and prosperity and talk about harvests and joy that the festival stands for.

Pongal falls on 14th January and is a 3-day extended holiday. The search trend about a week ago is an indication that brands are looking for social media post ideas for Pongal to find some inspiration for themselves.

The best way to go forward is to benchmark the top social media post ideas covered by brands and try to relate the same to your brands.

Top 10 Pongal Social Media Campaign Ideas

1. The Chennai Mobiles

2. The Saravana Stores

3. Sharechat

4. Amarantos

5. Bijliwalastore

6. Kiasumart

7. Nerolac Paints

8. echoVME Digital

9. Asian Paints

10. Reliance Smart


From puns to great design ideas, from clever copies to minimalist designs, great social media post ideas for Pongal can target the audience the right way if done properly. Which brand do you feel has nailed the Pongal campaign idea? Let us know!


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