Top 20 Instagram Tools Every Marketer Should Use

Instagram is the talk of every business. No matter how strong an online presence you have through your website Instagram and Facebook is considered the most important of all. A business owner strives hard to make their mark on these two social media platforms as this is where they find their customers ‘hangout’. Instagram is […]

Online Course Software for 2020

Instagram is the talk of every business. No matter how strong an online presence you have through your website Instagram and Facebook is considered the most important of all. A business owner strives hard to make their mark on these two social media platforms as this is where they find their customers ‘hangout’. Instagram is considered one of the heated platforms to make followers, customers and eventually money.

Many business owners get petrified to start a page on Instagram as they are always under the notion which drives them worried later, which is ‘the number of followers’. What Instagrammers of current days lack in understanding is that providing information and quality content is very important that running behind the followers count. Many followers are not even real which means there are a lot of fake accounts out there that come under your list of followers which when gets dismissed later, or they unfollow you, you might get upset or interpret your business performance in a wrong way. 

This is one of the many problems that a budding Instagrammer makes. To avoid that and to help you get out of many other myths, there are some tools that will help you do things right and read your stats right. Here is a list of top 20 Instagram tools that every marketer should use to stay put on the social media platform.

Best 20 Instagram Tools for 2020


To stay put on a social media platform, you have to be always active on your page. Multi-tasking can be difficult at times, and that’s why an application like Hootsuite is essential and comes handy. Hootsuite helps you schedule your posts. All you have to do is schedule the posts and sit back free. You can now focus on other tasks. When the post is dues, the application will send you a notification. This will help you track and have a tab on your posts.

Instasize Editor

The posts on your Instagram feed can make or break your brand. Instasize Editor is vital that you keep your feed aesthetically pleasing and convincing for your followers. Haphazardly aligned pictures can hamper the entire look of your page. This application is available for both iOS and Android. Instasize helps you tend to the minor detailing of editing videos and pictures. They have over 130 professional filters to offer. Try this out, and you will surely like it.


Combin is a tool for mass actions. Following, unfollowing, liking or commenting, you can do multiple things at the same time. You can handle up to five Instagram accounts at a time. There are other essential features too that will make your account handling simpler. This tool aims at organic audience attraction. 


Hashtags are essential to appear in the right feed. Hashtagify helps you locate trending hashtags for a niche which allows you to gain more followers. Putting random hashtags won’t help you as this can ghost your posts. Now get real-time insights about your page. You can now check the hashtag ranking, the competition to it, trends and much more. 

Social Blade

If you have recently started an Instagram page, a competitor’s research will help you draft better strategies. This application helps you do a competitor research analysis. Social Blade is a growth analytics application. You can type your competitor’s name and find the kind of audience that they target, the engagement rate and the frequency of the posts they upload. It is a handy app and is also a free application.


Giving credits is the most positive and ethical thing to do on an online platform. If you want to share a resourceful post, you don’t always have to screenshot. Repost is there for your rescue. With repost, you can share someone’s post on your feed, making sure you also give them credits. When you repost, there is more visibility as the other person’s followers too will be able to see your feed and share.


Posting professional photographs can take your page to a different level. But not everyone’s a professional photographer. This is when an application like VSCO comes to your rescue. This app adds flair and beauty to your regular photographs. High definition filters and smart editing tools make your posts better and Instagram-friendly.


To grow on Instagram, you have to have a better portrayal of pictures. If you are not a fan of those regular Instagram filters, then you should try this app. You can edit, add filters and use smart brushes to bring the rightly tuned images. One special feature of Snapseed is Snapseed stack. When you work on an edit, you can save it for later to use for other pictures and this what the Snapseed stack does.


Posting quality content is as important as even creating a post and sharing it on that platform. Magisto is a video creation tool for Instagram. The tool works smartly by using AI and adding a professional and business touch to your personal videos. It helps to create quality content which in turn generates more engagement.

Rocket Social

To create a customer database for your brand profile, you can use this automation tool. Rocket Social tool is best for organic followers. It focuses on growth and works through likes, commenting, follow or unfollowing of users profiles for your page.


Playing with words can attract more followers as people seldom have time to go through long texts on the description space. Wordswag helps you create motivational quotes and text-based images. Plain colours can bring down the attraction in your post. Wordswag tool will make your task simpler by creating attractive content for your Instagram.


A free tool that helps optimize your Instagram traffic, Linktree works great for bloggers, artists or for anyone to run a content platform. When you have multiple links to share this tool is of great help. Instagram has one space in bio to add a link to all your work. With Linktree you can now host multiple links. Manage them with this tool. Use this tool to add multiple links to divert your followers to access your various content platforms.


There isn’t an Instagrammer who doesn’t know about Boomerang. Installing this tool will help you take short repetitive videos that many are crazy about. Boomerang has become an integral part of all pages. One-second videos are very popular, and all users make the best use of it across the platform.


If you are someone who posts frequent stories on your Instagram page, then this app is the right one for you. With over a hundred ready-to-use templates and creative designs, Canva brings out the best to create stunning posts and stories. This application is built especially for social media channels and so has wide compatibility while working with it.

Content Sparks

This application available on iOS and Android comes free with the basic version. Content Sparks is a content generation app that helps you use professional editing software features to create graphics. It is so simple to use and is also aimed to help people with no graphic designing skills to master this art. Choose from their numerous IGTV templates and so many free photos and filters.


This is a free scheduling app available for both iOS and Android. Planoly was the first of its kind – a visual Instagram planning app that helps you to plan and reschedule your posts. Now stay on the top by never missing to post those important details and posts on your grid. It is simple and easy to use.


This app identifies the nature and subject of your photo, the location and the camera type with which you have taken the pictures. When you select various options among them, FocalMark will suggest various trending hashtags. A slider in the app helps you control the number of hashtags you want to post. Also, you can handily shuffle the order of the hashtags with a shuffle button available in the app. It is available for both Android and in iOS.

Collage Maker

This content creation app is free and is available for both iOS and Android. Instagram grid is meant for beautiful pictures. But it so happens often that you have many good pictures to post all at once. Collage Maker can help you in situations like that. With over a hundred layout options and all-in-one photo editing features, this application helps you combine up to 18 images at once. Crop, rotate, filter and make your presentation worth the effort.


One of the easiest ways to attract followers is through competition. Wishpond helps you generate competitions by curating them for you based on your needs. The photo contest feature lets you generate photo-based competitions by creating a gallery page. It lets the audience submit their work from their device. This is not a free app, and so it’s important to read up about how it works before you go ahead and purchase it.


Instagram is one of the most effective tools that any budding entrepreneur can have. Selling on Instagram is much easier than selling it through a website as in the former one, it is simpler to attract a wide range of targeted customers. This shopping app does not come for free but has its benefits that will make you have second thoughts to try how things work. Foursixty helps you sell your products directly through Instagram. This is done by linking your posts to the product on your website. The latter part is usual – enabling the customers to add products to their cart and checkout. The best thing about this application is that it opens a new window within the app to shop rather than diverting the customers to a new webpage through other search engines on the phone.  

These are some of the best Instagram tools to use anytime. These tools are crucial to make your Instagram handling simpler and smarter. What is your favourite tool?

Let us know in the comments section below.


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