Real Estate Digital Marketing Case Study – South Indian Shelters Chennai & Trichy

About SIS- Established in the year 2002, South India Shelters is a Real Estate development company set up in Chennai. S.I.S is passion driven with the dream of ‘Turning Lands into Landmarks’ and with a vision of incorporating the finest features and amenities in residential projects. Currently, S.I.S is selling properties both in Chennai (Queenstown) […]

About SIS-

Established in the year 2002, South India Shelters is a Real Estate development company set up in Chennai. S.I.S is passion driven with the dream of ‘Turning Lands into Landmarks’ and with a vision of incorporating the finest features and amenities in residential projects. Currently, S.I.S is selling properties both in Chennai (Queenstown) and Trichy (Luxor & Acropole).

Challenges faced-

S.I.S was pretty clear with its ideas when it came forth to echoVME. For S.I.S creating a whole social media presence on the platforms was the biggest challenge. They knew that social media could make a difference, they just didn’t know how.

Understanding Customer:

  • They build fantabulous homes in Chennai (usually in the outskirts) and Trichy.
  • Budgeted homes.
  • Wants the number of leads at a fixed pre-defined price.
  • Have a great sales team who can drive sales regardless of what.
  • Have a great Marketing head who micro manages the decision we take for their brand.

Solutions suggested-

  • To integrate the page of S.I.S on Facebook and Instagram make their brands presence felt on social media.
  • Create brand awareness with the help of post which would connect to the consumers and create an engagement.
  • The next goal was to be able to create an awareness of the properties held by S.I.S on Facebook and then capture potential leads from there.

Strategies Adopted:

To create an engagement a total of 20 post are posted on the Facebook and Instagram page of S.I.S.

The brand is currently selling two properties in Trichy, so a complete 360 degree research on Trichy has been done. Posts and ads related to property and also those which would connect with the sentiments of people of Trichy are created. Potential leads are then captured through these property based post.

S.I.S  also owns property based in Chennai. There are ads and creatives made for the people of Chennai as well.

Since the properties of S.I.S breathe luxury posts that connect to luxury have also been created. For instance there is a post which showcases luxurious cars which are owned by celebrities.

Our communication relied heavily on:

  • Infrastructure of Trichy.
  • History of Trichy.
  • Things to do in Trichy.
  • Latest Trichy News.
  • Very little of Chennai based content.
  • Promotional Content.
  • Elevation based photographs and content strategy revolving around it.

We ran lead generation advertisement campaign with the following audience:

These persona based in Chennai and Trichy were targeted,

  1. NRI
  2. People who have engaged with the page
  3. Lookalike audience
  4. IT Professionals
  5. Real Estate Investors
  6. People who have liked the competitors’ pages
  7. Custom Audience.

Facebook Lead Generation:

Best Performing Ad – Chennai

The above ad was run for their property in Guduvanchery, Chennai. The ad first reaffirmed that SIS is no new player and has been in the real estate game for a good 5 years. Rental Guarantee & Appreciation ensure that customers can get an ROI.

The above given ad is the best performing ad of S.I.S generating 324 leads with the CPC being Rs. 15.734.

Best Performing  Ad- Trichy


This ad was run for one of their properties in Trichy – Acropole. It aimed at stirring the curiosity among the audience and was quite successful at that with the ‘Save 5 lakhs?’ question at the end.

Facebook Audience Engagement:

The audience engagement on social media was executed with posts based on the locale of the properties, quizzes, videos and other contests.

#1 Contest based post:

digital marketing blog

A quiz contest was run with the questions being asked to find the biggest Trichy lover among the audience.

#2 Property based post:

Highlighting your property’s USPs is definitely important to stand out from the crowd and get your product selling. The following post was made to talk about the hassle-free accessibility that the property is equipped with.

#3 Being the voice of Tamil:

The Pro-Jallikattu movement was a noteworthy protest which reached out around the globe. SIS having their origins from Tamil Nadu as well wanted to lend in their support for the cause and the following post was made which evidently reached out to a larger percentage of the target audience.

#4 Special day post:

Special day post

Special Day posts are the best way to connect with reach out to your audience with a personal touch. Here is a post we made for SIS for Dussehra.

#5 Post focusing on the areas of Trichy:

digital marketing blog

The brand has also made it a priority to connect with their audience in a much more personalized way with posts that are targeted to the locations their properties are at. The series post was made for the audience of Trichy highlighting the significance of the ever famous Srirangam.

#6 Engagement through household tips:

digital marketing blog

While posts that appeal to sentiments brings in a lot of engagement, giving your audience what they need is very important. This campaign was relevant to their field and also delivered some pretty useful tips to the audience.

 #7 GIF based contest:

CONTEST ALERT!Beat the heat naturally & without the refrigerated water or under the air conditioner with fresh tender…

S.I.S – South India Shelters यांनी वर पोस्ट केले गुरुवार, २० एप्रिल, २०१७

#8 Video based property promotion:

Acropole Walk Through

S.I.S Acropole is spread over massive 6.63 acres and offers 680 exclusive 2 & 3 BHK luxury apartments with a plethora of world-class amenities. Watch this beautiful live Drone Video of S.I.S Acropole that would leave you breathless! Come and visit the property today and experience S.I.S's renowned quality. For more information on our properties, click: or Call +91 7999 505050

S.I.S – South India Shelters यांनी वर पोस्ट केले मंगळवार, ८ नोव्हेंबर, २०१६

#9 Special day video-Mothers Day:

Mother's Day

A mother is the only one who can play any role in her child's life perfectly. Be it as a mentor, as a role model or even as a teacher, she takes them up as a challenge and moulds her child beautifully! Wishing all those lovely mothers a Happy Mothers Day!#HappyMothersDay

S.I.S – South India Shelters यांनी वर पोस्ट केले शनिवार, १३ मे, २०१७

#10 Creative video promoting property:

Summer & Swimming. Best thing that can happen. Dive into relaxation at S.I.S homes!

S.I.S – South India Shelters यांनी वर पोस्ट केले बुधवार, २६ एप्रिल, २०१७


As a result the overall Lead Generation campaigns earned close to about 3,900 Leads in total for a cost of Rs. 10 to Rs. 20 Lakhs. This budget includes the following campaigns:

  • Contest Promotion Budgets.
  • Budgets for Like campaigns.
  • Budgets for Instagram Promotions.
  • Long Haul Post Boost Budgets
  • Boost Post Budgets.
  • NRI campaigns (Which usually costs little high)
  • Custom Audience Campaigns (Which usually costs little high for lead generation)

digital marketing blog

An average cost per lead is anywhere between Rs. 100 to Rs. 750 depends from campaign to campaign.

Learnings & Key Take Aways: 

  1. It gets difficult to sell homes especially when there are only few homes left in already popular property that has been marketed well in the past and city like Trichy is well aware.
  2. Markets like city rejoices creatives coming from a brand as there are no brands talking about city Trichy in specific.
  3. NRI leads (Especially Tamils) usually costs little higher.


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